Tuesday, January 29, 2013

little lady or little lad?

Hello abode lovers-- I know, I know.... it's been a while, again. I am SO disappointed in my lack of blogging as of late. I mean, who knew pregnancy takes it out of you like this? I'll be 15 weeks Thursday and have been feeling much better. Thank you all for your kind and super encouraging messages! This gal has been in skank-town-USA without any clue of how to get the hell out of there! But after nausea, sinus infections, and er, other.... infections.... (thank you pregnancy) I finally feel like I'm coming out of the woods.

I didn't mention this in my last post, but it's SO exciting. My sister, Nene, not her real name, that lives in Atlanta with two boys is also expecting a sweet baby 8 days before me! We're 19 months apart, so we've always been super close and I feel so blessed that I get to walk through this experience WITH her! She also found out last week that she's having a GIRL!!!! I die. I literally die of excitement.

This Friday, Mister Husband and I are taking a little trip down to a 4-d ultrasound place to find out what we're having EARLY! Why are we doing this?? Easy. Two words. NURSERY PLANNING!

Now, some of my long-time followers might be thinking.... "WAIT! You already designed your nursery, like, years ago".... and you would be correct. BUT things change, AND unfortunately, some items stop being sold. So, while I still adore my original nursery plan... there have been many fun and inspiring changes that have made me SUPER excited to get started!

Here is my plan from way back in September of 2010. It's gender neutral and I still think it's super sweet... however, I have had some major changes going on in my head that I cannot WAIT to share with all of you! (But I've GOT to know the sex before I really start diving in)

So, truth be told, I'm positive I'm having a baby boy. I mean, positive. Mister Husband also thinks he's a boy as does my amazing OB. So, what do YOU think it is??? I LOVE wondering about it and would just explode with happiness with either sex-- but I do have that "motherly instinct" that I'm dealing with a super tough boy in my belly. (He's given me a lot of hell... so I'm just thinking it's a boy that's hard headed and full of passion and life- just like my precious Mister Husband!) 

Now, I know that wives tales say that being sick=girl, but that's never been correct with my family and friends... so I just don't buy that! Chinese calendar says boy on one version and girl on another.... so, a big thanks to the chinese, you're of NO help. Heartbeat has been fast both times we've heard it (which is by the way THE most amazing and magical sound) but again, I don't buy that theory either! My super mom brought home her first daughter to a blue nursery and airplane sleepers because my sister Nene had a slow heartbeat! 

So--- I need predictions. We can only guess and wonder what it will be for a few more days (although it feels like an ETERNITY)! So abode lovers.... lady? or lad???? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

oh babykins!

Mister Husband and myself have been blessed with a BABY! That's right abode lovers, I'm pregnant with a precious little babykins! I know that I've been absent from the blogger world since well, Thanksgiving (eek!), but that's because this baby is making a statement. "How so?" you ask.... well,  babykins' mama is sick, sick, sick.

I am almost done with the dreaded first trimester, this Thursday will be week 12! We are expecting this sweet baby to arrive July 25, 2013!

Here is our little babykins at almost 8 weeks. Isn't he/she just precious and perfect?!? Mister Husband and I are already in love with our sweet babe. 

The photo says 6 weeks 6 days, but come to find out I was  a bit further along than I had expected! Which was a relief for how terrible I was feeling at this point!

So, I'm sorry I've been absent for so long, and I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to paint a bit more before the holidays, but I felt as if I could hardly function!

I'm now battling a cold- which is hopefully just that, a cold-- and not something much worse like strep or a sinus infection. But I sure am ready to feel better and a bit more motivated! Anyhow, I've been so excited to share the news with all of my abode lovers out there! A nursery will be in the works soon!


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