Wednesday, October 31, 2012

laurel dawn grand opening and a giveaway!

It's live! It's live! Laurel Dawn, the shop, is live and I couldn't be more excited to share this ever-growing body of work with all of my abode lovers! I have been painting for months now and couldn't be more excited and relieved that I'm finally sharing it with all of you!

Now for the fun part... giveaway time ya'll. So, if you are interested in winning a FREE 11x14 or 11x17 print of YOUR CHOOSING...

You must be a follower of Abode Love {if you already are, thanks! If not, just click the little "join this site" button near the top, left column}


1. Hop on over to Laurel Dawn and pin 4 of your favorite prints OR paintings to Pinterest.
2. Leave a comment below THIS POST with the PRINT that you would like as well as where you plan to hang your new Laurel Dawn print!
3. For an extra entry, share your favorite PRINTS or PAINTINGS on Facebook and link back to this post or to Laurel Dawn the shop.
4. For another extra entry, Blog about the giveaway and link back to this post.
5. For another extra entry, Like Abode Love on Facebook.

*Be sure to leave a comment each time you do one of the above! This giveaway ends at midnight Wednesday October 31st!

And now.... here are A FEW of the paintings/prints that are currently being offered at Laurel Dawn to see them all please go check out Laurel Dawn today!

So- what do all of you abode lovers think? I have been so nervous and excited about this new venture and I am so thrilled and blessed to have such an encouraging group of readers! Go check out Laurel Dawn, I'll be adding more originals and prints every few weeks and DON'T FORGET TO ENTER INTO THE FREE PRINT GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

like me, poke me

Can you poke a page on Facebook? If you can't, oh well, like me instead! So, I officially have a FB page for Abode Love! I would just love it if all of my dear abode lovers would go find me and like me! I will be posting new artwork from Laurel Dawn as well as giveaways and fun updates!

I am working away and making finishing touches on the Laurel Dawn shop.... as I mentioned earlier, this is the week that Laurel Dawn will be launching! If you like me on Facebook, you will know as SOON as the shop opens and you'll have first dibs on all of my new artwork! Thank you all so much for your amazing support through comments and emails about my upcoming opening... it's been scary-- but ya'll have eased my mind! I love you guys for keeping me somewhat sane this week despite my crazy skanked out brain attacking my confidence! Thank you abode lovers and have a GREAT day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

laurel dawn... it's happening!

Hello abode lovers and hooray for the start of a new week. I am super pumped about this week because I have decided to bite the bullet and launch Laurel Dawn the shop THIS week! eeeek! What made me decide to do it NOW? Well, it's ready... basically. I just have a few more things to tweak that I should be taking care of in the next 24-48 hours and then it's HAPPENING. So-- as another little sneak peek of my original art collection, I wanted to share a 48"x48" piece that I made for my dining nook. I love that it's SUPER big and makes a statement on this large wall that's been nakedy for years! I also love that it kind of mimics what's happening in the Glorias Garden rug in my living room!

Here is the space before....

Here's another view of the space AFTER-- I love the way this piece looks next to the bone inlay mirror as well-- the lines in each piece are organic while being very different in size, shape and color-- so they work well together without clashing or looking too matchy. 

Here is a close up of the painting. I will be offering this piece as a print in my shop!

and again... I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but I kind of love the way this piece works in my space! 

Here are a few details shots... this piece is acrylic and chalk pastel on raw canvas. I love the frayed edging and the metallic spots in each piece are my favorite. 

I hope all of you abode lovers are as excited as I am! 
Here are the two paintings revealed so far... both will be offered as prints THIS week!

Have a great day abode lovers and be sure to follow Abode Love closely this week as the shop Laurel Dawn WILL be launching!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

worldly bedrooms

Hello abode lovers and hooray for Thursday! It's been a busy week, as usual, but a good one. I have a TON going on and I'm working away to try to get my new art shop Laurel Dawn up and running! Anyway, today, let's talk bedrooms-- worldly, fabulously eclectic bedrooms.

I love this space-- the walls are an unexpected pale mint-- I think the color of the walls allows this space to feel young and fresh even though it's packed with super rich patterns and textiles. 

Hello worldly-- this bedroom is too cool. I love that white washed bed and the suzani on the bed... 

Oh I love that ottoman! 

I've always loved this space-- the tufting and the multicolored kilm rug is an unexpected combination that totally works. 

Oh my-- I adore this space. I wouldn't typically be nuts over an off centered chandy- but for some reason it doesn't bother me in this space. I love the mixture of patterns and textures in this space and really adore the abstract painting hanging over the bed. Too pretty.

Pretty pink suzani.

This space is so elegant- I love the creamy, metallic wallpaper and the super modern, low profile white bed and side tables. The mustard colored suzani bedding makes this room feel more comfortable and a little more lived in. I love nothing more than an unexpected style combo!

One day, I would love to have a bedroom so large that a sectional fits comfortably in the corner. Isn't this space amazing? Look at that WALL of windows! I again love the mix of textures and fabrics throughout this bedroom. 

Um, fucsia suzani? Yes ma'am.

I'm loving the soft texture of the tree wallpaper behind the bed. What a beautiful focal point in this bedroom. The suzani spilling off the end of this gorgeous bed completes the look for me... I just don't think you can go wrong with a little pop of coral suzani. 

LOOK at that headboard. I love that the statement in this space is all about the bed-- the bedding is a clean white, which allows the headboard to really shine. I wouldn't have thought that a throw pillow that was so similar in color and pattern to the headboard would have worked in this space-- but it does!

What do all of you abode lovers think of all this rich color and pattern in a bedroom? Do you think it's too much? Do you prefer a calming, serene bedroom? I for one think the more pattern and color the bedroom-- but what do you think? Have a great Thursday ya'll-- Friday is right around the corner!

Monday, October 22, 2012

secret revealed!

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday! Today I am super excited to share my first piece of art for my new shop, Laurel Dawn coming in early November! This is a piece that I painted for my little abode and I think I love it. I've always painted flowers, and I needed something for this little nook-- which is kind of where Laurel Dawn began... 

This piece is an original acrylic and oil pastel on raw, loose canvas. I love the raw edges-- I will be offering this original piece as a print, so get excited!

I've been somewhat taunting my dear abode lovers with Laurel Dawn paintings as well as this super secret project that I've been working on slowly but surely- and today is the day for the big reveal (for one project at least!) 

See, I had this nook.... I mean, when we first moved into this abode-- I loved it. I thought this nook was the best. It was the perfect spot to pay bills and store things. Then reality hit. This became a landing spot for SO much crap and it always looked bad. One more thing-- the upper cabinet wasn't fastened securely to the wall and the dang shelves couldn't hold much without collapsing. Major skankfest. So-- what's a girl to do??

Knock that skank-ness out. 

And then order something fabulous from Restoration Hardware to fill in the nook! 

I caught this guy on sale-- It's the Vintage Industrial Steel Cabinet from Restoration Baby & Child.  It was certainly a splurge-- as RH always is... but I NEVER buy anything full price. The great thing to know about Restoration Hardware is that they are ALWAYS running specials. Either 20% off family and friends discounts that I receive via their email mailing list OR my favorite, for every $500 you spend you get $100 back! 

I thought this piece would be great for the space because it offers a TON of storage, it's super industrial looking-- and since it's in a gold, metallic nook I figured that the more masculine I could get-- the better. 

I also think that this piece has a long life ahead of it. Not only is it great for storage, but one day, I can use it for a tv or possibly even clothing storage in a kid room. I think this piece is pretty amazing.  

I then decided to top it with a Laurel Dawn original framed in lucite bolted together with small gold bolts. MY FAVORITE! This adds a bit of feminine prettiness to the now very masculine nook. Can you tell I've been digging flowers lately??? I'm still a bit obsessed with my Anthropologie Glorias Garden rug

After filling in holes, spackling and sanding like a crazy person then finally painting-- I wanted to bring more light to this nook-- so I added this picture light that I snagged from Lowes on the cheap! I love that it highlights the metallic paint used in the artwork, I also love all of the extra light that it brings to this little nook. 

Here's the entire nook, finished! (Please try to ignore the boob light reflection in my artwork... I have big plans for what I'm going to do with the lighting situation in this nook!)

I added some much needed accessories that I collected from around the abode as well as taking a little trip to Target for the mini trophy and white ceramic pup (sorry! I couldn't find the pup online!) 

I love having a stash of pens and pencils in this nook because I still store paperwork and bills in this area. I also added a great photo of Mister Husband and his dad on our wedding day and a photo from WAY back in college-- and yes, I was wearing a tube top, those were the days.

Since I was moving this bird lamp (snagged from TJ Max YEARS ago) up in the world... I figured I should fancy up the inside of the shade. I bought this piece of gold metallic paper from Hobby Lobby, cut it into easy to handle strips and glue gunned each piece inside the shade.

 See? Much better.

Here's a shot with the lights on-- the new lampshade interior creates a warm, golden cast downward onto the little birdie.  

For now, I just have books and boxes inside the storage piece-- I really love the look of the mesh screens and it holds SO much stuff! 

So-- now all of you abode lovers know exactly what I've been up to! I have been painting for my Laurel Dawn art shop and creating this little nook! I have a few more things on my wish list to finish out this space, I'll keep all of you posted on any changes! I also can't wait to share a few more sneak peeks of more of my artwork before I officially launch my store!


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