Wednesday, September 26, 2012

inspiring sponsor

Hello abode lovers, it's hump day again... it's hard to believe that we're halfway through this week! I've been enjoying the much cooler fall weather down in Birmingham (think mid 80's, ha!) but I'm ready for real fall to sneak around the corner at any moment! 

One of my favorite things about cooler weather is really warming up the abode by adding new things that feel a little more cozy and lighting up as many candles as I can-- our little abode can feel like one big fire hazard at times, but the smell will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. Anyone else have a candle that they SWEAR by?? I do. I also am lucky enough to have a sponsor that sells my favorites! Smells Amazing is a lovely online shop that you can snag Capri Blue, Traviata, Aspen Bay Reserve and more... I have been personally addicted to the Capri Blue Volcano Candle , Super Mom is also obsessed with this and I have given it as gifts to friends for years now-- I've hooked a lot of gals to this lovely scent! 

A lot of you purchase this brand from Anthropologie, but it's cheaper at Smells Amazing, a percentage of your purchase is donated to further Lyme Disease research and education, and if you spend $79, your shipping is free!!!!

Many of you abode lovers who have followed me for a while have spotted these little blue jars around my abode-- I think they're a great pop of fresh color in any space. This is a little mood board that I think LOOKS like this candle SMELLS. Love it. 

Go check out Smells Amazing- and if you haven't tried my personal favorite, Capri Blue Volcano, then you're truly missing out. These candles last SO long, and the smell is just perfection! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

holy spoonflower!

Spoonflower, you've done it. You've made me so excited I could pee my britches. You've also made me so excited that this is my second blog post of the day.... thank you, thank you for fulfilling my fantasy of designing my own wallpaper at a great price. It's also REMOVABLE so it's great for renters and people like me who are afraid it will deter future buyers for when we outgrow our little abode.

I have been researching custom wallpaper for the past few days, so this is the best. Day. Ever.

Anthropologie, I'm no longer at your overpriced wallpaper mercy. I am free. And I will design the heck out of some wallpaper, you watch me. Even though you've crushed my heart recently by selling out of my favorite wallpaper of all time, I still love you, thanks to Spoonflower.

Read more about this miracle here.

Thank you God. 

pinning... pinning... pinning...

Hello abode lovers and hello Tuesday. Don't treat me poorly please, I already woke up late this morning and I would love for this day to run smoothly- so suck it up and don't be a pansy, Tuesday.

My way of getting my act together AND starting a day off inspired is to hop on Pinterest and drool over my latest prized pins. Isn't Pinterest just the GREATEST?!? I  know that this post is a bit random and all over the place, but here are my favorite pins as of lately:

Now, I'm sure I've blogged about this before-- BUT, I pinned it and it's amazing. I mean, so amazing. The styling of these floating kitchen shelves is perfect. I LOVE the unexpected artwork thrown in the mix of white dished, fruit and flowers. And check out that bread bin sitting on the countertop! It's so simple and pretty. Don't you just love this look? Rich and clean at the same time.

These pieces of art are so incredible and super playful in this space. I love how much youth and life the colors and scale of this piece bring into the space. They look like paint by number, but I'm not sure where this beautiful image even originated so I'm just not sure. Anyone have any info. about this gorgeous space?? 

Hey girl, how you doin? That's what I want to say to these white appliances. Who knew white could make a comeback in such a chic way?!? I ADORE this kitchen and those appliances are killing me softly. I mean, if the appliances were the standard bad ass stainless, it wouldn't look as good with that warm, gray backsplash. Way to go white appliances, way to go. 

This is just a really great use of space and I'm totally crushing on it.

Hello again fine art in the kitchen... I really like your style. Don't you just love the little unexpected gallery wall in the corner over there? SO much better than flooding this kitchen with upper cabinetry. Super stylish. 

These are awesome. Thank you Martha Stewart for showing us how to make a jack-o-lantern chic.  

And if this image doesn't make your heart smile, you must be a tin man. 
Stop. It. 

I love this art- I mean, love it. I grew up having "wadamelling" themed birthday parties with my best friend, so there's a warm place in my heart for this cute fruit.  

I love this office space- the styling is spot on. I'm always crazy about a fiddle leaf fig tree, and I love that pretty little antique blue chair mixed with the super clean and modern white pieces.  

Here is a close up of my favorite styling moment in this space... look at that trophy!!! I love a good trophy, but the fact that it's being used for holding pencils, pens and such makes me so darn happy. 

So, if you're having a bad case of the Tuesdays- go to Pinterest and get inspired! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great day! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

style with cutting boards

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday- it's another week, anyone wishing that the weekend continued to Monday and work and "real world" stuff started on Tuesday? I do. The weekend flew by because it was packed with work projects of my own! I'm going to have a hella-cray-cray week, but it almost always ends up being worth it. So, there will be a lot of coffee in my life this week!

Anyone catch the Auburn/LSU game over the weekend? CRAZY good- we didn't win, but man, we were CLOSE! Heartbreaking, great game. 

Anyhow-- today I'm talking about my new obsession in kitchen styling. Cutting boards! They're 100% useful, so it makes perfect sense that these beautiful boards are now popping up on display in tons of gorgeous kitchen spaces. Check 'em out...

I love this clean, white kitchen. The open shelving full of pretty white dishes is such a nice, layered look without looking too busy. I also just LOVE when you see art lounging around a kitchen like this gentleman, leaning against the backsplash. He looks great and really adds an unexpected charm to this kitchen. Do you spy the cutting boards and the wooden pizzas board hanging on the wall?? These rustic, wood pieces add such a nice touch of warmth to the space- and best of all, they're useful in the kitchen!

This cutting board is just so damn cute I had to include it... It's so teeny! Like a baby! Don't you just love the juxtaposition of all of those wooden utensils on display and the floating shelf that is stocked with pretty glass pieces? I LOVE the contrast.

This is quite the collected nook. Aren't those cutting boards gorgeous?!?

He's another take on displaying cutting boards-- I love it. These color blocked guys are too cool-- it's a gallery wall that makes perfect sense in the kitchen! 

This kitchen is pretty darn amazing-- who wouldn't want TWO islands?? Counter space galore, that's a dream! Do you spy the leaning cutting boards back there? Again-- they add a nice touch of warmth to this space.

I love the open shelving in this kitchen- it's lovely. The dishes on display add so much interest to the kitchen-- the thick, marble countertops are the perfect contrast to the black lower cabinetry. So pretty. If you block out those cutting boards leaning against the white backsplash, it would feel a bit sterile to me... all black and white and no warmth. No thanks. I love the cutting boards and what they do for this space.

THAT is one big-a cutting board! 

I have always LOVED this kitchen. It's AMAZING and the styling is perfect in my opinion. I have always been drawn to the copper kitchen aid mixer, the bamboo shade and of course the cutting boards leaning against the backsplash. 

This kitchen is awesome-- the subway to the ceiling is outstanding. I love it. I also really love that all of the white is broken up with raw, wood trim. So pretty. The wooden accents in this space are what make this kitchen so perfect-- I mean, check out that bread bin with the wooden top! And of course, check out those leaning cutting boards-- they're hanging out next to that fabulous white ceramic pig. 

Do you spy the leaning boards in this space?? What a GREAT kitchen. That's a lot of cabinet space abode lovers... 

And again... so pretty. I really love the cabinet color on the outers, but I'm not a huge fan of the honey colored wooden island. And those stools are definitely not doing it for me :( boo. All that to say, this is still a really lovely space. 

Oh yes. The color of these cabinets is SO pretty. I also love that black window! But of course, we're talking wooden boards on display- and this pizza board is pretty amazing. I love the initials seen on this handsome fella. 

So, do any of you abode lovers feel like you should have some fabulous cutting boards struttin' on your countertops?? I do. Here are a few great options that I stumbled upon over the weekend...

anthropologie cutting boards: I love, love these boards because of their leather handles. I think these would be awesome hung in a gallery wall look in a kitchen. 

anthropologie color blocked boards: These are super similar to the image that I featured of color blocked cutting boards! These guys are super pretty. Don't you think this could be a super easy DIY? 

anthropologie novel cutting boards: Oooohhhhhh...... I LOVE THESE! They're a little whimsical and different than your standard cutting board. These would be amazing in any kitchen. Oh man, now I'm lusting for these two in a bad way... 


etsy vintage boards: These are super cool and have a ton of character already- they're also a GREAT price. 

I hope you enjoyed all of these gorgeous cutting boards and pizza boards-- I'm kind of obsessed now. I hope all of you have a great Monday!

Also, just reminding you of this-- Stella & Dot deal! Go check it out!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

don't just pass through...

Hello abode lovers and happy weekend to you all! I know Saturday blogging isn't typically my jam... but when inspiration hits, you've just got to run with it! So-- today I want to talk about hallways. Some of you may have noticed this already by reading Abode Love and checking out my home tour on the top tabs of this site... but my precious abode isn't super big, it's jam packed with love, but it's actually pretty compact in size. Now, don't get me wrong, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, after all, it's just Mister Husband, myself and our two pups King and Lady. But at the end of the day, when you love abodes as much as this girl, you've got to pack in the sass where you can... I try and make every corner of my little abode count. Here is a great space to think about in any home-- the hallway.

Here's how I packed a bit of punch into the main hallway in my little abode: I added horizontal metallic stripes down both sides of the hallway. Then, I waited and collected art and photos until I had the perfect gallery wall. I wanted the hallway to feel like it's own space. (more on the horizontal striped project here)

This is the other side of my hallway-- I didn't have much room in the foyer for a full table, so I snagged these brackets for SHELVES at Restoration Hardware for a GREAT price (I know, can you believe it!?! It's because they are meant for shelving, but the brackets are HUGE!) Anyway, I wanted to again, create a little area that makes this walk-through feel like you should stop a minute and take in a few of the details before just passing through...
Read more about this are at this new foyer post.

I love the personal details on this little table top-- and that jag is amazeballs. Read more about my jaguar find here.

I have loved this hallway for quite a while... I want to stand in this hallway and look at every single on of those beautifully framed images! The red frames are so striking and completely unexpected-- can you imagine this hallway with white frames or black maybe?? It wouldn't provide the punch that it has now--- I love this. This treatment makes this hallway a place to stand, gather and reminisce. 

This little foyer/hallway is simple and lovely. The large pattern is dramatic and the bench makes this space feel more like a room than a pass through portion of the home... 

This little nook is proof that you don't need a ton of space to create impact in a typically unnoticed portion of your home... a large piece of art, a stool or small ottoman and perfectly styled books makes this space feel cozy and unignored.

This striped hallway is hella-cool. I'm obsessed with the strong contrast of the white and high gloss black stripes lining this hallway. I also love that the striped pattern continues (but this time in a vertical pattern) onto the lampshades on that super fab turquoise chandy as well as on the runner. It's honestly the opposite of what I would do-- but maybe that's why I love it so much? I also love how collected these gallery walls feel-- all different shapes, sizes and subject matter make this space feel super special... could you pass through this hallway without stopping?? I didn't think so.  

This is just gorgeous-- it's a stark difference to the image pictured above but it's just as lovely and full of impact. I love the moravian star fixtures hanging down this hallway, and the architectural detail of the arches is just amazing-- not to mention that long wall of windows... what a dream. Just think, this could have been a boring hallway... 

Here is a very clean and balanced hallway that is flanked with full and super beautifully spaced images in white frames with white mats-- it's uniform in a lot of ways, but that also makes all of the images that are within the frames the star of the show. I also love that the focal point at the end of the hallway is a simple bench, a minimal pice of art and a perfectly pretty light fixture... doesn't it make this whole space look like a gorgeous art gallery?!? Love that.

This is a really interesting take on the typical gallery wall-- clip boards that are all hung and can have images easily replaced. I see this being a GREAT idea for kid art, grocery lists, announcements, etc. Wouldn't that make great use of a hallway!?! I certainly think so...

I just love the detail of this hallway. Those curvy architectural details of the hallway are kind of melting my heart. It frames the hallway and makes the entire space feel really interesting very quickly. I also love that there's a pice of furniture for display as well as a chair sitting beside it-- it looks like a nice little nook to take off your shoes, set down your things and take a deep breath. 

Aside from loving hallways, I also wanted to blog this Saturday to introduce you to another Abode Love sponsor! Pretty Please is an online shop featuring a stylish selection of designer and designer-inspired jewelry (think J.Crew, Kate Spade) at super affordable prices starting at $18. Pretty Please offers a unique sales experience through their live sale once a week, Mondays at 9pm est, on their Facebook page. This is a great way for women to get together online, have a little 'me' time while shopping for the latest must-have jewelry and accessories.

Here are some of the super cute jewelry that you can snag! I am loving all of the color in these pieces and that gold bracelet is killing me- super cute!

Here's how it works:
1. "like" the ‘Pretty Please’ Facebook page.
2. Log on to Facebook every Monday night at 9pm est, for the live sale.
3. Every few minutes we post new pieces, each with a description, price + quantity available.
Shipping is FREE, there is no tax.
4. When you spot an item you’d like to purchase, simply "comment" under the picture with your email address + quantity you want.
5. Paypal invoice is then emailed to you where you can securely + conveniently make your payment via paypal account or credit card.

All shipping is FREE and Pretty Please ships within 48 hours of payment and send the customer a confirmation email & tracking number.

Have a great weekend abode lovers, think about the pass through places in your abode and make them spaces that you LOVE! 


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