Thursday, August 30, 2012

new anthropologie rug!

DING! DING! DING! DING! You were right Launa @ A Place and a Space! I finally ordered the Glorias Garden rug from Anthropologie! I loved the guessing game... that was fun :) I'm going to share more photos a bit later, the abode is a MESS and it needs a good cleaning before I take new photos-- so hang in there abode lovers, more pics to come!
When I finally decided I was going to order this big ole rug-- I decided that I would wait until June (my birthday month) because you get a 15% discount on your purchase that month! I needed as big of a discount as I could get, this rug is more than a splurge-- it's just plain ridiculous. As Mister Husband says, you can't talk sense to crazy, so I ordered it regardless of that fact that we already have a beautiful rug in our living room. When I went to order the rug, my size was gone. It was the saddest day ever. It was JUST there the day before and I was having a really hard time coping. 

Miraculously, a week into July, the rug came back-- on backorder of course, but it was BACK! So, I called Anthro and told them my sad story and that I still really needed to use my birthday discount even though it was no longer June.... and they did it! I got my 15% off! 2 LONG months later of the backorder date being pushed back several times, it arrived.... 

Here is a post that I did almost 2 years ago about the round version of this rug... hilarious! THAT is how obsessed I've been with this rug....

Here is a post about Valerie's dining room where I used the Glorias Garden rug and she has loved hers for a year now! 

Now that you can tell that I was seriously into this rug... here it is in MY living room!

Obviously you can't tell how it really looks in my space without seeing the whole thing, but I'm going to be honest-- I ADORE the rug, I'm just not sure if it works in my living room. The jury's still out and I'm hoping that all of you will give me some honest opinions....

I love that it adds more color and life to the space, but is it too dark??

This is the Pottery Barn rug that used to live there... 

Thoughts? As I said before, I promise to share more photos in a bit, but does anyone have any reactions right away??? Thanks for the input abode lovers.... I've been so obsessed with this rug for SO long that I'm not sure I can be objective. Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

guessing game

Hello abode lovers and welcome to guess what that crazy bia did now.... Yep, I did something that I absolutely do not regret-- I have been waiting and pining over this one particular item now for YEARS, literally. Now comes the fun part.... GUESS what it is!!!!

Here are all of your hints:

This hint tells you that it's heavy-- and where it came from... 

And the rest of these hints are not only pretty to look at, but they provide very complex clues that may help you decide what it is, the location in which it will live in my abode, as well as what is on this heavy-set beauty... 

Another small hint is that it's replacing something in the abode... it's not a totally new thing. Which makes me crazy-- I already have something that works perfectly well-- beautifully actually-- but I couldn't resist this temptation. It was larger than me.... 

Another hint is that I got 15% off at this lovely store because it was my birthday (which was in June... that's how long I've been waiting on this big girl!)

I feel like it's beyond obvious, so hopefully I did an okay job.... or perhaps guessing games are not one of my strong suits.... Anyway, as you can see, it's arriving WEDNESDAY, so I will have a big surprise to share with all of my abode lovers later this week! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

painting in a corner

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday! I know it's early, and I know that we're all sad that the weekend is over, but look on the bright side... we are one step closer to fall tv shows (and football of course) but mostly, I am excited to get back into my beloved shows. Anyway, this weekend, I spent much of my time in the corner of my living room wishing that I had purchased an easel a long time ago.

Yes. I am insane. I nailed my canvas to the wall as well as a trash bag... and started painting smack dab next to my white Restoration Hardware chair that I just now paid off in full. I mean, I know. I'm stupid, I realize that-- but I wanted to be close enough to a tv so that I could at least listen to movies.... I work best that way and blame my artist SuperMom for that 100%. She too works best with a tv going in the background with an occasional glance up at what's going on. I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and I vowed last week that I would paint come hell or high water... booyah.

I can't wait to share all of the paintings I've been cranking out lately, but I need a bit of time to settle back into working with paint before I show the blogosphere what exactly I have been up to....

Anyway, now on to some pretty things.... going along with the theme of painting right now, I wanted to share some of my favorite spaces that spotlight beautiful artwork. 

I'm not sure if those walls are faux finished or if that's grass cloth paper, but it's a gorgeous backdrop for some bright, modern, abstract art. The scale is pretty incredible in this space and the use of white furniture really allows this piece of art to kill it. 

I mean, is this MORE gray grasscloth??? I am really digging this look. Again, in this little area, the painting (to me) is stealing the show, and rightfully so. I LOVE this watery, low contrast color palette. I think I need a painting with ships sailing away.... what a lovely sight.

Wowza, love this. There's nothing like traditional, gorgeous furnishings and chandys dripping with crystals to set up a great place for unexpected, abstract art. I love a good diptych (two paintings meant to be hung close to each other) it creates such a dramatic unit and I simply adore it!

This is good ole Emily Henderson's doing... she's one talented mofo when it comes to styling. In my daydreams, she's also one of my BFFs, along with Britney Spears. I mean, who sees a head like that and thinks, "I'm going to rock that out on my mantle" -- she does. I am also pretty much obsessed with that doggie's profile painting. It looks much like my little cocker spaniel Lady, and I think I need that painting-- or one just like it. And don't you just love the juxtaposition of the super old looking, classic ostrich painting and the more modern pup? Love it. You go Emily, you go. 

 This is a great space- I love the huge, brightly colored artwork. All of the white makes this feel like a gallery and I just love it. I would probably destroy this space. One chocolate cupcake, and this beautiful corner would be destroyed. 

Anyone surprised that I am featuring yet ANOTHER doggie painting? This little guy would fit right in with King and Lady at our abode. I love that he is so darn happy, he's got his tongue hanging out like a champ and has been painted in such a way that he looks completely normal hanging above the mantle. I feel like I need portraits of my dogs asap. 

Well, that's all for now abode lovers! I hope all of you have a fabulous and super productive Monday! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

baby burton

Hello abode lovers! I'm not sure if you remember my dear friends and clients Landon & Kelli Burton, but they're expanding they're precious family and I am lucky enough to get to plan the nursery! They just found out that they're having a baby girl so we got together and talked nursery and THIS is the plan!

After talking with Kelli, she really wanted a light, bright space that had a lot of neutrals-- she wanted to be able to recycle some of the larger, more expensive purchases for the next baby whether it be a girl OR boy. So- the plan was to use all neutrals for the dresser, chest, crib, rocker and ottoman. With our base of neutrals set, and the large pieces picked out, I still wanted the space to be girly by weaving in a touch of pattern to bring a playfulness to the nursery. That, my friends, is how we landed on using this GORGEOUS wallpaper from Anthropologie. I've been obsessed with it for quite some time, and this seemed like the PERFECT place to use it! It's soft and has a lot of texture in the watercolor pattern, which I adore. We also love that mint and peach can be pulled out of this pattern to establish a color story for the space...

Even though we both DIE over this wallpaper, I didn't want the room to feel too closed in and stuffed with pattern. Also, let's face it, this wallpaper is EXPENSIVE, so we decided to do board and batten 3/4 up the walls around the room like this:

The wallpaper will be placed above the board and batten for just a bit of color and pattern.... as for the actual board and batten-- we decided to do something kind of fun: PAINT IT A CREAMY MINT COLOR in HIGH GLOSS! I cannot WAIT... I think these walls are going to sing. 

The rug and drapes were another place that I wanted to bring in pattern. The vertical stripes on the drapes will make the room feel much larger and will block out the light for sweet baby Burton to go to sleep. We were lucky enough to find these babies on Overstock (my favorite place to by drapes!) They're a GREAT price, fully lined, weighted and the material is really beautiful. 

The rug is just fabulous and the colors were perfect for the space! I would love to have this rug in any room of my abode... isn't the color combination amazing?!? 

There are a lot of sweet things that we want to fit into the plan for the nursery, but this is maybe my favorite piece in the entire room. I want one. I mean, bad. I plan for this to sit next to the rocker to have a place to set a phone, drink or book while rocking the baby. Isn't it amazing? I'm just trying to think of somewhere in my abode where this little swan would make sense!?! For all sources, check out my Pinterest board here.

So, what do you think? I love it and I think Kelli and Landon are super pumped to get this space going, I can't WAIT to see it all come together!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

art, art, art

Hello abode lovers! Some of you may know this already, but I am a graphic designer and went to school to study design as well as fine art. I took a TON of drawing and painting classes and enjoyed it so much that I often considered switching my major to fine art. While I am super happy with what I stuck with, I am so grateful that I was able to stretch my wings as a fine artist through my years in school.

So, all that to say, I've been painting a little lately and thought I would share two paintings that I just completed.

I've been really excited about lots of paintings (and pins) of moths and other bugs I've been seeing lately so I wanted to join in the fun! I started with a set of two, one is complete and the other is well... not complete. It's a work in progress and I am excited to share the second one as soon as it's complete!

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing the paintings below at

Moths #1 $200 acrylic on 12"x12" wood panel 1"thick

The second piece is the same size with a different arrangement of moths- I'm just starting to add a bit of color and I can't wait to tackle those pretty little moths. 

If you would like to reserve Moths #2 also 12"x12" on a wood panel 1"thick, feel free to send me an email at to reserve this piece or to inquire about a commission. 

This is a recent commission piece for a client of mine, I still need to frame it, but I thought I would share the painting before I shared the completed piece!  

acrylic on canvas 40"x30"
If you're interested in a commissioned painting, please contact me at

I am really trying to push myself to get back to painting often-- there was a time (a short stint) that I painted a few very small paintings every week. For instance, I painted all of these within a month of each other.... 

(the little dog wearing clothes-- the petal framed in the center -- and the two small interior spaces on canvases)

Perhaps I'm not painting as much because I've run out of wall space?? That's why I should probably start painting for other people's walls... makes sense, right?

 I will paint, I will paint, I MUST paint. 

Anyway, enough about that.... I hope all of you abode lovers are having a great week! Hooray for hump day, for all those out there working for the weekend, we're ALMOST there! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

fiddle leaf fig tree a.k.a. heartbreaker

Hello abode lovers and happy Wednesday! So, I have very exciting news- I am the proud owner of a fiddle leaf fig tree! I have been looking for one of these suckers for years now. My SuperMom called every nursery she could think of in the Birmingham area looking for one of these beauties 2 years ago for my birthday and had no luck. I have kept my eye out ever since... and then I got a text message from the one and only Katie Beth from The Good Stuff, she had spotted a pair at a local nursery. I almost peed my pants-- I then begged her to go with me to check them out on our lunch break....

Then things got weird. 

We ran over with another girlfriend from work-- I had called that morning and there were 3 trees, all around 6-8' tall. (In my head I'm all "go big or go home, I'm gettin' that 8' sucker!") We showed up 2 hours later, I walked in, saw an 8' fiddle leaf beauty and felt like it was a match made in heaven, then the sales lady came up to me and said, "oh that one's already sold." Just like that. 

Like it was nothing. 

"but we've got one more in the back..."

to which I replied, "ONE MORE!!?!?!? I just called and ya'll had THREE!!!"

to which SHE replied, "it was the craziest thing, we sold 2 within 10 minutes of each other RIGHT BEFORE YOU GOT HERE!"

I can only imagine the look of horror on my face -- my mind started racing... I started frantically telling her (again) that I had JUST called a few hours ago and these trees have been here for days. Surely this was some kind of sick joke... but it wasn't. It was as real, as real as when Britney Spears shaved her head... if not worse. 

I then went chasing after KB (who was already sprinting her way to the smaller fiddle leaf in the back of the shop) I was saying, "Katie Beth!!!!" (in a very dramatic tone) "SHE SAID IT WAS SOLD, I mean, it's SOLD, what the $#*%!!!??!!!" She was clearly not paying attention to me, she kept walking in a straight b-line to the fiddle leaf fig tree in the back that I had JUST convinced her that she needed  more than air. 

Then things got plain 'ole upsetting... 

Katie Beth finally realized what I was dribbling on about and looked very sad for me (as a good friend would do) and then it happened. "What, what happened!?! you ask... well, I turned into a freak. I wouldn't respond to KB when she asked me if I was sure that she should get this tree for her home or not. I told her I could no longer objectively give her advice. The evil streak in me was dying for the next best thing... the gorgeous 6' fiddle leaf that Katie Beth had her heart set on. 

I know. I'm a bad friend. You see... I'm a little overwhelmingly obsessive when I get my mind heart set on something. So, after speaking to the nice lady who worked there about what kind of sunlight these trees needed, Katie Beth backed out of getting the tree (she's much more of a planner and tends to make much better decisions with her money that I do)... So, with her new cold feet due to advice from the sales lady, she took a bow and opened up this baby for me to purchase. 

Then I was petrified that she would be mad at me-- probably because I would have been spittin' mad.... and because I'm a girl, but she wasn't. Good 'ole giving and gracious KB told me to buy it -- and that I had better keep it alive -- and that they had better be getting another shipment in soon--- 

So, now my fingers are crossed, big time. If they get in a super huge 7-8' tree, I'll snag one of those and hand over my 6' to Katie Beth... if not, it looks like I'll be trying to make it up to Katie Beth for the rest of my life... 

Mister Husband and I went and picked up the tree this weekend. I went to Target and got a huge white container for around $35 on clearance and filled it with a level of rocks, then soil, then planted this gorgeous heartbreaker. God I hope I don't kill it. 

It's beautiful, can you even imagine how incredible it will be as it grows TALLER-- (or if this one becomes KB's and I purchase a bigger heartbreaker!?!)

King is hiding under the coffee table for two reasons: #1 The Hunger Games is on my tv and I'm pretty sure it scares him to death and #2 because he understood what I was telling him when I told him NOT to eat the fiddle leaf leaves-- they're poisonous to dogs and children-- Just like those dang Hunger Games berries. Well, maybe not that instantaneous, but he is hiding none-the-less.

I know that I'm giving you a lot of beauty shots, but come on... it's a fiddle leaf fig tree. 

I'll keep all of you informed about my situation with Katie Beth and our heartbreaking, teasing little trees... Hopefully I'll have great news and KB and my friendship will be on the mend.... here's hoping! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

summer wrap up!

Hello abode lovers! I know, long time no see. I have been having an amazing summer and have enjoyed my little blogging hiatus but am super pumped to be back in the blogosphere. So, where have I been? you ask. I have been hanging around the abode and relaxing and I also traveled up to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan with Mister Husband to visit my grandparents and tons of family on Island No. 8 for a WEEK! It was amazing. It's the longest I've been AWAY from work since our honeymoon over 3 years ago. It was such a great trip-- the break from the sweltering southern heat was so refreshing and the time with family was a wonderful way to recharge and make memories from a picturesque place that I grew up knowing and loving.

As Mister Husband and I flew away, we flew right by the beautiful islands of the U.P. and spotted Island No. 8! Mr. Hubbs bragged for a long time bit about his amazing sense of direction and lay of the land... that was a long plane ride. 

While we were there, we experienced temperatures like this in the hottest part of the day. I mean, someone pinch me. That's about 30 degrees cooler than what we had been experiencing down in ole Alabammer. Talk about a breath of fresh air...

Because of the amazing weather and the amount of family that went up to the U.P. visiting my lovely grandparents, Mister Hubbs and I opted to sleep in a tent for the entire week. Lots of family members and friends joked about how I would never hold up-- like I had too much Britney Spears in me to pull off sleeping in the wilderness (outside my grandparents house) but people, let me tell you-- it was amazing. We had a blow up mattress that must have been made in heaven and a tent that fit it perfectly. With temperatures in the mid 60's, we were loving our outdoor bedroom. There was one night that we heard animals scurrying around outside our tent-- Mister Hubbs told me not to wake him up anymore when I heard something, but I couldn't help it. It was slightly unnerving, but I survived and will do it again! This gal is a camper my dear abode lovers! 

(this was my view) 

This is us the first night... ready for bed time!

During the day, I did some a lot of this. (Those are all my little boy cousins hanging around the water with Mister Hubbs)

I couldn't quit staring at this view...

Would you look at that crystal clear water!!! I mean, amazing. It was super cold, but nice and refreshing on your feet after a walk. 

Instead of staring at the water and splashing a bit, Mister Husband opted for the more extreme sports on our vacation. Good ole General Dad and SuperMom hauled up the ski boat from Alabama to take the kids and my husband out for rides. Here is a little snapshot of Mister Husband looking rather dashing... Love this guy.

Look at that... he's not just eye candy ladies,  he can do this too!

We both drove out to the big water together to check out Lake Huron... that's some big water. 

I tried out my sisters paddle board in the shallow water-- I didn't go far, but it was fun!

Here are my amazing grandparents, I can't believe that they host this much family every summer!

Mister Husband was showing off on the trampoline and this happened... so, we spent some time repairing the net. Marriage building moment. 

Here's General Dad and SuperMom hanging with Mister Husband and one of their two grand babies. 

This is my baby sister, whom I like to refer to as Cheerioh (notice her shirt)-- we love hanging with our sweet nephew Preston... 

...and here I am teaching nephew #2, Raleigh, new tricks. Sticking out your tongue for pictures is one of those life lessons that I was more than happy to share with this sweet baby.

More of this... 

Here's General Dad with Baby Preston doing their daily workout.... 

One of the nights we were there, SuperMom cooked a Thanksgiving feast for over 30 people... which is reason #4352 that her official name is SuperMom. 

This was our last day, all packed up and ready to leave standing outside of our little, green abode. 

Almost my whole family... almost. (we were missing a very important college sister that was in class while we were enjoying the U.P.!)

So, that was my little vacation away-- I am so happy to be back to my blog and am ready to share new and fun projects and my latest interior obsessions!


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