Thursday, June 21, 2012

it's my birthday!

Hello abode lovers and happy first day of summer! I am one year older today and happy to have plans to spend time with Mister Husband and the family tonight! As for today, I'll be doing the norm, working away and laughing the day away with coworkers. Look at what I found this morning while walking in to my cube...

Now, let me explain. I do not have a thing for Steve Buscemi... one of my male coworkers wanted to join in the fun of posting beautiful men above my cube, so there's that. Also, while I think Justin Bieber is a sweet little boy, he's definitely not a man, not yet anyway. My coworker, Katie Beth from The Good Stuff, and I enjoy the Justin Bieber Christmas album a little too much, hence the almost life size photo of his head over my desk. As for Zac Efron, he's a goodie-- as well as Edward Cullen... those two are always welcome in my cube.

To get in the birthday spirit, I have painted my nails in ombre glitter for the week. I tell you what, glitter just makes life more fun. My advice to you, do this. You'll love looking and your happy fingers- I'm pretty much obsessed with the look and haven't worn glitter since middle school! (I have also added this look to my toes... I'm glitter obsessed) 

As I mentioned last week, I have been working on lots of little projects around the house and can't wait to share all of them with you--  Here is a little sneak peek of a project that's still underway. It's one of those projects that I thought would take 2 hours and it's turned into a 12 hour time sucker... more on that later...

I just wanted to share a few snippets of whats going on in my life today... I can't believe I'm one year older... birthdays are always bittersweet to me, so I'm trying to focus on how happy I am in my life rather than be sad that it's all happening so much more quickly than I had expected when I was a kid. Anyone else feel nostalgic and a little weepy on your birthday?? Does it feel like time is FLYING by to anyone else? I swear, just the other day I was 22.... not so much anymore :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

look how far I've come...

Hello abode lovers and happy FRIDAY! I thought this week would never end, but here it is, in all it's glory. Good 'ole Friday. 

As I mentioned a few days ago, I haven't been sharing as many photos of updates around the abode as I would like-- but I am doing my best to start taking photos to share with all of you! Today I want to share the new plant life that's actually living in the abode. I have mostly just killed every plant that ended up in my care, but I am trying REALLY hard to turn over a new leaf. New leaf... get it? You can see how far I've come based off of this blog post from February 2011. I posted online (for all of the interwebs to see) that I went outside, picked weeds out of my own yard, placed them in my new lady vase, took photos, and then posted them on thinking I had really created a sweet vignette. Wow. 

One of my readers let me know that the yellow "flowers" I picked from my yard were actually a weed that I needed to take care of before they took over. Can you imagine how I felt reading that little nugget of information?!? What an idiot I can be... 

I mean, not that I've come that far since then, but I have managed to keep this beauty alive since valentines day. Mister Hubbs thought (very sweetly and optimistically) that I would be able to keep this orchid alive for a bit.... Well, surprise, surprise, I've not only kept it alive, it's FLOURISHED with my love and care. It's the closest thing to a love fern that I've got, and I'll be damned if it dies...

I then went out on a limb (limb... get it?) and purchased a large leafed little guy last week to add a bit more plant life to the abode. I love him. I have no idea what he is, but I know that I like him.

Aren't they sweet together? 

The orchid came in a little plastic cup-- so I went out and purchased this Aged Herb Pot from Anthropologie that was only $8-- NOT ON SALE! Amazing right?! Who knew anything in that heaven store was under $10!?! When I went to check out, the lady at the front asked what I was planting inside the pot and I told her about my orchid. Well, if you can even believe this, she grew orchids as a hobby. I decided to ask her the best way NOT to kill it. She told be to place 2-3 ice cubes in the pot every other day and place it near the sun. Apparently, people often over water these pretty little guys and kill them. Too much love I guess. Anyway, the ice cubes allow just the right amount of water to be absorbed in the soil. Cool huh?

I love the yellow tone of my sweet little pot above, but I have my eye on her handsome big brother, Ivory Epoch Pot.... He's a looker. I think I would love for him to hold a big 'ole succulent just like the photo below. He's $16, but well worth it in my opinion!

Anyone have any idea for great indoor plants that I could try planting in this pretty pot? Preferably something that doesn't HAVE to sit by a window to stay alive? I would love to hear what all of you have had luck with! I hope all of you abode lovers have an amazing Friday! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

component cover up

Hello abode lovers and happy Wednesday! I have had a great week so far, packed full of work, spending time with Mister Husband and introducing new, sweet babies into the world! (One of my best and oldest friends welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world yesterday!)

As for what's been going on around the abode... a lot. I have quite a list of projects that I need to share with all of you. I know there's been a bit of a drought from me lately of inspiring images- sorry about that! Maybe it's because it's summer and there's still a part of me that feels like I should be allowed to sit around and be lazy like when I was a kid!?!

Anyway, on to the project! Quite a while ago, General Dad came over and helped me with a little project that I've wanted to tackle for quite some time. As some of you long time followers know, my little living room used to be pretty sad....

See, I told you. 
I'm also not sure why we're so pixelated, sorry about that! 

That's Mister Husband and I before I even lived in the abode! (Back when it was a Mister Pad) The shutters over the fireplace came with the abode when we moved in they were just not our style and they didn't function well at all. For a million reasons, those skank suckers had to go....

Which leads us to this gorgeous view. Wow. Not much better, right!?!

Most of you will probably recognize this photo taken almost a year ago... General Dad came over and helped Mister Husband and I with filling in that skank hole in the wall and covering it so that we could hang our tv on the wall. We left an opening for those pesky components that I wish didn't exist altogether... But I think it looks great, especially from where we started!

Then Mister Hubbs and I ran into a problem. The tv just stopped working one day. I mean, mid-show. I was none to happy... it was time for a new tv. I was also NEVER a fan of the tv that we had in the first place. I HATED those dang speakers that hung off either side of the tv. It makes our tv look like Dumbo, no offense to Dumbo. Mister Husband purchased that tv pre-marriage... so I didn't have much of a say. Anyway, before football season started (I know, that's a LONG time ago), we forked out the cash for a new tv and we LOVE it. It's got a super thin frame and is really light. It looks so much more streamlined in the space thank goodness.

And now for those pesky components. I still wasn't too fond of being able to see all the components... so I put my thinking cap on, for a while. I talked a lot with General Dad about how to cover up the space for the components and came up with a great solution for our space. Below you can see that we took off the decorative trim that was covering the rough edges between the wall and the component box.

Once we took off the frame, we applied decorative sheet metal (that I found at Lowes for $25) with gorilla glue to the back side of the frame. General Dad cut the frame in a super fancy way so that the metal would sit inside a thin channel on the backside of the frame so that when it was hung on the wall, it would be flush against the wall.

We then took high powered magnets and wanted to place them on the wall, as well as on the back of the frame sot that we could take off our custom screen whenever we wanted to pop in a movie or adjust our components. General Dad is seen below drilling the perfect hole for the magnet to sit inside so that the entire frame would be flush with the wall. 

AND.... ta-da!

I thought seriously about spraying the screen gold, or maybe even black, but I like the look of the silver screen next to the silver urns that flank the tv.

So what do you think?

Anyone else hate their components hanging out like a floozy? Mine are nicely tucked away behind a privacy screen, but I would LOVE to know if any of you abode lovers have had a similar issue and tackled it another way. I hope all of you have a wonderful hump day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

mimi green goodness

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday! I'm not sure how all of you are spending your Monday, but we're being rained out here in Alabama. I'm fine with it I guess... I'm wishing I was at home with this kind of weather, curled up in a blanket with a good book... or perhaps re-watching Downton Abbey-- But like a lot of you (I'm sure) I'm in a cube. Blerg.

Enough about that... my weekend was full of sunshine, fun AND new fun accessories for the pups! I spotted these sweet little Mimi Green dog collars last week on Pinterest and ordered them immediately. Saturday around noon my custom collars arrived...

I was SUPER pumped...

Ta-Da! I decided to get pumpkin orange collars for both pups with the hand embroidered names that wrap around. Sweet Lady got a little crochet flower to make her collar just a bit more feminine-- I LOVE it so much!

Here are the pups modeling their new swag...

Lady typically has a strand or two of pearls around her neck (which is a trend she started YEARS ago when I ran across dog pearls at Target!) Anyway- Mister Husband mentioned yesterday that he thinks she should still be wearing her signature strand of pearls with her new collar... I think he's right! I'll be adding those to her neck as soon as I get home! (I'm sure Mister Hubbs will be so glad that all of  you now know that he is a fan of pearls on our cocker spaniel, ah, the life of being the husband of a blogger)

If you are a dog lover like myself, then you'll get a kick out of how precious and custom you can make Mimi Green dog collars.... I received my order quickly and they're just TOOOO cute! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great day!


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