Wednesday, April 25, 2012

april is wedding month II: our video & save the dates

So, this may be my FAVORITE part of my entire wedding... the video. I am so glad that I'm reliving our wedding day today of all days because it's Mister Husband and my 3 year anniversary! Hooray for us! 

So, watch this little snippet of our special day.... A HUGE thank you to Kinora Film's Paul Bryant... he's good, REALLY good. He works with his wifey, Courtney and they're a dream team. If you are getting married and haven't booked a videographer do it. You will NOT regret it! 

Paul used 8mm film as well as HD film to create my video. I love the feel of the film... the crackled and washed out images give such a warm and nestalgic feel. This is a small snippet... I wish I could share the entire thing!

Check out my video and some other great clips from Paul Bryant's portfolio!

And since we're having wedding month, I wanted to share a project that I finished YESTERDAY for a lovely gal named Valerie and her soon to be husband, Adam. Valerie is an Auburn girl and an abode love reader-- she contacted me about creating something for her save the dates as well as her wedding paper suite and this is where we landed! We both decided that this monogram/crest was the best way to go for the feel of her big day. This hand-drawn crest surrounded by flowers will be a beautiful and custom way to tie all of her paper pieces together. 

Here is one option with the crest:

...and this is the option that Valerie chose. I love them both for different reasons, but I really like the warmth of this second option.

And this is the back of the Save The Date postcard. 

Thanks to Valerie and Adam for allowing me to share your custom Save the Dates! If you are looking for any custom invitations or design work such as logos, please contact me at for a quote! I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous hump day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

april is wedding month II: my invitations

So, as some of you may know, I am a graphic designer by day. I love paper, ink colors, fonts and invitations more  than the average joe. Since it's wedding month, I thought I would share my save the dates and wedding invitations with all of you! 

Also... if you are interested in any custom design feel free to contact me for pricing at

I made this crest and the Mc monogram to use on our save the dates as well as our invitations. I loved the classic, vintage feel that it gave to the piece. I wanted everyone receiving these save the dates to get a feeling of what the wedding would be like. I wanted a vintage feel with a simple color palette.

We had a ton of out of town guest and wanted to display options early on in the process so that our guest could plan accordingly. I used vintage woodcuts and etchings to play into the vintage feel of the wedding and I also think it makes it fun to look through the piece... the images make it so much more fun and interesting!

The inside of the save the date was simple... I wanted to keep it clean, crisp and modern in the interior. 

I chose a very dreamy photo taken by Stephen Devires for the interior... I loved the feeling that it gives the piece, it's romantic and warm among all of the gray, black and white. 

Here again is a shot of the cover of the save the date, and to the right is a series of invitations, save the date and rehearsal dinner envelopes. We used Frank Sinatra and Bette Davis stamps on all of the pieces to again play up the vintage style of the invites. My super mom did all of the calligraphy for ALL of the save the dates, wedding invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations... she's amazing.... We used black envelopes with white ink, a metallic graphite envelope for the wedding invitations and a black envelope with gold ink for the rehearsal dinner. 

Here is Mister Husband's inside envelope for the wedding invitation. 

This is what you see when you open it... I opted out of using standard tissue and ordered this gorgeous pearlized vellum with swirls made out of different sized dots. I loved this little touch...

Here is the entire set...

Here is the reception card... I used a vintage image again and tied it in with the laurel leaves...

Here is the reply card... there are a lot of scott-irish touches throughout my invitations (it IS the McWedding after all...) there is the use of four leaf clovers as well as this little bagpiper. And yes... there were bagpipes at the wedding... it was spectacular!

and here is the formal wedding invitation... 

I have designed custom wedding invitations for years, along with party invitations and baby announcements. Please let me know if you are interested in any custom design services! Contact me for pricing at!

I Hope all of you abode lovers have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

new sponsors!

Hello abode lovers and happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, we're ALMOST to the weekend! Anyway, I want to introduce a few of my new sponsors and I'm so excited to share what they've got to offer!

First, my newest sponsor, Smells Amazing! As some of you may have noticed-- I'm a bit of a freak for Capri Blue Volcano candles. They're in almost every room of the abode. They smell like heaven and last forever. Anthropologie carries the Capri Blue candles in their store as well, that's the yummy smell that hits you when you walk through the door! Smells Amazing offers Capri Blue and Aspen Bay candles online and donates 5% of it's earnings to CALDA ( to further Lyme Disease research and awareness. So, you can snag your volcano candles at Smells Amazing and feel really good about your purchase. You can also get free shipping with a purchase of $99!

Now, proof that I adore this product with a little "wear's waldo" exercise in the abode! I'm a little obsessed, can you tell?

If you want to smell the best and longest lasting candles you'll ever run across, then go visit Smells Amazing and order a candle or two! You won't regret it!


The next sponsor I want to talk to talk about is Shades of Light. I'm sure many of you are familiar with their fabulous lighting... but here are some of my favorites at the moment. 

This is a great, great look! I'm loving the rich bronze finish in combination with the rope and shiny mirror panels. The look is so rich in dimension and texture and it makes for a quality and super stylish look.

I love, love, love this light fixture! I think it would be perfect for a small entry or a hallway. It's so glamorous and spunky at the same time. 

Isn't this timeless? I, like all of the other abode lovers out there, am loving anything gold right now! 

This hammered nickel pendant is pretty amazing. I love that the outer shell is silver while the interior is a shimmery gold because of the reflection of warm light. What a looker! (It's also a GREAT price at $149!)

These beauties are just a drop in the bucket, there are an unbelievable amount of options on Shades of Light along with furniture and rugs as well. It's a great resource full of options!


The final sponsor that I want to share with you is Quality Bath. Quality Bath not only offers beautiful bathtubs, showers, faucets and vanities, but they offer hardware, kitchen sinks, lighting, I mean... they pretty much have everything! Here are a few pretty products that I'm loving right now:

Hello gorgeous! I would love this baby... I think it may make doing the dishes a bit more enjoyable!

Isn't this cool? Anyone have a place for this gorgeous wall mounted faucet? My sink is in my island, but if it wasn't-- I would want this!

I love this simple console sink. It would be perfect for a powder bathroom! I love the little backsplash that goes around the back portion of the sink. This is just a lovely, classic look and I don't think it would ever go out of style!

A big thanks to all of my fabulous sponsors! If you're interested in sponsoring options, send me a quick email and I'll be glad to give you my rates! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

april is wedding month II: the reception

Hello abode lovers! First I want to start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious Mister Husband! Now it's time to party... its Wednesday, and we're going to relive the party of a lifetime, AKA Our Reception! There were SO many little details that I wanted to share with you that this long stream of photos is a tad embarrassing.... Here we go!

This image was a photo from our engagement shoot, we had all of our guests sign it as they came into the reception and it's currently living in our hallway at the abode. 

Once again, my mom is incredible... She hand made these McTable runners they're all over the place. The "Mc" with the four leaf clover was designed by me and was used as our monogram on invitations and such.... 

Nothing like trays of champagne with floating raspberries to get the evening started...

This cake topper was Super Mom and General Dads from their wedding almost 30 years ago... I loved having this little treasure at our reception!

The menus were also designed by me... The "Mc" is in a banner draped in Laurel leaves- so fitting right?

Goodness I loved these.... 

We strung every crystal dangling from the branches... they're actually Christmas ornaments via Pottery Barn. These pretty sparkles hang on our Christmas tree every year now, it's so fun to have little keepsakes from our wedding all over our abode!

Some of you may recognize these gorgeous silver urns (Mine are currently sitting on top of my mantle)-- Super Mom snagged them on sale at Pottery Barn and purchased a pair for herself, me and Nene as Christmas gifts. She knew that they would be PERFECT going down the center table at our reception (as well as being GREAT Christmas gifts!) -- she was right. 

Super Mom also did the calligraphy on EVERYTHING... I told you- she can do it all! I designed the cards along with the small "McCrest"

I love this photo and thought I would share it with all of you... we look totally ticked off. Furious actually. But we weren't... we were blissfully happy, I swear! This was during cocktail hour- Mister Hubbs and I got to share a little private time together before dinner was served. We got to taste all of the hors d' oeuvres and SIT for a few minutes together. We were giddy during this time, and I still have NO idea how this image was captured... hilarious.

Oh the cake topper.... thank you Ebay for this fabulous Lladro keepsake! I was SO happy to have snagged this great find on Ebay and have it proudly displayed in my china cabinet. My mom received several Lladro pieces from my grandmother, Gage (pronounced Gagee), growing up and I always thought that they were so beautiful and precious. I knew for sure that I wanted one of these beauties to sit on top of my wedding cake one day.

Huge, huge white chocolate curl wedding cake... I love these detail shots.I wanted something large in scale for the drama but I really wanted a simple silhouette with an all over texture that felt glamorous. I knew exactly what I wanted and Edgars Bakery in Birmingham, AL was responsible for making my huge curly, frothy cake a reality and they did a great job!

It was delicious! (and was still delicious a year later!)

Goodness... that bouquet was beautiful. I had a mix of white peony, white ranunculus and white roses. I truly adored this bouquet. There were also small touches of white feathers at the base to give it a soft edge.... 

another fabulous McSash thanks to Super Mom...

Super Mom and I saw this fabric ceiling treatment in a magazine and decided it would be perfect to section off the dance floor and bring some drama to that side of the ballroom. Doesn't the General look so handsome in his uniform? We're dancing to Landslide, Fleetwood Mac.

Mister Husband dancing with his mom...

Silver and white candy to go....

I designed these pieces as well... 

General Dad making a toast, Super Mom drinking to the occasion!

The best man, Mister Husband's dad.... 

My little brother James (or Jamio, or Cabbie as I like to call him....) He is a dancing machine...


Isn't he just the cutest? There's NOTHING like having a baby brother. I adore him as if he were my own.

dancing, dancing, dancing!

My sister Nene and her hubbs, Peyton- so sweet!

Mister Husband performing his limbo skillz... under his groomsmen's legs.... 

Mister Husband had that glass stirring stick in his mouth all night... Why didn't I force him to take that out?

still... the stirstick, why?

countdown to the bouquet toss....

stealing a last dance smooch...

Birdseed cones made by my mother in law! Aren't they INCREDIBLE?!

And we're off!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my wedding thus far (again)! I have LOVED sharing all of the details! It's almost been 3 years since we tied the knot and it's been SO much fun digging through these photos!
Have a great Wednesday!


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