Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mad men, plaid men

Hello abode lovers and happy Wednesday! I'm so happy that it's already the middle of the week, hooray! Was anyone happy to get the week started with Mad Men on Sunday night? I've been so out of it and busy lately that I FORGOT about the season premiere and watched it yesterday in a minimized box on my computer while I worked on freelance projects... a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I'm not gonna lie, having this handsome man in the corner of my screen encouraged my creative juices to flow....

While watching this fabulous show.... these guys inspired me:

Plaid, plaid, plaid. I really love what this masculine and timeless pattern can do for a space. This living space from the Elle Decor show house is so fabulously masculine, I love the pop of plaid on the sofa and how about that super sized terrarium! Wowwie-zowwie. 

This is an Urban Grace goodie.. I am loving the soft plaid window treatments and love the fish and turtle shells on the walls! Don't you love how masculine this space is while still feeling soft, warm and welcoming?!?

This warm, brown plaid is the perfect pattern for this equestrian chic space.

Look at that... plaid on the walls. Perfect. I really love that this pattern is used minimally in this little nook. It makes for a big and sophisticated statement. That sweet pup is also quite the statement!

Oh yes. I'm quite sure that Don Draper would love this bed. Don't you just love the large, monogrammed pillows!? The caramel leather bench at the foot of the bed brings warmth to this monochromatic space. The plaid throw adds the perfect amount of pattern to this bedroom. 

Good gosh. Look at that. Just look at it. 
Wingback headboards... two of them. Have you ever seen so much beauty packed into one space!? Look at that wall to wall drapery as well! This space is so rich and yummy... I am loving the mix of the plaid pattern with the cheetah pattern that's flooded the floor.

What a great dining space. I really love the yellow tufted chair at the head of the table in combination with the white bamboo chairs and the striped, upholstered bench beneath the window. The mixture makes for such a beautifully eclectic space. The navy and green plaid drapes frame the large window beautifully and add another sophisticated pattern to this lovely mix.

This preppy little space is classic, simple, and perfect. This is a precious look for a boy's room.

I have to be honest, I'm really not a fan of red plaid... but I think it works in this space! I wish the pillows were different on the sofa, something more simple and not red... that sofa is red enough! But I love the botanical artwork-- it really elevates this space to more of a modern feel. 

Here again, plaid is used as wallpaper-- I think this pattern works because of the split wood paneling that gives your eyes a break from all of the plaid! I am loving the pedestal sink, sconce lighting and all of those masculine monograms! 

I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Wednesday, we're halfway there! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

hungry for arrows

Hello abode lovers and Happy Friday! I know, I've been MIA this week, but I'm back with some great stuff today, AND it's FRIDAY! What does this mean? Well, that this girl, and her Mister Husband, are going to see the HUNGER GAMES tonight! I bought tickets Tuesday and have been waiting like a kid for Christmas for this movie. I absolutely loved reading the Hunger Games series almost a year ago and so did the Mister. If you haven't read this series, I strongly encourage you to do so.... you're missing out. I mean, big time.

So, in honor of the Hunger Games gracing the big screen today-- we're going to talk arrows. Some of you may have noticed that this trend is picking up speed and I think it's definitely thanks to the Hunger Games series. You see, the main character, who is a total bad ass, is a gal with a bow and arrow.... make sense?

Check out these precious arrows. I love them!

Stacey Bradley out of Charleston is a super talented block print artist and her etsy shop, PerlaAnne is full of beautiful black and white images that would work in any space. I love the graphic feel that they give to a room and adore all of her print options. This arrow print is my favorite by far. I love the pairing of the arrows with the feathers... and I LOVE that they're living in such a stylish space. Isn't the gold, gilded frame perfectly unexpected on this pair? 

I mean, I LOVE this. Don't you??? I'm pretty sure Katniss Everdeen would flip over this print. 

This Mid Century Vintage Gold Metal Magazine Rack with Arrow Tips is so charming. I love the gold finish and the delicate arrows that envelope it's contents. It's under $35 and it's one of those timeless pieces that I would just love to have. Wouldn't this be smashing in my living room??? I think so.

These decorative arrows are so cool. I love that they're petite at around 16 inches in length and 1/4 inch in diameter. Stacey Foster, who owns the amazing etsy shop called NativeShop, says the arrows "are for decorative use, shooting them from a bow will most likely make you look like a terrible aim." When I read that, I knew that Stacey was my kind of gal. I think these arrows are so fun and I can think of a million ways to decorate with these pieces. I think you could frame a set of 6 and make a super amazing arrow gallery wall! Stacey offers custom colors/orders, so give her a shout if you're interested on getting your paws on these bad boys!

Oh my... this handmade porcelain arrow mobile is so sweet. I love how raw and organic this piece feels. I think this would be great in a nursery, but would also be sweet in any kids room over a little reading nook. 
This linen arrows block print pillow via Spool and Sparrow Shop is too fun. Julie, the mastermind behind this naturally beautiful etsy shop, really has an eye for great graphic illustrations. You won't be disappointed if you decide to browse her little shop.  

Here is another great arrow piece from Spool and Sparrow, these linen dish cloths would add so much personality to my kitchen. 

 I love these Paper Cut Arrow Notecards! I think the natural outer portion is such a lovely contrast to the pastel interior that you can see coming through the arrow die cut. Ashely Pahl of Ashley Pahl Paper Goods is oober talented. She has a ton of different cut out options. Every item in Ashely's shop is handmade, which is pretty amazing. Go check her out! 

These Wooden Arrow Signs are too cool. They're a great size at 25 inches long and 4.25 inches tall. The Slippin Southern shop offers multiple colors so these arrows could work their way into any space. All of the signs that Slippon Southern Shop offers can also go outdoors thanks to our "Coastal Core" and "Weather Seal" upgrades. I can see these arrows adding a nice punch of color to an outdoor space. One of these arrows could also fill a narrow space beautifully and add a nice graphic element to any space. 
These are all of the color options... I mean, the possibilities are endless! And don't you just love the tone of these colors? I really love that you can still see the grain of the wood, yet somehow the colors are bold and super pigmented.

This letterpresses arrows print from Sycamore Street Press is a great size at 11'x14" and is a really nice, quirky pattern that I could see working beautifully in a multitude of spaces-- I think it would work really well in a  gallery wall setting as well because of the monochromatic color scheme. This piece is so neutral that you could dress it up or dress it down depending on how you want to use it. 

Here is a great detail shot of the letter pressing... love this. I have a true appreciation for the details and this print is ALL about the details... love all of these unique arrows. 

Amy Marcella is another great little etsy shop packed full of amazing artwork. This arrow print is so sweet. Perfect for a little punch of sass in any girls room. I think this would be cool in a girlie office space as well. Amy Marcella also offers this precious print in notecard form here.  

Heart and Arrow Painted Stone Set via River Luna.  This sweet little pairing is a fun and new way to think about decorating with decorative objects. They add a lovely touch to home and work spaces, displayed next to frames, in terrariums or an indoor windowsill garden. I love these little guys!

I wish so badly that I had seen this months ago so that I could have gotten it for Mister Husband to wear to the Hunger Games premiere. He wouldn't do it of course, but I sure would try to make him! I love this Painted Arrow Track Tee.

I realize that this mocking jay print is a bit literal-- but I LOVE this! I think the colors are so pretty and the style of the illustration is so charming and lovely. 

Small Talk Studio has a ton of amazing prints and this Choose Your Own Path print is just one of many inspiring prints that you can purchase. This is such a fun print too... I love the message of "choosing your own path" this would be perfect for a kid room-- but also super inspiring and whimsical for an office space. I've been pinning and re-pinning Small Talk Studios prints for months now-- I think I'm obsessed with this style!

So, if you're going out this weekend to see Katniss kick some tail, you should embrace arrows and make this trend happen somewhere in your own abode. If you haven't read the Hunger Games yet, it's definitely worth picking up... after 2 weeks I was done reading all three books. They are just so good. It's one of those series that Mister Husband isn't embarrassed to claim, so we're super pumped to see the movie! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great weekend & Happy Hunger Games!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

workin' it & lantern lighting

Hello abode lovers and happy Thursday! This week has been super packed with project after project at both my full time job and with all the freelance graphic design and interior design projects that I've got going on. I feel like ALL I do is work these days! Anyone else feel like that? Like work is all you DO in life? Now, don't get me wrong, I love design of all kinds, and I'm super blessed to be as busy as I am in this skank economy- but you know, a girl needs a night out and a nap every now and then! I watch listen to a lot of tv while I work-- but I don't think that counts as living.... It's this kind of week that makes me wish I was back in school and was blessed with a Spring Break! I'm a working girl with a lot on my plate, but I'm not sure I would have it any other way. After all, I'm far from being a kid and far from the days of Super Mom and Colonel Dad picking up my tab in life, so a girls gotta make a living!

Anyway, enough of my bitching and moaning... let's talk about a few non-skank environments to take us all away from our day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Ah...... eye candy here we come!

So, I've been inspired by all of the colorful lantern lighting that I've been seeing in kitchens lately. I've been seeing this trend all over the blog world and Pinterest!

I adore, I mean ADORE this set of pale aqua lanterns hanging over this kitchen island. The simple shape and unexpected color really add a whimsical and collected feel to the space.

This set of antique lanterns looks like they should be hanging outdoors-- which is why I LOVE them indoors in this kitchen. Again, it's a super collected and eclectic look that won't fade with the typical trends. I think it creates a timeless feel to this space.

LOOK at that HUGE lantern hanging over the island! That's quite the statement!

This Black and White Lantern, from Shades of Light looks just like the fabulous fixture hanging in the kitchen above. I love that the interior light fixture is white while the exterior creates a beautiful, sleek shape. I think if it were black all the way through, it would be too heavy for the light, white kitchen above. LOVE this fixture!

This natural kitchen is SO gorgeous. I love the oversized clock and all of the white on white on white. Wow. The rustic, exposed beams add so much warmth to the space and I really love the caramel tone in the antique style, oversized lanterns hanging over the island. I also really like that the island uses a dark, finished wood in combination with all of the rustic flare in the kitchen. It's such a nice blend of traditional and rustic. 

Here are those fabulous boxy lanterns that were in the first space I blogged about! Where can I find these?  Anyone know? I love how delicate they are in this kitchen-- I think something heavier would have been way too much with all of the exposed beams on the ceiling. The delicate look of the pair of lanterns really soften all of the harsh, dark wood on the ceiling. What a beautiful and balanced space!

I know, I know... how many times can I talk about this ONE kitchen?!? Don't try me. I could talk about it EVERY DAY! This is Sarah Richardson's assistant's abode and it's the most beautiful, eclectic, and glamorous abode I ever did see... I'm more than obsessed with this particular kitchen and wouldn't you know, there's a HUGE lantern hanging in the center of the space! I love that it's such a statement piece in this kitchen. 

And speaking of statement-making-lanterns. Holy cowzer. I am loving how traditional this kitchen is... the touches of brass mixed with the stainless steel throughout the space makes it feel SO glamorous. The pop of red in the lantern hanging over the oversized island is the show-stopper in this kitchen. It brings a youthful quality to the space as well as a strong sense of style-- I love what this lantern is doing for this kitchen. 

This sweet and curvy little lantern is perfect for this kitchen. I love that it's light in visual weight. The 4 sides of glass on this lantern keep the room feeling open even though there's a somewhat large lantern hanging right in the middle of the space. 

This Gothic Iron Lantern from Shades of Light is a look alike of the lovely lantern in the kitchen above. I think this fixture would be lovely in LOTS of spaces because of the delicate lines and and the amount of glass used in the fixture.

LOVE the simplicity of this kitchen. All of the white and the streamlined hood vent are super classic and wonderfully simple. The exposed shelving is lovely and has been styled perfectly with all whites, clear glass and cream pieces. Also, anyone notice that fabulous little window in the butlers pantry on the right side of this space? I DIE!!!! Anyway, the rustic wood, oversized kitchen island really warms up this kitchen and adds a nice flavor to all of the white, streamlined cabinetry. The rustic sass seen in the island and barstools is repeated in the pair of lanterns hanging over the island. Are you crazy about this trend yet???

Here are a few more lantern fixtures that I think would be SO fun in kitchens!

Pagoda Lantern, Shades of Light
I love this style lantern because it would infuse a pop of color into any space. I can just picture two of those red lanterns hanging over a big, creamy white kitchen island like the image I shared earlier. 

Love this guy-- he's a bit more substantial, but I love the chains that hold the lantern as well as the way the lightbulbs are situated facing upward. I really love the chunky, fun look of this lantern. 

This narrow, rustic look is LOVELY. I really love the worn out black and gray outer portion of the lantern. But I LOOOOVEEEE the brass insides of this gorgeous fixture. It makes it super chic and glamorous. I would adore a pair of these over my kitchen island. I think it would work beautifully with my dining area chandelier

I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Thursday! I'm going to try and live a little this weekend and PERHAPS take a little break from all of the work I've been tackling!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

recliner love... no, I'm serious.

Hello abode lovers and happy Tuesday! So, I received an email yesterday from an abode love reader that has a hubs that wants needs a recliner in their new living room. Normally, I would be like, "girl... if you don't want a recliner, you talk that man into loving the pretty little chairs that YOU want." BUT since I have a Mister Husband of my own, I know that SOMETIMES they do want need a nice place to set their behinds. So, my plan of action is to help this little lady find a few beautiful recliners.

numero uno: Churchill Reading Recliner via Restoration I wish I had a million dollars Hardware. this gorgeous beast wants me to sit in it. Now. I mean, I think I want need a recliner now too.

Now, I'm trying not to laugh while I look at this photo... but holy cow. Houston, I think we're more than ready for take off. I think I have an understanding about what men see in these relaxed pieces of furniture--- this looks like it could swallow me up in the best way.

Here's the non-leather option of the Churchill Upholstered Reading Recliner... it comes in an array of beautiful fabrics. I would love to curl up in this chunky, tufted recliner and re-read the Twilight series or the Hunger Games.... 

I actually really like the shape of this chair. It looks so inviting-- like, you'd be completely enveloped in comfort as soon as your little tail hit the seat. 

And here's one more RH option called the Lancaster Leather Recliner. I like the club look of this chair. It definitely doesn't look like a recliner. I love the worn out leather-- it seems that this would be SUPER comfy. This chair is a bit of a lower profile-- so I think it could probably work in most spaces. 

It looks super manly huh? I like it though. Just pop a soft and pretty throw blanket on top and then grab an anthropologie pillow to soften up the whole look of this piece.

This little guy is from West Elm and he's called the Sedgwick recliner. I like the small frame of this chair-- it definitely doesn't look "recliner-skank" to me.  I particularly like the contrasting stitching on this chair. It's a nice detail. 

And here he is in "lift-off" position. I really love how petite this chair is-- it's easy to see that it could work beautifully in a smaller space.

So, not ALL recliners are made equal... some are created in a non-skank-manner.... which I truly appreciate! I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Tuesday!


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