Wednesday, February 29, 2012

match holder mystery

I love, love this leopard match holder that appeared in Lonny in the Dec/Jan issue. Where oh where can I find one? I searched Ebay, Etsy, Google... gah. Anyone have any suggestions? I just love little, quirky nuggets of gold such as this. I also love the smell of matches when I light up my fabulous candles around the abode.... I know that may sound weird, but it's why I need a place to hold matches!

There he is sitting on the table to the right... taunting me. 

I did find this sweet little pipe match strike via Jonathan Adler for $42 bones... perhaps I should give up on the leopard head already and find another home for my matches. What do you think??? 

I could stash these tall boys in my pipe....
So, what do we think abode lovers??? Should I keep looking out for a leopard head? Hope all of you have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

beni ourain moroccan rugs

Hello abode lovers and happy Tuesday! Last night as I was shoveling rocky road, Blue Bell ice cream into my mouth and watching the oh-so-dramatic Bachelor, I was clicking through some of my favorite inspiration images and one thing kept reappearing in the images.... beni ourain moroccan rugs. It's an absolute mouthful and I'm most likely botching it every time I type it... but they're AMAZING rugs that are oober expensive and oober amazing. Check out these fluffy lookers...

Not only does this milky space contain a gorgeous beni ourain moroccan rug, but it contains a lush fiddle leaf fig tree. It's such a fresh look in this monochromatic space and makes such a big impact. I love the layered look in this living room-- all of the different textures of cream and white laying on top of one another really makes for a rich, comfortable space. Don't you just love the braided tassels on the edges of this rug?!? 


This is quite a serious space if you asked me... I'm not sure I would be lounging around in this living room, but it's beautiful. The bold, yet soft pattern on the beni ourain moroccan rug grounding this space adds some much needed texture, pattern and softness into this space.

I LOVE this unexpected pattern in the oversized beni ourain moroccan rug seen in this large living room. I love that the pattern is imperfect and non-symmetrical, I think it adds quite a bit of charm to this space. If I were to purchase one of these beautiful rugs, I would definitely want this imperfect, quirky look.


I'm pretty crazy about this room. I mean, hello gorgeous gallery wall full of artwork. I mean, hell-o. I love that the beni ourain moroccan rug feels like another piece of art in the space. Again, the imperfect and non-symetrical pattern in the rug. I think this space is packed with style and interesting pieces. 

This is quite a living room. I love all of the charm packed into this space. The wood panelling from floor to ceiling seems like it would be just too much, but the way this space is styled, it works! The beni ourain moroccan rug really helps to break up all of the dark toned wood and bring a softness to the space. The floor to ceiling aqua drapes help soften the space as well. I'm crazy about all of the quirky pieces in this room... the ship chandy, the mod, orange chair sitting by the fireplace, the lovely painting of the vixen over the mantel and the bust sitting on top of the column really do it for me. 

I am crazy about this gorgeous space. The black and whites are so dramatic and I love touches of orange, red and amber that really make the room warm and welcoming. Again, that beni ourain moroccan rug is killin' it in this space. This super eclectic space is so fun and pulls together so many different styles seamlessly. 

Oh yeah, pale minty green meets rich, hunter green. What a lovely combination that would have honestly never occurred to me! If this room were painted any other color I feel that it would look outdated... the pale mint really elevates the bedroom and makes it feel relevant. 

This mid century modern space is all about clean lines and simplicity. I love that the beni ourain moroccan rug adds another flavor to this space. I feel like this style can get very sterile and unwelcoming... but the moroccan rug really adds a level of comfort and unexpected spice to this otherwise rather plain space. 

If any of you know me at all... you know I'm a bit crazy over what stripes can do for a space. I've got plenty of stripes packed into my little abode... anyway... this space uses stripes in all of the right ways! The horizontal striped drapes elongate the wall of windows on the right side of the space, and the beni ourain moroccan rug's stripes also elongate the space by drawing your eye from the front of the room all the way to the fireplace. The rug gives the illusion that the space is even larger than it actually is... THAT is why I love stripes! They play such lovely tricks on the eye!

This lovely living room looks SO comfortable. I am all about the soft color palette in this space. The beni ourain moroccan rug fits right in with the taupes, whites, creams, blacks and browns that fill this space. I love all of the layering of monochromatic tones in this room-- it makes it feel very comfortable and welcoming. I love that the beni ourain rug adds a subtle, graphic pattern into this space.

So-- are you obsessed with the look of this rug yet??? Well, you're in luck! West Elm is offering beni ourain style rugs and they're gorgeous! They're also a little more friendly on the wallet. (They're still a bit pricey in my book... but these rugs aren't cheap anywhere!!!)

They did offer a Souk Rug as well that was just GORGEOUS... but it's no longer available :( boo. I tell you what, these babies are flying off the shelves! I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Tuesday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

brilliant buffalo

Hello, good morning and happy Friday abode lovers! I am SO glad that the weekend is almost here. I know I've been MIA for a while, but sometimes, life just gets in the way! My apologies abode lovers... to make up for my absence, I am going to smother you with gorgeous home interiors this lovely Friday. Specifically, I'm going to smother you with buffalo check. It's great, you'll love it!

There is something so lovely, comfy and preppy about buffalo check that will never go out of style. This pattern works in every color and can really add a pop of graphic pattern in your space-- especially when the buffalo check is large in scale. Don't you just love this little nook? As many of you know, I've been going ga-ga over anything green lately-- and this green/navy combo is doing it, and doing it well. I love the mix of patterns in this little nook!

Hello buffalo check kitchen floor.... I love this! I'm also really digging that stainless, drawer-covered island topped with blue, matte, oversized pendants. There's a part of me that really wants the outer cabinets to be painted another color-- but the space overall is killin' it. 

Presh. Just presh. I think if you have a room like this in your abode you can only expect that two sweet little girls with stuffed animals will be jumping on the beds and giggling! I am crazy about red and white buffalo check with gray walls. I think this combination is unexpected and stops the red and white check from being too "picnic-table-esque" This is definitely the way to do red and white buffalo check!

I've always loved this living space that opens up to his and hers office spaces.... It's just so good. Among the million things to adore in this space, two buffalo checked chairs sit and wait to be gawked upon. I will do it. They are fantastic. This pair of chairs really adds a nice level of comfort and ease to the space-- I think there's nothing more easy-going than a slipcovered buffalo check chair... don't you just want to sit down, relax and watch Twilight??? (maybe that last part's just me...) 

Just when you think buffalo check is just for comfy, cozy relaxing spaces.... I show you this glamorous little bedroom. I think this space is so charming. I love that antique headboard- I think the shape really adds a glamorous feel to the room. I love that the end of the bed is topped off with a fuzzy, chocolate and white buffalo check blanket.

Black and white buffalo check wingback??? Don't mind if I do. 

Here's another bedroom that tops off the end of the bed with a buffalo check blanket. I love the layered colors and patterns in this lovely space. I think the teal really makes this room sing, but I also can't ignore the super preppy buffalo check mixed with a pinstripe and plaid... love it. 

Buffalo checked walls... love this look. I also really love the Honest Abe artwork flanking the sofa... the green in those pieces really look amazing with the plum touches throughout the space.

This is SO fun. There's nothing about this little nook that I don't love. I think if I were going to add buffalo check to my abode... I would do it like this. Black and white and BOLD beyond belief. I so love that this red and white horizontal striped chair is living in this space. It's so preppy, bright and fun. I also think it compliments the black and white buffalo check and stops the space from looking too country

Ugh. So pretty, the classic lines of this chair are immediately softened with this little navy and white buffalo check slip cover. I love the exposed ties-- I would LOVE a little chair like this in my bedroom!

Many of you may watch Sarah's House on HGTV... I sure do. That Sarah, she can do no wrong. Anyway, you know her trusty, super cute sidekick Tommy? Well, this is in his lovely abode... don't you just LOVE it??? If buffalo check is good enough for Tommy, it's good enough for me!

This is the space that made me take a second look at buffalo check. I LOVE this nursery like a crazy person. I mean, there's nothing about this little space that I don't adore. I love, love the salmon/peach and red combination and I just can't stop LOVING how perfectly that red and white buffalo check chair looks in this space! I mean, without the red and white check in the space, it's not nearly as playful and quirky. Oooooh... it's just SO good.

I hope you're loving buffalo check as much as I am! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend abode lovers!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE in the abode...

Hello abode LOVERS and Happy Valentines Day to all of you! I am celebrating all of the loves in my life today and hope that all of you are doing the same! Family, friends, Mister Husband and of course my pups. Last night Mr. Hubbs and I went to see The Vow for an early V-Day present for me :) Mr. Hubbs wasn't super pumped about it, but he knew I wanted to see it (thanks hubs)... tonight we will be lounging around and NOT going out on the busiest date night of the year. Anyone else taking it easy??? Anyway, I thought we should celebrate super "valentine-y" looking spaces today... so here you are. Enjoy!

Love this sweet space. I think the stripes are fun and really elongate this space. I think the pale watery aqua color is such a beautiful contrast to the reds used in this space. Anyone else loving that chandelier?? I think it is just SO sweet. 

Love that red, pink and orange rug. It adds a ton of color to the space and once again, the stripes elongate the space big time. Those pinky-toned chairs are quirky and add a retro feel to the dining area- and isn't the lighting so fun? 

If there was no Mister Husband... I could see this color palette working beautifully in my abode. But let's be honest, life is better with a Hubbs around to balance out all of my femininity. BUT, I still love the soft pink silk drapes and that pale pink armoire.

Wowza. Hello red wall, really, really bright red wall. I think that this little nook works because of the huge mirror to break up the large red wall. I also think that the pale, rustic wood tones in this space even out the harsh quality that this color red can have within a space. The rustic tones of the floor, console and basket really take the edge off... 

I LOVE this living room. That red and coral stripes sofa topped with a gorgeous tapestry is just too pretty and it adds so much life into this super neutral space. I think the only reason that the sofa works at all is because of the creamy tones that it's surrounded with. Anyone just dying to take a seat on that beauty???

I'm quite certain I've shared this image on Abode Love before, but it's a goodie! I freakin' love this bright and daring space. I think that the golden hues in the fabrics, frames and artwork ground this space so that it doesn't feel like we're staring into Barbie's dream house! Isn't that large scale chevron chair just to die for??? The answer is "yes." 

I love a pink that has a bit of a purple undertone. It's such a warm and rich color. The quilts, lampshades and pillows really make this space sing. I love that the whole space is all about mixing very feminine color and prints with the caramel tone that's seen in the rug, upholstered beds and the bamboo shades. The combination is simply lovely!

Gold, pink, white and black. This is one girly space-- and I LOVE it. 

You can't have a whole blog post about pink spaces without including a gorgeous little girl's room. Wouldn't you have died to have a room like this as a little one? I love that it's a kid room packed full of sophistication. The artwork is whimsical and sweet but the way it's been framed and hung really takes the space up a notch. I also love the unexpected black, leather tufted chair beside the bed and the black and white patterned wall to wall carpeting. 

The rich caramel wooden beams on the ceiling is the perfect tone to go with the coral walls in this amazing bathroom. I think this may be my favorite bathroom of all time. I am loving the tile- it's spectacular. Also- check out that gorgeous vanity. This would be a very do-able DIY with any great antique table. Just add a sink and a towel bar and you're good to go. I also LOVE the casual feel of the leaning mirror instead of hanging it on the wall. Goodness gracious, I die.

How fun is this dining room. The upholstered chairs at the head and foot of the table bring so much personality into this fresh, bright space. The side chairs are all different and I love that they've all been painted red to make a cohesive set.

I think I may have saved the best for last. This space is so classic and romantic... and then you see that hot pink, super mod chair. I LOVE it. Not only is the color unexpected, but the style is so vastly different than it's surroundings that it just works. I love these unexpected moments in a home... it's what brings personality, a sense of humor and light-heartedness to a space. Hello charming! 

Well, I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous and love-filled Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

thanks for the love!

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday! We're one day from Valentines day and over the weekend, I was given some love from Desire to Inspire! Thank you so much for including Abode Love in the "Sharing the Love Reading Guide"! Head over and check out this great list of 25 yummy blogs... you won't regret it!

Wahoo! Happy Valentines to me. Thanks for the love Desire to Inspire... way better than chocolate, way way better. Happy Monday abode lovers!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

meet Charmaine!

So, remember our talk about Panton chairs yesterday? Well, one of my fabulous abode lovers let me know that she is lucky enough to have 4, yes 4 Panton chairs in her lovely abode! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her gorgeous home. Hello beautiful! So, Charmaine, from My Best Friend Craig, is sweet enough to open her doors to abode love today. Check out her beautiful home!

So... are you dying yet? That vintage chandy had me at hello. I also love that Charmaine had the guts to paint her living room table teal-- it's breathtaking and such a lovely contrast to those gorgeous wood floors. I also really love the gray painted custom cabinetry and I'm ALWAYS a fan of leaded glass. Last but not least, those darn Panton chairs. Perfect. I love the young flavor that they bring to this dining space.  

Here's another view at Christmas. I love the addition of the black stripes to the drapes. It's a lovely, graphic contrast to the simple, white drapes. Again in this photo, I'm drooling over the wood floors. Such a statement. 

Here is a view of Charmaine's living room from the dining space. I love the two charcoal, tufted sofas. I'm also really digging her choice in window treatments. All of the bamboo shades are warm and bring a lot of texture to the space. Little side note, I spy horizontal stripes near the stairs! All of you abode lovers know that I'm a sucker for horizontal stripes! 

Federal mirror, check! I love the traditional flare of this vintage piece paired with the white framed and matted gallery wall. I also really love the sleek marble coffee table. I feel like it also ties in well to the Panton chairs in the dining room. The two share clean, white lines and I love it in both of these spaces. 

Don't you love this view of Charmaine's living room? Those windows are so pretty... there's nothing like natural light pouring into your abode to make it dazzle with beauty. (and to keep plants alive like the leafy guy she's got sitting behind the sofa!) 

I hope all of you abode lovers have enjoyed Charmaine's space as much as I do! I just love a collected, rich, glamorous look! Thanks for the inspiration Charmaine and for allowing me to share your abode on Abode Love! Everyone go over to visit Charmaine at My Best Friend Craig! Have a happy Wednesday all of you abode lovers!


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