Tuesday, January 31, 2012

peter dunham's fig leaf textile

Hello abode lovers and Happy Tuesday! Are you wondering where the heck I've been for the past week? Sick, again. I swear, I'm not a sickly person... but the past 3 weeks have been my personal hell.

Okay, enough of my sob-story... I have been lusting over Peter Dunham's fig leaf fabric lately and am just dying to add a touch of this fresh, leafy gorgeousness to my abode asap. As I have mentioned lately, I have been swooning over anything green lately-- so Peter Dunham is really hittin' home with me. Here are a few spaces featuring the leafy fabric... 

I am loving the teal/green/pink combination in this space. The 4 poster bed brings your eye right up to the ceiling while the 60's style sofa covered in Peter Dunham's fabric creates a ton of interest in the lower portion of the room. I just love a large scale pattern on a relatively small piece of furniture! 

Not only does this space have a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree growing inside of it, but it's been blessed with two Peter Dunham throw pillows to bring the leafy, fresh look to the sofa. The contrasting red in this space really makes the green stand out-- gorgeous!

I would love to curl up in this space and read a book... or a design mag! I love the walls and adore the landscapes wrapped in gold frames. That little touch really elevates the glamour in the light-flooded space. There's quite a bit of Peter Dunham's fig leaf fabric in this space-- I wish there was maybe one more pillow on the sofa, maybe something in blue? Still, I love the laid back feeling that this space possesses!  

Lauren Leiss really knows her stuff... I LOVE this space that she designed for the DC Design House. Lauren makes mixing bold patterns look spectacular and so easy. The window seat stacks layers upon layers of green, leafy patterns along with Peter Dunham's fig leaf fabric. 

Don't you just love it? Lauren is so good. 

I love the quirky steam punk style floor lamp in this space- so unexpected! I also adore all of the artwork that Lauren has placed so perfectly on the walls. Gorgeous, right?  

Here is another space that has a touch of Peter Dunham's fig leaf fabric. I am generally not cray-cray over a skirted table unless it's fitted-- but this table has my mind changed completely! There is something about that fabric that has a hold on me...  


Isn't it pretty!?

I love a bold pattern on a floor to ceiling drape... this look is fabulous. I am also loving those spindle chairs!

More Peter Dunham drapes... I've gotta say, I LOVE this fabric with this wall color and that gorgeous paisley chair! Anyone else lusting over this little vignette? 

I found this little guy on Pinterest without a trace of where he came from... anyone seen this lost soul before? I would love a link! This is a great image to get the appeal of this gorgeous fabric. The pale teal/aqua that's used with the leafy green is so fresh and I think it's what MAKES this fabric so pretty. 
So, are you as obsessed as I am with this gorgeous textile? I would just love to get a touch of this into my abode before spring gets here! I hope all of you abode lovers have an amazing Tuesday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

anthropologie is taunting me, again.

Hello and happy Friday abode lovers! I am FINALLY back to normal today. I mean, wow-- that was quite a cold! Anyway, I'm a lot more chipper since I can actually breathe out of my nose. It's like a whole new world!

So, as usual, I'm obsessed with anything and everything Anthropologie-- but I stumbled across new merch this morning that I had to gush about... buckle your seat belts abode lovers...

I love this chair. The red, peach and purple combination is not typically a palette that I would gravitate toward, but this charcoal based beauty is calling my name. Two of these would be PERFECT in my master bedroom.... anyone have $1400 I could borrow???

This gorgeous settee with wingback charm and ball-and-claw-feet is stunning. I love the scale of this piece... the height really makes this beauty sing. Also- each settee is upholstered in a vintage suzani textile-- so no two settees are alike! Love that. In my dream world, I have two of these that act as a banquette with a carrera marble table with a rustic, wood pedestal sandwiched in between-- sounds perfect huh? 

This pillow is just precious. This color palette would fit in perfectly in my abode's living room. I also love the idea of this pillow in a kids room or nursery. I also really love that Anthro's new collection of colorfield pillows have a design on the back that is so totally different from the front. For me, that means you are getting two pillows in one, love that!

Here again, a gorgeous, rich in color pillow that features 2 designs in one pillow. This color combo would be great in the man mountain, but with this many colors-- it could really work in any space to add a bit of life and youth to a room. 

I love this one because I'm working on a project right now that's major color scheme is centered around a pretty kelly green. I see this pillow being a fun addition to that space! Anyone else loving greens for the spring???

I love this pillow size that Anthropologie offers-- it's so substantial and can really change the whole feel of a space. I'm also a big fan of adding a little feminine sass to any room... this pink flower definitely helps with that!

I love this shade-- but, anthro shades are typically my weakness. Here again, though-- I LOVE the green option. I think green might just be my new thing... it's just so fresh and youthful when used with teal, blue and whites... 

Man, these are CUTE! I would love a set of these-- they would be so cute in just about any room in my abode! I also love the idea of purchasing a pair of pillowcases and getting them embroidered with a monogram. So cute.

So-- are you abode lovers as excited as I am about the new merch at Anthro??? This is a great sign to me that spring will be bringing in bright colors and bold patterns-- my abode can't wait, and neither can I! Happy Friday abode lovers and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

built in daybeds

Hello abode lovers and happy Thursday!
So, my Super Mom is looking to add a built in daybed in 2 places in her abode. She still has kids at home, but she is gaining grandchildren quickly! So, she's looking to make "bunk rooms" where she can stash more than one grandkid to a room... make sense? I have been DYING for her to add a true bunk room... but for now she is only committing to daybeds with trundles. I'm thinking with more grandchildren, she'll revisit the idea of a true bunk room, but for now, daybeds it is!

I told Super Mom I would look around for a few good examples of beautiful built in daybeds and this is what I came up with:

I have always loved this space. I adore the bold color combination of teal and hot pink done in a very classic way using toile and classic silhouette pillows. I love that the bookcases meet the ceiling, it makes this little nook feel so grand. I also really love the lighting. It really creates a very custom feel. 

This space is similar to what my Super Mom will be working with... She has a large window in a nook that's the PERFECT size for a twin size bed. I love the simple, industrial style lighting and the wainscoting that wraps around this little daybed. 

Fancy Shmancy. This is a daybed for grown ups... Again, I adore that lighting and I also love that the portion of the wall behind the daybed has been painted a deep black matte-- this makes that space recede, which to me, makes the whole daybed portion of this room feel more dramatic. I also love how the built in floor to ceiling bookshelves bridge over the daybed... gorgeous!

This is a bit longer than a standard daybed, but you could certainly stash a few sleeping kiddos on that gorgeous window seat/bed area! Again, I love the floor to ceiling built ins and I also love the side to side roman shades trimmed out in red... this room is precious and perfect for kid play! 

Another grown up nook... I love how the inside walls contain books, lighting and a ledge that acts as a nightstand. Wouldn't you love to curl up here and take a nap?

I love the use of space on this little landing. I also love all of the white paneling, those gorgeous lanterns  and the quirky mix of eclectic patterns on the daybed and it's pillows. 

This built in daybed is so yummy and cozy! I love the color of the wall to wall wood paneling and I also love the fact that the casing for the daybed has been painted white. It's a nice contrast and really makes this sweet, little bed stand out.  

This is another one of those spaces that I've loved for a long time. I love the grasscloth wallpaper and those wrap around, floor to ceiling built in cabinets and shelving. The gold hardware is an unexpected touch of glamour and sophistication in this kid room, and the fabric used on the roman shade OWNS me. The deep blue upholstered daybed trimmed in kelly green is topped off perfectly with monogramed shams... LOVE this space! 

This daybed situation is far more "sofa-like" than the other daybeds we've discussed, but I loved this space too much not to share it! Don't you just love the rustic quality of this little nook? 

This very equestrian-like nook is so rich and super interesting. I love the deep, dark wood in this little nook. It's amazing how open it still feels with all of the paneling, but I think that's all thanks to the stark white ceiling and creamy bedding. Don't you just love that gorgeous window? It's so special and makes this little nook sing!

Wow-- that's a lot of daybeds! I think, like my Super Mom's space, this room is meant to stash a whole lot of grandkids! I love that daybeds can double as seating during the day, which turns this bedroom more into a play room while the sun is out. 

Another gorgeous built in daybed with wrap around, floor to ceiling shelving and perfectly placed lighting. I don't think I can get sick of this gorgeous arrangement! 

I am LOVING all of the storage in this little space! The bed is quite a bit higher than the typical daybed, but I LOVE that! It allows for a level of drawers for storage AND a trundle bed! Why choose between the two when you can have both so beautifully?!? This may be one of my favorite built in daybeds of the day!

So, anyone else jonesing for a built in daybed now?? I'm lucky, I'll just live vicariously through Super Mom's daybeds in her lovely abode! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great Thursday, we're ALMOST to the weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

holli zollinger fabrics

Hello and good morning abode lovers. I am almost feeling better... I'm hoping by Friday that I'll be at 100% for the weekend since I got robbed by this cold bug last weekend! Anyway, today I wanted to discuss a fabulous fabric designer that I ran across on Spoonflower a few months ago. Her name is Holli Zollinger and I am currently in the midst of working on a project with Holli's amazing fabrics! Holli has almost 400 different prints on Spoonflower to choose from and with Spoonflower, you can get her fabulous designs printed on whatever fabric weight that you wish! Gotta love Spoonflower! So, I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you!

This one is precious and I've had it on my radar for months now... it's called foxen and it's PRECIOUS to say the least. I love the scale of the fox vs. the little flowers and the color palette is to die for.

This one is called coral lined mosaic. Don't you love the color combination of the charcoal and coral? I think this would be so fun on drapes.... 

This one is so brilliant... I am just searching for a place to use this in my abode! It's called candy cane anemone, and it's fabulous.

Here is a view up close of the same pattern in another color variation...

I love how traditional this pattern and color palette is-- the large scale keeps it fresh and modern. 

This sweet little pattern would work in just about any space-- the soft gray and yellow combination is still so popular that I could see a lot of abode lovers out there loving this classic little print.

Here's another precious animal themed print... Holli has a ton of these. She has precious whales and elephants holding umbrellas as well! Anyway, I love how large these giraffes are-- there's nothing I love more than a LARGE print to spice up a space! Can't you see this in a kid room or nursery??

Love this color. I don't have much blue in my abode, but this fresh color is awesome! Again, I love the large, bold undulating pattern on this fabric.

I love this pattern, and the sweet color palette. This would be precious for a girl's nursery. 

Okay-- now this poppy pod linen is my favorite I think. It's what I'm planning on using for a project that's in the works for my sister in ATL. I am using it with the two following prints all in her kitchen/dining area! These particular fabrics are not for sale yet, but once my sister approves them for her space, they'll be available for purchase on Spoonflower.

So, are you as obsessed with Holli's beautiful fabrics as I am??? I can't quit looking at her extensive collections-- I know a good illustrator when I see one, and this girl is good. Go check her out!


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