Tuesday, November 6, 2012

getting your vote on

Hello abode lovers and happy VOTE FO YO MAN day! It's a big one-- regardless of where you stand-- this is a big and exciting day for our country (hopefully it's just a DAY and not a month of counting and recounting). I admit, I haven't been sleeping well after watching the news for just a few minutes entirely too long before I'm supposed to be getting my much needed shut-eye. Anyone else feel like Anderson Cooper is your new husband? Is it just me? I'm ready to get back to my regular life of watching E! News instead of the real stuff. I'm ready for normalcy people... please don't judge.

Here is some super 'Merican eye candy for you today in honor of your vote! Love of country is cool in my opinion. Growing up a military kid, General Dad always made sure a flag was flying in our front yard. Get. Your. Vote. On.

This is my favorite patriotic moment in my little abode. This american flag seen in my china cabinet in my living room was a gift from General Dad a few Christmases ago. He made the display case and this particular flag flew with him in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. It's a piece that is very dear to my heart. My dad came home after months of being gone the DAY before I graduated from high school.

Here are a few great spaces that just scream, "I LOVE 'MERICA!"

Don't you just LOVE this flag!?! It's gorgeous. If I had a flag like this I would display it like it was my job. I love the gold fringed trim. 

CUTE! This sweet boy room knocks it out of the park- I adore the color palette and the obvious love of country in this household. Isn't the upholstered daybed so rich and luxurious? I also love the super classic and simple drapes in this space. The gold hardware, sconces and lantern really elevate this kid room to such a lovely and sophisticated level. God Bless America. 

Here is another precious boy room rocking out the American style! The plaid walls are precious and here again, the upholstered daybed will have a long life. What a great piece! I'm also kind of dying over the star carpeting... perfection. I wonder if you stick your kid in a room like this, he or she will grow up to be the President of the United States? Hmmmm.... 

Pretty. I love the simple drapes with the touch of red trim that compliment that gorgeous red chair.  

Now, this is a GREAT space from Peppermint Bliss. It's AMAZING. The light fixture, the cornices, the RED BUILT-INS AND ALL TRIM--- who does that?!? How the heck did she know it would work SO WELL!?! Amazing. Also, are all of you abode lovers dying over the mini Eames furniture? I mean, stop it. 

Best kid play room in the entire world. 

Since we've seen a few boy rooms in red white and blue- I thought I would share a perfect example of how to pull of this color combination for a girl! Don't you love those drapes? The pop of pink is welcomed in this color palette-- I also love the robins egg blue that's used here. I think I love this room so much because of the super layered patterns in the space- I'm crazy about patterns. 

This is just lovely. Really, really lovely. I love the swag of the flag and the simplicity of this hallway. 

Again with the layered patterns... love it. I especially love the small velvet looking pillows displayed on the bed. Also, isn't that chandy just gorgeous?  

So- are all of you abode lovers voting today? Have you already voted? If you have or will-- do you wish that after you voted you could sit yourself down in one of these spaces and sing "Independence Day" by Martina McBride? Is that just me? Again? Wow... I think I really need some sleep. Hopefully we will have a president announced soon-- for all of our sanity! Have a great day abode lovers!

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  1. Ahhh I need an I LOVE AMERICA moment in my house stat.



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