Thursday, November 1, 2012

and the laurel dawn print winner is....

MORGAN HUFFMAN! You are the WINNER of your very own Laurel Dawn print! Here is the print that Morgan will be receiving!

On a side note, I am blown away and feel completely blessed after the outpouring of love and support from all of you yesterday! I am so glad that my abode lovers are digging my work-- best. feeling. ever! Also, a big thank you to Kim from Modern Austen for posting a Q&A today with YOURS TRULY, head over and check her out abode lovers!

Here is a close up of the image... 

So Morgan, give me a shout at and we will get your print in the mail to you asap! 

As for all of you who entered, thanks again for all of the amazing support! If you're totally bummed that you didn't snag the giveaway, go to Laurel Dawn and buy a print or painting-- I'm sure your abode would love it! I hope all of you had a GREAT Halloween... gobble down that candy and hooray for Morgan!



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