Friday, November 9, 2012

a giveaway brought to you by S+S!

Hello abode lovers and happy FRIDAY! We made it ya'll. SO-- today I have exciting news... Sadie + Stella by blogger Lindsay is doing a Laurel Dawn giveaway! Run on over there and enter to win a FREE PRINT or $65 gift certificate to go toward a commissioned piece or an original painting! Wahoo for Friday giveaways!

In other news... Here are a few fabulous pins that I came across this week.

Wow. I love this little nook. Usually, leather sofas don't speak to me-- don't get me wrong, I love leather, and I love sofas.... but most of the time they don't look super comfortable or inviting. This sofa breaks the mold for me. I want to sit my behind on that sofa and read a book. I also LOVE the painting and the picture light makes it feel even more special than it already is! Also- don't you just love that flirty, feminine pillow paired with the tartan throw? Yes sir.

This room makes me want to have a set of twin boys well behaved twin boys that are always clean and love design. (I am aware that my statement above is much like creating a space for a purple unicorn, but hey, a girl can dream!) Anyway- I adore the scale of the jenny lind syle beds and the little loft space is really special and really well done. Don't you just LOVE the two doors that flank the small staircase? Those porthole mirrors are delicious. 

This is a GREAT DIY that I ran across on the blog, Gorgeous Shiny Things.  I got totally sucked into this blog last night... so many great DIY's! I LOVE the fringed look of this oversized convex mirror. Ya'll know I'm a sucker for a convex.... 

I saw this space and was jealous immediately. I would LOVE a studio like this to paint in.... wowwie zowwie ya'll. Also- love that juju hat... I've had my eye on one of these guys for years now... will I ever bite the bullet and buy one? OR will I copy Gorgeous Shiny Things and pull off a great convex mirror DIY that is reminiscent of this juju hat!?! Decisions, decisions. 

As usual... dogs are part of my post. I love dog art. I mean, love it. I have painted one pup in my day... but I really want to paint my doggies one day. I love the wallpaper in this space as well as those gorgeous chairs. The slipcovered seat is SO pretty-- Don't you just love the whimsical quality that the pup painting brings to this space?

and speaking of dogs.... I added this amazing coffee table book to my Christmas wish list. Maddie on Things MUST come to my abode. She would fit right in.

And of course I pinned this... of course. Who knew this kind of cuteness even existed!?!

I hope all of you abode lovers have a great Friday and an amazing weekend! Make sure to stop by Sadie + Stella today to enter into the Laurel Dawn Giveaway! 


  1. I'm over from S+S. and am your newest follower. Your art is so beautiful! I'm in love with everything :)

  2. I love that DIY'd mirror! Going to go check her out, as well as the giveaway! I'd love to win a piece of your art!!

  3. Laurel Dawn you images are wonderful; that mirror the dog art, the nook for reading! On my way to check you giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  4. I'm totes with you on the leather sofa thing. I need my sofa be feel like a cloud.

  5. I LOVE that pic of the Jack Russell! As a Jack-Mommy I would love to have something like that in our home :)
    Nikki at



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