Saturday, September 22, 2012

don't just pass through...

Hello abode lovers and happy weekend to you all! I know Saturday blogging isn't typically my jam... but when inspiration hits, you've just got to run with it! So-- today I want to talk about hallways. Some of you may have noticed this already by reading Abode Love and checking out my home tour on the top tabs of this site... but my precious abode isn't super big, it's jam packed with love, but it's actually pretty compact in size. Now, don't get me wrong, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, after all, it's just Mister Husband, myself and our two pups King and Lady. But at the end of the day, when you love abodes as much as this girl, you've got to pack in the sass where you can... I try and make every corner of my little abode count. Here is a great space to think about in any home-- the hallway.

Here's how I packed a bit of punch into the main hallway in my little abode: I added horizontal metallic stripes down both sides of the hallway. Then, I waited and collected art and photos until I had the perfect gallery wall. I wanted the hallway to feel like it's own space. (more on the horizontal striped project here)

This is the other side of my hallway-- I didn't have much room in the foyer for a full table, so I snagged these brackets for SHELVES at Restoration Hardware for a GREAT price (I know, can you believe it!?! It's because they are meant for shelving, but the brackets are HUGE!) Anyway, I wanted to again, create a little area that makes this walk-through feel like you should stop a minute and take in a few of the details before just passing through...
Read more about this are at this new foyer post.

I love the personal details on this little table top-- and that jag is amazeballs. Read more about my jaguar find here.

I have loved this hallway for quite a while... I want to stand in this hallway and look at every single on of those beautifully framed images! The red frames are so striking and completely unexpected-- can you imagine this hallway with white frames or black maybe?? It wouldn't provide the punch that it has now--- I love this. This treatment makes this hallway a place to stand, gather and reminisce. 

This little foyer/hallway is simple and lovely. The large pattern is dramatic and the bench makes this space feel more like a room than a pass through portion of the home... 

This little nook is proof that you don't need a ton of space to create impact in a typically unnoticed portion of your home... a large piece of art, a stool or small ottoman and perfectly styled books makes this space feel cozy and unignored.

This striped hallway is hella-cool. I'm obsessed with the strong contrast of the white and high gloss black stripes lining this hallway. I also love that the striped pattern continues (but this time in a vertical pattern) onto the lampshades on that super fab turquoise chandy as well as on the runner. It's honestly the opposite of what I would do-- but maybe that's why I love it so much? I also love how collected these gallery walls feel-- all different shapes, sizes and subject matter make this space feel super special... could you pass through this hallway without stopping?? I didn't think so.  

This is just gorgeous-- it's a stark difference to the image pictured above but it's just as lovely and full of impact. I love the moravian star fixtures hanging down this hallway, and the architectural detail of the arches is just amazing-- not to mention that long wall of windows... what a dream. Just think, this could have been a boring hallway... 

Here is a very clean and balanced hallway that is flanked with full and super beautifully spaced images in white frames with white mats-- it's uniform in a lot of ways, but that also makes all of the images that are within the frames the star of the show. I also love that the focal point at the end of the hallway is a simple bench, a minimal pice of art and a perfectly pretty light fixture... doesn't it make this whole space look like a gorgeous art gallery?!? Love that.

This is a really interesting take on the typical gallery wall-- clip boards that are all hung and can have images easily replaced. I see this being a GREAT idea for kid art, grocery lists, announcements, etc. Wouldn't that make great use of a hallway!?! I certainly think so...

I just love the detail of this hallway. Those curvy architectural details of the hallway are kind of melting my heart. It frames the hallway and makes the entire space feel really interesting very quickly. I also love that there's a pice of furniture for display as well as a chair sitting beside it-- it looks like a nice little nook to take off your shoes, set down your things and take a deep breath. 

Aside from loving hallways, I also wanted to blog this Saturday to introduce you to another Abode Love sponsor! Pretty Please is an online shop featuring a stylish selection of designer and designer-inspired jewelry (think J.Crew, Kate Spade) at super affordable prices starting at $18. Pretty Please offers a unique sales experience through their live sale once a week, Mondays at 9pm est, on their Facebook page. This is a great way for women to get together online, have a little 'me' time while shopping for the latest must-have jewelry and accessories.

Here are some of the super cute jewelry that you can snag! I am loving all of the color in these pieces and that gold bracelet is killing me- super cute!

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Have a great weekend abode lovers, think about the pass through places in your abode and make them spaces that you LOVE! 


  1. OMG!! I went to an estate sale yesterday and got sconces identical to yours. Seeing yours up on the wall all gorgeous makes me want to go hang mine right now!!!

  2. I'm OBSESSED with your style! I strive to have my home look like this one day!!! Please follow me back @

  3. Everything looks so good! Makes me excited to move into my house on Monday! I will definitely be checking out Pretty Please soon!



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