Wednesday, August 22, 2012

art, art, art

Hello abode lovers! Some of you may know this already, but I am a graphic designer and went to school to study design as well as fine art. I took a TON of drawing and painting classes and enjoyed it so much that I often considered switching my major to fine art. While I am super happy with what I stuck with, I am so grateful that I was able to stretch my wings as a fine artist through my years in school.

So, all that to say, I've been painting a little lately and thought I would share two paintings that I just completed.

I've been really excited about lots of paintings (and pins) of moths and other bugs I've been seeing lately so I wanted to join in the fun! I started with a set of two, one is complete and the other is well... not complete. It's a work in progress and I am excited to share the second one as soon as it's complete!

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing the paintings below at

Moths #1 $200 acrylic on 12"x12" wood panel 1"thick

The second piece is the same size with a different arrangement of moths- I'm just starting to add a bit of color and I can't wait to tackle those pretty little moths. 

If you would like to reserve Moths #2 also 12"x12" on a wood panel 1"thick, feel free to send me an email at to reserve this piece or to inquire about a commission. 

This is a recent commission piece for a client of mine, I still need to frame it, but I thought I would share the painting before I shared the completed piece!  

acrylic on canvas 40"x30"
If you're interested in a commissioned painting, please contact me at

I am really trying to push myself to get back to painting often-- there was a time (a short stint) that I painted a few very small paintings every week. For instance, I painted all of these within a month of each other.... 

(the little dog wearing clothes-- the petal framed in the center -- and the two small interior spaces on canvases)

Perhaps I'm not painting as much because I've run out of wall space?? That's why I should probably start painting for other people's walls... makes sense, right?

 I will paint, I will paint, I MUST paint. 

Anyway, enough about that.... I hope all of you abode lovers are having a great week! Hooray for hump day, for all those out there working for the weekend, we're ALMOST there! 


  1. UGH. I still love love love that big piece.

  2. I would love to buy a print of the Moth art if that is an option?? It is soo beautiful!

  3. Love the moth painting. The colors are gorgeous! We're in the same city!! How have I missed that before?!

  4. You are one talented lady! LOVE that you are posting about your art! It's beautiful!

  5. Just found your blog...what an amazing piece of art

  6. Your paintings are wonderful! What color did you use for the striped walls? LOVELY!



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