Thursday, March 15, 2012

workin' it & lantern lighting

Hello abode lovers and happy Thursday! This week has been super packed with project after project at both my full time job and with all the freelance graphic design and interior design projects that I've got going on. I feel like ALL I do is work these days! Anyone else feel like that? Like work is all you DO in life? Now, don't get me wrong, I love design of all kinds, and I'm super blessed to be as busy as I am in this skank economy- but you know, a girl needs a night out and a nap every now and then! I watch listen to a lot of tv while I work-- but I don't think that counts as living.... It's this kind of week that makes me wish I was back in school and was blessed with a Spring Break! I'm a working girl with a lot on my plate, but I'm not sure I would have it any other way. After all, I'm far from being a kid and far from the days of Super Mom and Colonel Dad picking up my tab in life, so a girls gotta make a living!

Anyway, enough of my bitching and moaning... let's talk about a few non-skank environments to take us all away from our day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Ah...... eye candy here we come!

So, I've been inspired by all of the colorful lantern lighting that I've been seeing in kitchens lately. I've been seeing this trend all over the blog world and Pinterest!

I adore, I mean ADORE this set of pale aqua lanterns hanging over this kitchen island. The simple shape and unexpected color really add a whimsical and collected feel to the space.

This set of antique lanterns looks like they should be hanging outdoors-- which is why I LOVE them indoors in this kitchen. Again, it's a super collected and eclectic look that won't fade with the typical trends. I think it creates a timeless feel to this space.

LOOK at that HUGE lantern hanging over the island! That's quite the statement!

This Black and White Lantern, from Shades of Light looks just like the fabulous fixture hanging in the kitchen above. I love that the interior light fixture is white while the exterior creates a beautiful, sleek shape. I think if it were black all the way through, it would be too heavy for the light, white kitchen above. LOVE this fixture!

This natural kitchen is SO gorgeous. I love the oversized clock and all of the white on white on white. Wow. The rustic, exposed beams add so much warmth to the space and I really love the caramel tone in the antique style, oversized lanterns hanging over the island. I also really like that the island uses a dark, finished wood in combination with all of the rustic flare in the kitchen. It's such a nice blend of traditional and rustic. 

Here are those fabulous boxy lanterns that were in the first space I blogged about! Where can I find these?  Anyone know? I love how delicate they are in this kitchen-- I think something heavier would have been way too much with all of the exposed beams on the ceiling. The delicate look of the pair of lanterns really soften all of the harsh, dark wood on the ceiling. What a beautiful and balanced space!

I know, I know... how many times can I talk about this ONE kitchen?!? Don't try me. I could talk about it EVERY DAY! This is Sarah Richardson's assistant's abode and it's the most beautiful, eclectic, and glamorous abode I ever did see... I'm more than obsessed with this particular kitchen and wouldn't you know, there's a HUGE lantern hanging in the center of the space! I love that it's such a statement piece in this kitchen. 

And speaking of statement-making-lanterns. Holy cowzer. I am loving how traditional this kitchen is... the touches of brass mixed with the stainless steel throughout the space makes it feel SO glamorous. The pop of red in the lantern hanging over the oversized island is the show-stopper in this kitchen. It brings a youthful quality to the space as well as a strong sense of style-- I love what this lantern is doing for this kitchen. 

This sweet and curvy little lantern is perfect for this kitchen. I love that it's light in visual weight. The 4 sides of glass on this lantern keep the room feeling open even though there's a somewhat large lantern hanging right in the middle of the space. 

This Gothic Iron Lantern from Shades of Light is a look alike of the lovely lantern in the kitchen above. I think this fixture would be lovely in LOTS of spaces because of the delicate lines and and the amount of glass used in the fixture.

LOVE the simplicity of this kitchen. All of the white and the streamlined hood vent are super classic and wonderfully simple. The exposed shelving is lovely and has been styled perfectly with all whites, clear glass and cream pieces. Also, anyone notice that fabulous little window in the butlers pantry on the right side of this space? I DIE!!!! Anyway, the rustic wood, oversized kitchen island really warms up this kitchen and adds a nice flavor to all of the white, streamlined cabinetry. The rustic sass seen in the island and barstools is repeated in the pair of lanterns hanging over the island. Are you crazy about this trend yet???

Here are a few more lantern fixtures that I think would be SO fun in kitchens!

Pagoda Lantern, Shades of Light
I love this style lantern because it would infuse a pop of color into any space. I can just picture two of those red lanterns hanging over a big, creamy white kitchen island like the image I shared earlier. 

Love this guy-- he's a bit more substantial, but I love the chains that hold the lantern as well as the way the lightbulbs are situated facing upward. I really love the chunky, fun look of this lantern. 

This narrow, rustic look is LOVELY. I really love the worn out black and gray outer portion of the lantern. But I LOOOOVEEEE the brass insides of this gorgeous fixture. It makes it super chic and glamorous. I would adore a pair of these over my kitchen island. I think it would work beautifully with my dining area chandelier

I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Thursday! I'm going to try and live a little this weekend and PERHAPS take a little break from all of the work I've been tackling!


  1. All gorgeous! I have pinned most of these on my "dream kitchen" board on Pinterest! Love all the lanterns you chose!

  2. Beautiful! I love the look of the lanterns and what amazing kitchens! I'll strongly consider lantern lighting for my entry way :)

  3. Beautiful post. My friend used the UrbanElectric lanterns here...

    I used the Vaughan gothic lanterns in my last those too.

  4. PS...the glass is a bit tough to keep clean if you cook a lot...steam, smoke...splatters...

  5. As Laurel-Dawn's sister, I would like to totally back up the beginning of this post! I don't know anyone who works harder than my sister! She has 3 jobs, everyone! She's got a regular all-day job, a million freelance projects always going, and this blog (which is beautiful and hilarious!) When I say she never sleeps and works her tiny little butt off, I'm serious! AND nothing has ever been handed to this girl. She's the second child of 5 in a military family, and our parents taught us that hard work pays off. Laurel-Dawn, thank you for all of the hard work and creativity and adorable personality you put into this entertaining blog! I think I speak for the majority of your thousands of followers when I say that! Love you!

  6. Gorgeous inspiration pics! I love the look of lanterns over islands, but the cleaning aspect has always nixed it for me. Beautiful to look at, though. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've been a long time reader, but after this post, I just wanted you to know we have crazy connections! I graduated from AU, live in Bham, have 2 pup pups, a house, do freelance graphic design, and have a bloggie! The only difference is my degree is in interior design! Oh, and I'm missing a Mister Hubs (and an amazeball man mountain)! ha! I have been slammed the past couple of weeks with designing invites for all the weddings and new babies arriving! Just wanted you to know you're not alone!

    Love your blog! wde!

  8. Love that big red one. It's burned in my brain for future project use for sure!

  9. Yep loving this look! I have many of these pinned on my kitchen board. When we get to redo our kitchen there will totally be a lantern over my island!

  10. I love lanterns. The red one really catches my eye. Great post!

  11. Thanks for all the great images, love lanterns and would love them hanging over my kitchen island!
    Hope you get some down time soon:) but so glad you keep bringing us great posts!

  12. Love the lanterns, especially the aqua ones! Shades of Light has some great lantern.


  13. couldn't have said it better! I feel like everyday is like that movie "Groundhog Day". It feels like I am neve not working!

    I am so in love with the lantern look. Great picks! I have been trying to convince the hubby that we need some over our counter.

  14. Love love LOVE that second kitchen w/ the lantern lightings next to the upstairs loft area that looks over. What a great space.



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