Friday, December 16, 2011

muse updates!

Happy Friday abode lovers! I went up to Muse yesterday (the salon that I am designing) and snapped a few pics of the seating area.... what do you think? Check out my pinterest board for details on the space.

I couldn't believe that they filled up the display unit that I had custom built.... it's HUGE! I LOVE the way this little waiting area turned out. The gold chairs (from Society Social) are so glamorous and they don't take up much visual weight because of the openings in the back of the chair. I also picked a clean-lined coffee table that is mirrored so that light could bounce around the space and again, not take up too much visual space. I didn't want this area to feel heavy, and I think it turned out pretty well!

The gold edges on this coffee table from Wisteria add the perfect amount of warmth and it really ties together the gold and silver palette that has been repeated throughout the space. 

I could sit there all day... it's so warm and pretty! Aren't those chairs just perfect?!? 

Happy Friday abode lovers! More updates to come!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

antelope lust

Good Morning abode lovers and happy Thursday! I don't know about you guys, but I have been busier than ever lately. Christmas being right around the corner only adds to the "to-do" list, but it'll be well worth it come Christmas eve! I am looking forward to some quality time with the fam as well as a big 'ole BREAK from work!

Anyway, today I want to discuss the fabulousness of antelope print. I am pretty sure it's my new favorite thing and I keep spotting it all over the place! Here are a few images to inspire some antelope lust in you!

I love all of the rustic touches in this space, but I'm eyeing the antelope patterned pillow lounging on the sofa... LOVE it! It's more unexpected than cheetah or zebra print, but just as playful! 

I adore this office space. The floor to ceiling bookshelves complete with artwork hanging sporadically in between the display units is just gorgeous. I am also dying over the purple, glass lamp. I'm usually not a fan of the color purple in general, but I am loving it with all of the neutrals in this space. But here again, I'm focusing on that incredible antelope pattern flooding the floor. I feel like this pattern will work just about anywhere... I love the imperfect patterns as well as the undulating tans and browns fading from dark to light, lovely!

Perfection. Seriously, this is perfection. I am thinking when I build my dream nursery it will absolutely have wall-to-wall antelope print like this gorgeous space. I think it would work beautifully for a boy or girl and it would certainly hide any stains or dirt. Anyone else dying over this simple, chic nursery?!?

Again, antelope patterned rug that floods the space. In this image it just looks like an organic stripe that elongates the space. I am just in LOVE with this pattern. I also really love how the artwork compliments the stripes while adding an unexpected palette of purples, pinks and reds to the space.

Fabulous idea for a runner in a hallway. Again, it elongates the space and adds interest to the floor, and like I said before, I believe that this pattern can conceal a great amount of dirt and wear from traffic because of the organic lines throughout the busy pattern.

Here is a great example of how to use antelope pattern in your home. Look at what a statement is made with this pattern going up the stairs! This makes me want to rip out my skank carpet going up my stairs and replace it with some of this yummy antelope pattern...

And here is one more space that is simple and comfy that has used the antelope pattern wall to wall for a bit of fun and unexpected charm. 

So, anyone else lusting for antelope pattern to appear in their abode??? I think I'll be daydreaming about this pattern climbing my stairs for the remainder of the day... ah, how gorgeous would that be!?! Have an amazing Thursday abode lovers!

Friday, December 9, 2011

my latest and greatest pins!

Hello and happy Friday abode lovers! I am SO excited for the weekend! I am going to Atlanta with childhood friends to see a new, sweet baby boy that has joined our quickly growing group! We will be swapping gifts and I can't wait to share about that Monday! Anyway, until then, I thought I would share with you my latest and greatest pins from the most spectacular thing since sliced bread, (or as one of my best friends says, 'the best thing since the internet!') Pinterest. If you haven't drunk the Pinterest kool-aid you have no idea what you're missing...

Well, actually, here's a little sampling of what you're missing!

I LOVE this closet. This is honestly the most glamorous space I've ever seen. I love all of the reflective surfaces (check out that antiqued mirror in the corner as well as the mirrored glass top on the island!) I also really love that chandy... the gold finish is perfect and the pattern that it brings into the space is so lovely. Do you know ANY woman that wouldn't LOVE this closet?!? 

Here's some Christmas cheer for ya, don't you love the artwork above the mantle? I also love the natural wood nutcracker set...

I really love this bedroom. The color palette is so fresh and romantic. I'm all about peach right now and that pretty peach velvet bolster adds just the right amount of feminine flare to the space. Also, don't you just love that bed?!? The circular, brass detail on the top of the canopy is such a lovely touch and I really like that it adds another finish to the space. I also really love the pattern that's on the headboard...

This fabric is to die. The gold, cream, reds and pinks feel SO rich- wouldn't this be precious in a girls nursery? Or maybe my office? ha!

This kitchen is maybe the best kitchen I've ever seen. Is that too dramatic of me to say? I mean, LOOK at those FLOORS!!! I'm also usually a sucker for white or light cabinetry, but the black floor to ceiling cabinets are so, so pretty. I also love the glass doors that expose all of the white china. The oversized island really grounds the entire space and I love that it's white. It's a great contrast to all of the black in the space. Also, check out the painting above the range... amazing. And to top it all off, an antique farm table to warm up all of the high contrast black and white.... this space is just TOO good.

I love the details of this little nook. The chair is substantial but doesn't take out much visual space because of the material. I also really love that they painted the backs of these bookshelves black. It really makes all of the gold trinkets stand out. Have you ever seen such beautiful little gold animals!?!

I love this pinboard. The lighting is the best part...

I pinned this image from local friend and blogger Megan at A Life's Design from Atlanta Homes Magazine. I am LOVING this loft space. Who wouldn't love a reading space like that? The skylight brings a lovely flood of light to the nook and really opens up that small space. Can you imagine how closed off it would feel without it? I also love the exposed, rustic beam and the circular, mirrored sconces. There's nothing a love more than a little sparkle and shine in a rustic and neutral space. Glam, glam, glam.

Here's another image from the same home. Again, those exposed rustic beams just OWN me. I would love nothing more than to have details like this in my own abode! I really love the library sconces centered above each window as well as the starburst, convex mirrors hanging on each window. Anyone else notice how classically beautiful those windows look painted black in this white space?!? LOVE this look.

This image comes from Urban Grace on her latest project. This Auburn girl knows exactly what she's doing. Hells Bells. Look at that wallpaper, the color of the trim AND those killer sconces. Just put a fork in me. I'm done.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday abode lovers!

Monday, December 5, 2011

muse salon update

Hello abode lovers and happy Tuesday! Today I will be updating you guys on my Muse salon project in Birmingham, Alabama. I have LOVED this project, it's been so fun having so much control over each piece that is being placed inside the salon as well as the graphic design for the identity of the salon. Anyway, I mentioned earlier, I have an amazing carpenter that is making all of my furniture dreams come true for this space! Check out the progress of all the furniture...

remember this post about the custom furniture last month? And this post about the hand painted, stenciled floor? Well, it's finally time to share MORE! wahoo! 

This piece was made by my amazing master carpenter, Chris. He took over 100 year old wood and made this gorgeous thing of beauty... This piece will serve as a color station in the rear of the salon.

Isn't it just GORGEOUS?!? 

Chris is so good... he welded this sucker together. I love the idea of the casters making this piece easy to move. I also loved the x crossbars, wouldn't this work beautifully as a floating island in a kitchen? 

While most men loved the raw look of the legs above, I wanted to add a little oomph to the piece and unexpected glamour by painting the base a metallic gold. Tell me you don't love it, I dare you.

 Also, did you notice the bolts holding this baby together on the sides? Such a great detail. 

Moving on to the next piece, here is the big mama. This big girl is made to hold all of the products that will be sold at the salon. I wanted there to be a strong light source on this piece to draw some extra attention to the retail in the space. I also love the idea of using these jointed library sconces so that they can be adjusted, I got these beauties from Rejuvenation. They're spectacular in person!

Here is a detail shot of those pretty, pretty sconces!

And that is me, all glammed up in a tshirt, ponytail and jeans, oh yeah. I am staining that entire thing to give Chris a hand... wow. That was quite a job!

We decided to paint the strong vertical side beams a high gloss white to add a bit of contrast and interest to the piece as well as marry the look of all of this wood with the clean, sharp lines of the West Elm furniture that will be at every cutting station in the salon. You can also see the casters in this photo, this monster is surprisingly easy to move around thanks to 4 sturdy, gold, oversized casters!

This is right before the piece was completed! Notice the threaded wire going from one side of the shelf all the way to the other side. The bolts are such a great look from the side and I love that it adds a touch of silver to the piece. We're mixing gold and silver throughout the salon. The gold plate that wraps around the top portion of the piece is missing a few large, decorative silver bolts... but they're on their way!

Here are a few photos taken at the salon... Aren't these chairs yummy? I love the sleek, chrome arms AND they're the softest leather you've ever felt in a pale, pebble gray. 

Here is the piece that Chris completed first... don't you just love all of that gold hardware? I do!

Love the gold corner pieces that Chris welded together and finished off with silver bolts on the edges.

A view from the front of the shampoo station. I love, love the contrast between the rustic, warm furniture, the sleek and modern chairs and the super feminine floor... 

Here is the cutting chair... it's being assembled in this photo. The curve of those chrome arms get me every time.

... and now it's time to MOVE IN! I was SO thankful to have Mister Husband and our friend Landon come out to help Chris move these monsters into the space late Sunday night! I'm also so thankful that everything made it there in ONE piece!!!

And here is big mama in her new salon abode! I LOVE her. The lighting is just perfect and the substantial size really defines this space as a waiting area. We will be turning the coffee table the other way (horizontally) and will eventually have 8 gold bamboo chairs on either side. For now, we have 4. 

Here is a better image of the coffee table from Wisteria and the chairs from Society Social that will live in the waiting area next to big mama:

Here is the color bar in the salon... it's not yet in place, but it certainly looks perfect in the space!

Here is a detail shot of the Rejuvenation sconces that are in between each station. We also chose a silver tipped bulb to reflect the light a little differently. It was important that the light hit right at the cheekbone of the clients of the salon without being too bright so sit in front of... I think we found the perfect balance with this pretty sconce paired with a silver tipped bulb!

These leaning floor mirrors are spectacular. The owner of the salon has a client that builds these one of a kind mirrors and they were the only thing chosen before I came into the project. I was SO happy to build the look of the salon around such BEAUTIFUL pieces! This one is my favorite because of the leaded glass transom, gorgeous!

Here is another one of the mirrors... aren't they insane!?! I love the way they look next to the super clean and modern West Elm dressers.

And here is a photo of the floor. The beautiful and super testy floor. Why do I call it "testy"? Because we had our fair share of problems with the beautiful, blasted floor. We painted it, covered it with a clear sealer that is meant for garage floors, so it should have been pretty heavy-duty BUT the dang paint started chipping up. Myself and the owner of the salon had quite the little chat with the Valspar representative in our area and luckily we got the paint cost back for their product not holding up BUT what were we to do?! We went by and touched up the places that peeled up and then had it covered with a clear epoxy. As if our problems weren't big enough, the dang epoxy turned a different color where we had touched up the paint. It turned highlighter yellow, no lie, no exaggeration, HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW. After many tears and many dollars spent, we decided to rip up the epoxy, grind off the paint and start ALL OVER AGAIN. So, the day after Thanksgiving my super mom, 3 sisters AND Mister Hubbs all came over to help me paint the floor, again. Our wonderful epoxy guy came back and re-poured the floor and THIS TIME, it was PERFECT! The floor looks like glass, it's spectacular.

Here are me and all of my sisters painting the floor, super mom was by far the best painter, but she's taking the photo... Once again, the floor took a whopping 7 hours to paint. And again, I slept with a heating pad for a few nights after this back bending project re-do! I will probably share more about the process later on...

This clock is from World Market, it was all black and I took it apart, sprayed the outside frame metallic gold along with the clock hands. I love the way it turned out! 

This is the front desk area, this wall is going to be covered in horizontal wood strips from the floor to the ceiling... this is going to be quite the statement wall, just you wait!

Here is the big 'ole desk that Chris built for the space. It's the perfect size and has the wood slat detail along wit the slick, white surface that is repeated throughout the space. Again, the wood wall behind the desk will add SO much to this area, I can't wait to start that project with Chris!

So what do you think of Muse so far? I cannot WAIT to share more with all of my abode lovers! Hope you have an amazing Tuesday, Parenthood, my new FAVORITE show is on tonight and I have a bit of shopping to due for Muse this evening, so my day is looking pretty good! 

Let me know if you are interested in getting any custom furniture made and I'll give you Chris' information!


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