Wednesday, November 30, 2011

turtle, turtle

Hello abode lovers and happy hump day! I am so happy that it's Wednesday, I get to go over to my mom and dad's house tonight and help watch my sister's precious babies. I'm sure I'll be exhausted after a few hours... I don't know how anyone takes care of a 2 year old and an almost 6 month old!?! Anyone remember Raleigh and his precious friends of the forest nursery?  and Anyone remember this fiasco with the nursery?

Anyway, back to the main topic of the day: turtles. I have loved turtles for years now. I am a Delta Zeta alumni (yes, I was a sorority gal) and our mascot was a turtle. Cute, right? Well, after becoming a DZ I was on the lookout for anything and everything turtle... I was 18, can you blame me? Well now, one of my little sisters is also a DZ so I find myself buying her turtle things for every holiday possible (I snagged the MOST precious oversized turtle studs from Anthropologie last year). SO, has anyone else noticed the turtle explosion that's beginning? I am obsessed. Check out all of the turtle things I've been pinning lately...

These lamps are awesome. They're expensive, so I'm hoping that someone will knock them off sooner or later so that I can snag one or two. I personally like the natural looking shell, but they're both pretty interesting! $298, check it out here.

Anyone notice the shell next to the mantle over there? You really have to have turtles on the brain to spot it... I LOVE this space. All of the brass lighting is spectacular and all of the natural references are just too cool. Who would have thought to hang an oversized clam shell drawing? 

Here is the same space from another angle... isn't that shell a star? I mean, it has it's own spotlight.

I have loved this little nook since the first time I laid eyes on it... the color of the walls is so pretty and is the perfect contrast to the warm, rustic turtle shell hanging over the bar. The only thing I'm not crazy about in this space is that butterfly chandy... hmmm, anyone else not digging that little touch of whimsy? 

More shells is warm spaces...

I love this mantle arrangement. The shell in the fireplace is totally unexpected but I think it's fabulous. I also want a plaster head like the one on the mantle... 

Can you spot the shell? 

Love this turtle print. I think the colors are lovely and the turtles look so sweet! I would love to stick a huge, white mat around these babies and wrap it up with a gold frame. 

More turtle art, this time super graphic. I think anyone could do a DIY of a turtle silhouette like this large piece of art. I would do a gold leafed turtle... maybe I should? 

look at this precious guy from JCrew!?! I think he's so cute.  It's no longer being sold, but I bet you could snag one on Ebay.

That's quite the collection. I love how they're hung too...  

So pretty. It's 10"x 8.5" from High Street Market for $78. This little tray would be a great gift for someone for Christmas, like me. 
 More turtle art, this little guy is from Etsy for only $10! Check it out here.

Wow. That's a lot of shells! 

These painted white turtle shells are pretty interesting. I also love that they're hung by rope. They look fantastic against the white walls.

More turtle art prints... around $45. Check them out here.

Anyone else notice the shell being cropped out of the photo? I do! Again, this space embraces lots of natural elements. The antlers, warm woods and artwork really make this space feel special. 

Here are some photos from the baby shower for Raleigh... his friends of the forest theme included turtles! I got a pair of footed, turtle platters from World Market and I LOVE them! To see the whole shower click here.

So, anyone else dying over all of the fabulous turtle stuff?!? I am. I looked around for a little while on Ebay and Etsy and only came across small turtle shells at a pretty stiff price, eek! So I'll have my eyes open for an affordable and BIG turtle shell to live in my abode. Have a great Wednesday abode lovers!

Monday, November 28, 2011

moravian light fixtures

Hello abode lovers and happy Tuesday! Yesterday afternoon I started looking around for the perfect master bathroom light fixture. You see, our skank, flush-mount light finally gave way and died. Mister Husband made the final call of death Sunday afternoon. After absolutely zero grieving, I started perusing the interwebs for inspiration. We will most likely wait until after the holidays, but I can't help but start looking around. I have been thinking about a moravian light for the front of the abode (outside) but I think it may be fun to have one of these little guys in the master bathroom as well...

Isn't this little nook amazing? I love all of the artwork, the graphic cushion and pillows and of course, the sweet little moravian pendant hanging in the center of this precious and rich little space.

Oh fancy... a moravian pendant with milky, white glass. This is a great look for such a modern, clean, white kitchen. I love that the shape also adds a touch of whimsy to the space. I don't particularly care for the lighting over the dining area, but you can't win 'em all!

This room is so perfect. I've loved it for quite some time. The striped wood floors, the cowhide, and the super relaxed feel of the furniture is spot on. I think the moravian light in this space adds an unexpected bit of depth and glamour- I just LOVE it.

There's nothing like a moravian light hanging above your front door. I will have this look one day... maybe this summer?

Way pretty. I love these minty walls, the pops of red and those black twin beds. The oversized moravian light again, adds a bit of whimsy to this super symmetrical space. 

Again, a beautiful little abode with a gorgeous front porch topped off with a moravian light. 

This space is super manly, wow. I really love the look of this space and I think that the moravian light adds the perfect amount of spunk and femininity.

Wowwie-zowwie. This super relaxed bathroom is simply lovely. Love the opaque white glass on this moravian fixture.

This arrangement of moravian fixtures is too fun. It's the perfect installation for this open space and is such a lovely risk to take!

Here's another kitchen with a pair of moravian pendants above the oversized island. Have I talked you into loving these fixtures yet? 

Here are a few lovely and budget friendly moravian light fixture options:

I hope all of you abode lovers have a happy Tuesday!

snow in alabama

It's about that time, I am stuffed with Turkey and ready for the next and best holiday... CHRISTMAS! Also, as a side note, it's been jumping back and forth between 70 degree weather and 60 degree weather for the past few months, and this Tuesday evening Alabama is supposed to get it's first misting of snow. I mean, seriously? On Thanksgiving day I wore short sleeves and it was too toasty for a sweater on Saturday.... oh Alabama... silly-nilly Alabama. Now, it's not going to stick, they're saying it's going to be a wintry mix, but still! I feel like I reference the weather a lot on abode love, but Alabama has been very confused about the seasons over the past year and it's getting ridiculous!

Anyway, to get in the spirit of the season, I will be listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album as well as the old school Mariah Carey Christmas album today. To go with those jams, I will be drooling over this holiday merch...

Aren't these the most beautiful stockings you've ever seen? If I didn't already have stockings, these would be exactly what I wanted! I love the crewel pattern and the little pompoms are too cute. 

These are so frosty and pretty. I love all of the different shapes and sizes.

Oh my. Bay leaf sparkly garland... I die. This look is so, so pretty. I would love to replace all of my standard green garland with this....

These pretty strands of lights are incredible. They're so petite and come in a variety of sizes and finishes. I LOVE these.

So, that's a little taste of the season for ya! Hope all of you abode lovers had a great Thanksgiving, have a happy Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

superior succulents

Hello abode lovers and happy Monday! So, I realize that talking about succulents the week of Thanksgiving is a little insane, but in Birmingham it's freaking warm outside :) that's a totally sarcastic smile... But I figure I'm at least thankful for the warmth so that my succulents have a chance to show off before I get all of the Christmas stuff out. So here they are... my sweet little succulents, doing high-kicks around my abode.

Love this sweet Lady dog... she's sprouting those little guys like a champ. She loves to standing on that slice of agate that I scored at Homegoods. 

And this little cactus fella just started sprouting this flower thing last week! Who knew it could even do that? I didn't. I suck at keeping things alive, so this baby sprouting up like this was quite the surprise. 

Those pale green little guys are my favorite. I just love their muted color. 

Anyone else growing a cactus in their abode this time of year? Anyone, anyone? Here are a few pretty succulent images that I've been pinning for the past few months.... go here to check out the sources.

I love this hanging terrarium. It's super gorgeous and it holds some pretty fantastic succulents. 

These are so pretty too! I love seeing the soil paired with the high contrast white rocks. Where oh where do I get spotted succulents??

These little guys are precious. Just precious. These could be gorgeous little place holders for the holidays! 

If my little succulent-toting Lady could run away, she would do so with this fabulously handsome rhino.  

And this little couple would be their best friends... Can these little dudes get any cuter?!?

I hope all of you have a great Monday! I am so happy that it's a holiday week, hooray!


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