Monday, October 31, 2011

artsy fartsy

Hello abode lovers, Happy Halloween :) I have to admit, I'm not a big Halloween person... I don't like scary movies, I don't have kids to dress up, and I'm too old to get dressed up in questionable attire and party all night... ah, the good old days when I could dress up like Britney Spears and shake my tail feather all night shamelessly because after all... It was Halloween... I did watch Twilight last night on FX though, that was pretty awesome, but I'm not sure that counts as a Halloween movie?!? 

So, I'm not going to share pumpkins today... I'm going to share beautiful artwork in beautiful abodes... 

I love these beach photos, the washed out color and the lightness of the piece would work in any space. Can I also comment on how amazing those green ikat chairs are?!? I'm adoring the daring mix of patterns- this space is so inspiring!

Hello color, hello whimsy! This piece of art is pretty spectacular- I love all of the color used and the odd mix of animals. I also love that this whimsical piece is placed smack-dab in the middle of this super classic and fancy space. The gold gilded lamp and the dainty rolled arm sofa are the perfect contrast to the artwork. Anyone else crushing on this space?

 Here is one of my favorite artists, Allyson Reynolds, these moths own me. I have seen these pieces pop up all over the most beautiful interiors in blog world and would love to have one of my own! 

Erika from Urban Grace snapped this pic of a gorgeous Allyson Reynolds piece in an entry... wow. 

I just saw this beauty this morning on my early-morning-Pinterest-stroll.... I LOVE the way this piece is framed in lucite and bolted in... gah, it's just so good. This is such a rich space full of classic pieces and I just think the lucite is unexpected and super-fab. Also, I'm beginning to think that I love any and all spaces that use library sconces. I think the next piece that I paint will be framed in lucite!

Happy Halloween to all of the abode lovers out there! Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

roomspiration recap

Hello abode lovers! Happy Monday to all of you. Is anyone else SO glad that it's not HOT anymore? I mean, I literally just quit sweating last week, I've been sweating since May people! Anyway, today I am sharing the top 3 most clicked on roomspiration entryways as well as some of my favorites from the roomspiration linky party! Enjoy!


What a warm and lovely transformation! (I also just adore that sweet pup!) 


I'm obviously a fan of horizontal stripes since they grace the walls of my own etryway... but these babies on a curve are pretty eye catching!

Great transformation, I love how light it feels as well as the little boots sitting by the door- love this look!

These cubbies are so over the top cute! One day, when I have multiple rugrats, cubbies will be a must! 

Love this entry- all of the elements are super eclectic and fun. Again, love the boots as well as all of the ceramic pieces!

That's a pretty stunning transformation as well-- love the paneling and the teal painted door, great job!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely spaces ladies! I really enjoyed looking through all of the linked up entryways! Have an awesome Monday abode lovers!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

grace bonney and her book

So, I realize that I've been a little out of sight lately... what can I say? I've been BUSY- way busy. I mean, freakin' lose your mind busy, but hopefully I'm coming out of it now- I'm in need of a slow-down peeps! I went to Boston last week with Mister Hubs and his fam and drove down to Auburn University last night to see my little sister, Sunshine (not her real name) strut her stuff for Miss Greek Week, that DZ girl rocked it! And in the midst of all of this traveling I was finishing up design projects left and right. Now that I am actually able to breathe for a second, I wanted to say hello to all of my abode lovers! I also need to update all of you with what's been going on in my abode (coming early next week!) 

So, what's on my mind today? Grace Bonney. She's way cool. She's the blogger behind Design*Sponge and she's been rockin' it since 2004. I am sure MANY of you are very familiar with this fabulous woman, but if you're not... get acquainted! Grace has come out with a fabulous new book, Design*Sponge at Home and I am so pumped to go pick up my very own copy to display on my coffee table. I know that this lady has made sure that it's packed with some pretty serious eye candy, like so serious you'll end up with a sugar coma when you're finished... I can't wait. I love a good design-eye-candy-sugar-coma.

If you chose to buy this fabulous book, buy it from Anthropologie. "Why?" you ask... well, because it has 16 pages of bonus content for Anthropologie customers! I can't wait to order mine, I need to MAKE SURE that I get it by November 2nd... "why?" you ask? Well.. because I'm going to go meet Grace Bonney, ask her to sign my book, and ask her to come to the abode for a sleepover and a bottle of wine. Grace is traveling cross country on a book tour, so check out Design*Sponge to see if she's coming to a city near you! Anyway, back to my daydream, I think Grace and I could be friends (this is also what Mister Husband says about Brad Pitt). Anyone else dreaming of having a sleepover and a glass of wine with this fabulous woman? I would just hope that some of her awesome-ness would rub off on me... and that perhaps she would set up a little meet and greet with Jonathan Adler (He wrote the forward in her book, don't you just die?)

So, are any other southern bloggers going to be in Birmingham for the event? I'm going with a round-up of creative and fabulous women and can't wait! Make sure if you're planning to attend that you sign up!

Happy Wednesday Abode Lovers!

Friday, October 7, 2011

roomspiration linky party: kitchen edition

Today is the day to share your KITCHEN, hooray! SO stop by DIY Showoff, say hello to Roeshel and link up! I am sharing my kitchen story and linking up today in honor of the LAST DAY of the Roomspiration blog hop & link party. I have enjoyed this SO much, thanks to all of the bloggers involved in the party!


Here is my poor, poor kitchen before. I best described it's look as something resembling a granola bar. (and I'm not a granola kind of girl) 

Check out that gorgeous light fixture-- (Ralph Lauren, Crosby going up on the walls... I really should have primed the walls first!)

Mister Husband, Lady and myself-- Hooray for our first home project ever! (this was years ago)

And again...

After paint... as you can see, I had done my horizontal stripes project in the hallway as well.

Now, time to paint those skank cabinets! (notice all of the furniture in the living room! We had NOTHING!)

Colonel Dad coming over to begin demo on the backsplash.

kitchen backsplash and countertops being gutted... read more about this here

skank countertops gone... Ceiling now painted metallic gold... 

new granite and sink!

fab-faucet installed... read more about this here

 new hardware! bye bye knobs! read more about the kitchen hardware here

 Colonel Dad laying down tile - read more about tiling here

tile placed... now waiting for grout and lighting...

me applying grout - read more about this here

 ready to sponge!

cleaned up- ready for lighting- grout done. 

Colonel Dad starting in on the under cabinet lighting

space left between the countertops and tile...

 caulking the gap- gray to match the grout

smoothing out begins... almost done!

and now, the reveal!


Again, I have really enjoyed seeing everyone link up for the roomspiration party, so go link up one more time with your kitchen at DIY Showoff!


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