Friday, September 30, 2011

roomspiration linky party: master bedroom edition

Today is the day to share your MASTER BEDROOM, hooray! SO stop by A Touch of Grey, say hello to my friend and fellow Auburn Grad Rachel and link up! I am sharing my master bedroom story and linking up today in honor of the Roomspiration blog hop & link party. 


When Mister Husband and I purchased our lovely abode, we had nothing. Literally. Nothing. We had a queen sized mattress on the floor, a dining table (but no chairs), a flat screen tv, one dresser, one small side table from Target, and an old box. This is absolutely not an exaggeration. My idea was that I didn't want a bunch of skank crap that I drug through college to live in my abode. Not then, not now, not ever. I knew that if I filled my home with crap, it would be tough to get rid of it!

With all of that said... I wanted to share my master bedroom and how far it has come. It used to be the ONLY room with furniture- so we never left the bedroom. It was where we ate, fed the dogs, watched tv- you name it. We didn't have a sofa people.. what else were we supposed to do!?

So- I am pathetic and don't have "before" photos of the abode... (that I can find). I do have some photos with people in them, as well as dogs.... so- here are my before photos... try to ignore Mister Hubbs, King and Lady!

In this photo, King was a wee little pup, and Mister Hubbs was lounging in our BEAUTIFUL master bedroom. I mean, how romantic, right!? That is the queen sized mattress that sat right on the floor. The box in the corner is actually used as a side table in the man mountain (check out the post!), but here, it doesn't work so well. The painting leaning against the window is one of my pieces I painted that I knew that I would use in our room, but didn't know where I would put it yet. The room is pale blue, which originally I was fine with- but then it started irritating me that I wasn't the one who CHOSE it for our master bedroom. It was left over from the previous owner, and I wanted everything to be new and different!

This is the beautiful other side. That is the one dresser that we owned- the big screen was purchased by Mister Husband prior to living in our abode. 

View from the bed... Mister Hubbs playing some Auburn football thing on the Wii... yes, our master bedroom was the playroom as well.

See... the pups are playing too!

Here was the first new part of the room! We needed a dresser that was tall and wide, this one seemed to fit the bill!

And THIS was the first big piece of furniture I bought for our lovely abode. (from ZGallerie) I love it. I still love it, it's glamorous, HUGE and timeless. I mean, who doesn't love a tufted sleigh bed? anyone? anyone?

Also- I added that super fab graphic rug from Pottery Barn, and organic bedding from Pottery Barn. The side table to the left was a great steal from Pier 1 for $40! The lamps are from PB and the shades are from Anthropologie. I really loved our room at this point- I felt it was well on it's way... but something didn't feel like "us".... it was the lightness of the space... I love contrast- and I felt that the bed didn't POP the way I wanted....

Which leads us to where the master is now... I decided to paint the room a warm shade of gray while Mister Hubbs was away one weekend. It was JUST what we needed in this space! 

Here is the entrance to our lovely master bedroom. That photo is my bridal portrait that was displayed at our wedding. I used a photo light abode it that I love, it really lights up the little nook at the entry of our bedroom. 

the ceiling is painted a different shade of gray- it has less brown in it- I like the subtle difference. 

and here is the bed! It stands out much more- and the artwork also makes a much larger impact. I purchased the sapphire blue velvet drapes from World Market. They are 96" and they were only around $40 per panel! Great steal. The feather chandelier was a DIY project that I did back in May and I still LOVE it!

Here is a detail shot of the chandelier.

Here is a view from the other side of the bedroom

my painting again...

 As you can see... I also replaced the duvet... I just needed more warmth and contrast- while I LOVED the cream duvet with leaves, it just didn't fit our abode's personality. I love our new duvet also from Pottery Barn... It reminds me a LOT of this duvet from Dwell! (this photo was prior to me getting the lovely coral quilt from West Elm)

The master bathroom is painted in the same warm, mustard color as the duvet. It's a nice pop of color in the midst of all of the warm gray. The small tv is MUCH better for the bedroom, it's there so that I can watch Chelsea Lately before going to sleep. The mirrored piece it's sitting on is a lingerie chest from Pier 1. I got it for Christmas for my mom, love it!

And here is my wow moment in the master! All of those pieces of art are mine from my first drawing class in college. I gridded them and hung them to the ceiling. The shades are from Anthropologie, and them lamps were a great steal from HomeGoods.

The mini cloche is from one of my sweet friends- and inside are the boutonnieres that my mother-in-law made for all of the groomsmen at our wedding. I LOVE them- they are made of feathers, velvet, small pearls and four leaf clover charms. They are so precious that I was thrilled to display them in our home. The wire frame is another favorite thing that I got from Urban Outfitters- love it! It's big and makes a statement, but its airy so it doesn't feel too heavy. Also, Mr.Hubbs and I have photos displayed of our parents on their wedding days- they were also displayed at our wedding. 

I love matching different patterns of bedding- I think it's so fun to switch out pillow cases to change the entire look of a room. The front pillow if from Anthropologie and I just LOVE the pink flannel on the backside of that yummy pillow! Such a fun surprise!

Here is Mr. Hubss side of the bed. 

and my side... the mirror was picked up in Mexico on our Honeymoon. And yes- that is Mister Husband in the white frame... I like to keep a photo of my handsome man next to my bed! ha!

The starburst mirror over the bed was a lucky find from TJMaxx... yes, TJMaxx. It was $32. I was so excited! Look at that... convex on the cheap!

And here are a few GORGEOUS photos obviously not taken by yours truly... Eric Chapman, thanks for these beautiful photos of my space! (If you're getting married, give him a call- he's amazing!)

For those of you abode lovers who have already seen this space over and over again, sorry for the repeat! But in the spirit of the roomspiration linky party I went ahead and shared my master bedroom again! If you have a master bedroom that you'd like to share, head over to my friend from Auburn's blog A Touch of Grey and link up! Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love lamp, Obvi.

Anyone watch Rachel Zoe out there? Well, I'm obsessed and I am so happy to have Rach talkin' her crazy slang in my abode every Tuesday night (the newest Rachel Zoe word is "obvi" aka "obviously"). Well aside from all of the beautiful clothes that you see paraded around the show every season, her abode is usually bangin' and this season, I die. It's literally bananas. (again, Rach slang) 

Rachel and her hubbs Rodger moved into a beautiful, new abode and one of her new stylists, Jeremiah Brent, was in charge of bringing it to life with furniture and accessories. I told Mister Husband I would die to have that job- I then told him that if Rachel complimented ANYTHING I did I would cry out of joy for days... she's just that freakin' fabulous. Here are a few pics from Rachel & Rodger's new abode!

Rachel told Jeremiah to keep it WHITE... she loves anything and everything in her home to be as white as possible... to me, it's hilarious and awesome at the same time. (Hilarious because she's expecting her first baby- and based off of my observation, babies and white don't mix)

I love how formal this home is... all of the moldings, fireplace, hardwood floors and windows are classic and completely timeless. I love how Jeremiah made this space feel comfortable and modern with the borderless leaning mirrors and the slouchy low sitting chairs. 

I die, so gorgeous. 

Don't you just LOVE this fireplace?  

That sofa, the squared off arms with tufts drenching this amazing piece. Amaze-balls. Also, those lamps are perfection. The large, graphic pattern in this simple, white space is such a perfect statement. 

Office... love the black and white art grouping. 


So sleek, so glamorous, SO Rachel. She loves anything sparkling and shiny-- I totally understand that train of thought. I'm glad Jeremiah brought in these super bright yellow lamps- they're interesting and totally unexpected.

I love the black doors in this space- this master bedroom is the bomb. That pendant light hanging over the small side table is just lovely. 

This is right outside their master bathroom... not bad for lounging.

Here is the baby's room- it wasn't finished in the house yet, but I'm sure it will show up this season when the little Zoe bambino makes his appearance.  

Not bad huh?  

So- the one thing that REALLY caught my eye through this whole process was the pair of Sandy Glass lamps in the living room. I LOVE these lamps and found them yesterday online... I now want need these lamps, now. Anyone have $800 that I could borrow for a pair of these beauties?

I hope you enjoyed Rachel Zoe's abode as much as I did! Have a fantastic Thursday, tomorrow is Friday FUNDAY!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

roomspiration linky party: nursery edition

Welcome to Wednesday nursery day! As many of you know, I just finished my nephew Raleigh's beautiful Friends of the Forest Nursery, but as to not bore you with old stuff, I am also featuring some of my latest and greatest nursery pins and inspiration items! If you have a nursery that you'd like to share, head over to A La Mode and link up!

Here are a few shots of the Friends of the Forest Nursery to get us started: and HERE is where you can read about the process and all of the different pieces I chose for the space and why!

This gorgeous glider from Serena&Lily came with a BIG story... HERE is where you can read about the glider drama... 

And here are some of my favorite pins of nurseries lately!

This is one super-glamorous baby room. I am guessing the baby that lives here must not go number 2 or spit up. I know my nephews would destroy this beautiful white space! With all that said, I still LOVE this nursery! I mean, look at that crib!

I adore this color palette. The minty-sage color on the walls is so soothing and sweet. I think the orange is the perfect contrast to add a little life and unexpected "sassy-ness" to this space. The bold pattern in the rug owns me... I feel like the colors will translate nicely to a toddler/kid room. 

 This Adelaide rocker rocks my pants off. I mean, right off. Isn't it gorgeous? And am I naive to think that this is a piece that could work in any room? Not just a nursery? I love it. 

 This nursery is SO very sophisticated- LOVE the color palette. The touches of whimsical fabric and the moorish rug are so perfect in this stylish nursery. I feel like you could take the crib out and this space would function as a lovely living room. 

Peach and red own me. I must have this color palette in my home somewhere. Don't you just LOVE the buffalo check glider and the polka dot sheets and bumper pad ties? 

This is my nursery inspiration board... No, I'm definitely not preggo, but this is my dream nursery for a boy or girl!

 I hope that all of you have a wonderful Wednesday! 


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