Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Thursday abode lovers! So, it's almost the weekend- and I am still on baby Raleigh alert- where is that little guy? Doesn't he know he has a gorgeous nursery waiting on him? (updated photos to come...) I am hoping like heck that my sweet nephew decides to make his appearance today or tomorrow so that I can spend a weekend helping around the house, taking care of big brother Preston and holding that little newborn. CROSS YOUR FINGERS abode lovers, I need some baby time!

Anyway, during my time of waiting, I have been venturing through Etsy to see what's new and came across these lovely finds... gah, Etsy is truly the bomb. I know that everyone already knows that, but I am here to say that Etsy is still all that and a bag of cheetos. 

I know lots of bloggers have seen this pendant light DIY out of coffee filters, I even considered this as an option instead of making my feather chandelier. I love, love the yummy texture on this pendant and I think that if you don't have the patience of a saint, you could buy this sucker and avoid the glue gun and bags and bags of coffee filters altogether. 

Isn't the glow of this piece gorgeous?!?

This is a beautiful, misty toned print that I think is so soothing and lovely. I love that you can buy this print on the cheap instead of splurging on an original piece. I love when artists make their one-of-a-kinds attainable!

Wow- I want a few of these! Wouldn't these be amazing in kids rooms and nurseries? You can get these pillows made in a variety of colors and it such a great custom look that is surprisingly cheap! These babies look extremely well made- I love all of the stitching!

I have always loved this precious etsy shop. I have picked out these pillows for a handful of clients because they are such a great price and they add so much color and fun to any space. I particularly love THIS pattern. I love the butter yellow and gold mixed with the pale pink and gray. These would actually work really well in my living room... hmmm.


Here is a detail shot of the back. 

Wowwie-Zowwie. I need these. What a statement. The lace pattern on the back is so gorgeous and unexpected. I also love the lemon colored glaze and the imperfect edges.... good gosh, I have a crush. 

These are great. I am still not over monogramming up your abode with letters... these are pretty fun! I love the simplicity and how thin they are. 


I love vintage corbels... I am a bit of a corbel freak. I used them in my kitchen, thanks to my mother-in-law, she has the BEST taste and brought these babies over to the abode before my photo shoot for Autumn Cottage Magazine. I also purchased a pair of oversized corbels for my foyer from Restoration Hardware... The possibilities are endless with these babies!


Don't you just love Etsy!?! I hope all of you abode lovers have a great Thursday, everyone say a little prayer that my nephew Raleigh will make his appearance today safely!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Autumn Cottage Magazine!

Hoooorraaaayyy! I can finally, finally rave and rave about my super fun experience of having my abode photographed to be featured in Autumn Cottage! Autumn Cottage is a 130 page magazine by Hoffman Media based out of Birmingham, AL. These photos were taken in the middle of March, so I have been sitting on this secret for way too long! Don't ask me how I kept my mouth shut... I have been so excited about it that I'm surprised I didn't spill the beans before today! So, keep your eyes out for this lovely magazine!

If Autumn Cottage isn't available near you, you can purchase it here!

Here are some behind the scenes photos...  I had the pleasure of working with one of my sorority sisters from Auburn, Renee, as the stylist and Kamin, who was the fantastic photographer for the shoot. Both are so sweet and so talented. These two ladies made my little abode shine, thanks you girls!

Work it ladies!

So, finally, the cat's out of the bag. The abode is in print and I'm ecstatic! I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday.... I'm on big time baby-alert waiting for my sister to have her sweet baby boy Raleigh- it should be any second now! I can't wait for him to see his nursery! (more updated photos of his nursery to come!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new light fixture + black walls

Hello and happy Tuesday abode lovers! Shall we discuss Ashley again (aka the bachelorette?)  Well,  I am glad she is down to two guys... but it sure makes for a boring rose ceremony when they leave early! So, aside from President Obama interrupting my Monday night trash tv, it was a pretty good night in tv land. I also watched Design Star of course, and am always pleased with the entertainment value. I thought the rooms were a vast improvement and I could tell that the home owners loved it! I loved the planked wood wall in the dining room with the arched doorways.... it brought that space up to another level!

Yesterday, aside from tv watching, I received this in the mail. Gorgeous, right? And it was only $15.17 at CSNLighting! The only problem with this cheapy little number is that the gold is a little darker than I had expected, and the glass globe is a smoky gray (But is was $15!) So, I am going today to Lowes to see if I can find a clear globe this size to see if I like it better, and I already took a can of gold spray paint to this beauty to brighten it up a little (just a super light misting).... I'll keep you updated on my progress!

So, where is this baby going? It will be replacing the skank sconce that is currently going up my stairs. (I would show you a photo, but to be honest, there is a reason I have not shown you this embarrassing detail.) So- I will post one soon. I also need to paint the walls leading up my stairs, which I have literally been putting off for years. It will be a scary undertaking unless I hire someone-- creating make shift scaffolding does not sound like a good idea to me, so we will see what I end up doing. Is it possible to paint everything I can reach and then hire someone to finish up the "high" parts of the stairwell??? Has anyone done this? 

Here is an image of my foyer now... and with a little photoshop magic, this is what it could look like in black.... That's right, black. The other side of the wall that leads to the hallway are the horizontal stripes. I would like for this wall to recede- I also don't want to add another color into the mix-- and all of my interior doors are now black, so I feel like this would work. (If not, it's just paint!) Isn't it dramatic? I love what it does for the mirror and antique candelabra sconces.

Here is another angle of the wall that leads up the stairs... it is so blah. I hate builder-beige. I am also thinking that I will paint the wall to the left black as well. The gray that it is right now is the gray metallic from the stripes. I think eliminating this solid gray will be good for the space. 

Here is some of my deep, dark inspiration:

This is such a crisp look. I love gold against the black backdrop. 

This is an awesome little nook. I love the shallow ledges, the possibilities of displaying special artwork and photos is endless. I also am in love with the brass library sconce... I want these all over my abode. 

a deep navy blue was also in the mix of ideas for the foyer/stairwell... but as I mentioned before, I don't think I want to add another color to this area.  

Black frames against a dark peacock blue-- so rich and gorgeous!

plum. wow. 

Again, I love the gold against the black... and the white looks so crisp and clean. I love this look. 

Incredible display of trophies... I love all of the neutral and natural elements in this deep and dark space.

This panelling is SO gorgeous. I love how much this detail elevates the space. All of the natural elements in this room are so striking against the stark black walls.  

I love the mod lighting and the creamy botanical prints over this bed. All of the neutrals in this room really work well with the black walls. I am also loving the unexpected splash of pink on the bed. 

Gold, neutrals, black and white. I adore this space. 

 That is one gorgeous mirror.... I love how much light it brings into this black living space. 

So what do you think? Should I go black?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

persistent pinning...

So, as many of you know, Pinterest is a new semi-new, crack-like website. Once you start, you just can't stop. I have been pinning every day since I signed up for my Pinterest account. Many of my dear friends are on the pinning bandwagon as well and we are constantly discussing the latest trending pins, what we have pinned, and why the heck people keep pinning that mirror made of cloths pins!?! Would you like to see what I have been pinning lately?

Love, love these floors. I mean, they truly make this space. I also think the chandeliers are the perfect touch of glamour for this kitchen!

This is one gorgeous painting. I love the rich blues fading into black and the glow of the fire. This piece would add interest and depth to any space. 

I am obsessed with this cabinet color, the shiny horizontal hardware, the backsplash and the shelf that wraps around the space. Wow. 

These swans want me to paint them, I just know it.  

This pair has quite a lot of personality! I love the backing and the nailhead detail. Also, how about that little cut-out in the back of the chair!? These babies have so much character I can hardly stand it. GET IN MY ABODE! 

This is also a lovely chair- it's got a great price tag and the pumpkin velvet is killer. 

I love a good day bed, especially when it's flanked by gorgeous cabinetry and library sconces. This is a fabulously rich look!

Check out those floors. Classic. I love the mix of deep blue and wood cabinetry as well as the pop of color in the unexpected red drum shades. I can also appreciate the flat screen in this kitchen... It's hard to make a space look chic with a big 'ole flatscreen, but this kitchen does it.

Hello minty room. I adore this. The mixture of pattern within the bedding is pretty amazing. 

How perfect would this be for the Friends of the Forest nursery! Isn't it just precious!?! 

This deep navy with a touch of gray is simply divine. I love the way brass looks against this color- such a rich and luxurious combination. I also love the sconce with the little spherical bulb... unexpected and truly refreshing! These sweet little bulbs could be used on any chandelier or sconce to give a completely different feel... love it.

This is a perfect sink for kids... I also love the hanging mirror and the outdoor lighting. The paneled wall adds so much character to this space... wow. So many fantastic details. 

Rich color. Yum. 

I need this clover necklace. Now. I am one of those people with a "Mc" in my last name, so I feel entitled to anything with a clover now. 

Here is a rug that I am obsessing over at the moment. It fits right into my latest love affair with the colors mint and navy. The combination of the two makes me swoon... what a fantastic pair.

These are just my latest treasures that have been pinned recently... for sources check out my pinterest page! I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday, the weekend is almost here!!!


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