Thursday, June 30, 2011

friends of the forest II

Good Afternoon abode lovers! I can't believe it's already Thursday- this month as flown by... actually, this whole summer is flying by (probably because I am RACING to get this nursery complete before my nephew, Raleigh arrives at the end of July!) Anyway- I just thought I would share my progress thus far since I posted about Raleigh's friends of the forest baby shower yesterday. 

Here is the most updated mood board. Every item on this board has been purchased and my super mom is planning on sewing the bumper pads soon! I am so happy the way it is coming together!

These are all of the fabrics and other patterns that will live within this space. We decided that the wallpaper was just too expensive for Raleigh's nursery. It was almost $800 to wallpaper the whole room... that was not in the budget. So- I found this stencil via Etsy for around $60 that has the same look and feel that will substitute the fancy-pants wallpaper just fine. The ceiling will be the pale aqua/blue swatch. 
This is one of the new additions to the nursery that I am completely in love with... it's the Ashbury Glider from Serena and Lily in leaf diamond with aqua piping. I LOVE this combination and cannot wait for this order to arrive! We are a bit worried about this big boy fitting through the nursery door (I've been saying prayers about this daily...) anyone have any special tricks for getting a big glider through a door? We are battling the fact that this is a little "hallway" right when you walk through the door and it's a bit narrow... ugh. 

Here is the original mood board... a lot has stayed the same, and some key pieces were added, taken away or subbed out for a cheaper option... 

Since the latest mood board there have been more additions... we ordered 4 of these 8x8 square White Floating Lacquer Frames from West Elm to hang vertically on a small wall next to Raliegh's closet. These sweet frames will hold photos of Raleigh's pretty mommy, his daddy and his big brother. These will add such a personal touch to the room. 

We also ordered this GORGEOUS and super affordable statement piece from PBteen. This Driftwood Mirror will be SO perfect in the room and will hang above a sweet teal/blue dresser that Nene already owned and we had painted. 

I will share even more progress by this weekend! I hope all of you have a great day! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

raleigh oliver's baby shower

Good morning abode lovers and happy hump day! As some of you may know, my older sister, Nene is having another baby boy and is due in the next month.... hooray! I have been hard at work helping design the nursery as well as helping some of Nene's dear friends with a baby shower! (I was in charge of all decor and took on the desserts as well!) Anyway, I thought I would share photos of the shower that took place last weekend!

Here are the invitations that I designed for baby Raleigh's shower. They match his bedding! I blogged about Raleigh's nursery mood board months ago and it has changed a little as we have pulled the room together, but the theme is definitely still the friends of the forest... Here is the mood board from months ago.

(if you are interested in custom design for stationery, shower invites or wedding invites please contact me here!)

This table was for all of the yummy food (that is not yet placed in all of the dishes in these photos). I used slices of wood thanks to Mister Husband and his amazing chainsaw skills- I also used a ton of dishes I have collected over the years that felt woodsy and natural. I then went crazy on the 80% off isle at Hobby Lobby and purchase a few tins, mushrooms and a little squirrel and then spray painted them ALL gold! (they were absolutely skank-tastic prior to the paint)

These letters are cardboard and came from JoAnn Fabrics, and of course, I spray painted them.  

I loved the raw look of the wood next to the warm gold and bright silver- I think mixing all of these textures made for a rich look.  

The precious turtle trays came from World Market. I snagged one dish and my mom snagged another... we love turtles and these were too great of a deal to pass up! (Here is a more expensive knock-off from ZGallerie--)

The glazed bowl is a favorite of mine that I have had for years that I purchased from the Pottery Barn outlet in Atlanta- love it! The twig bowl in the center of the table is probably familiar to many of you-- it's also from Pottery Barn and normally sits on top of my living room coffee table.

These were too fun to make... I designed several different onesies to go along with the friends of the forest theme. I printed out the designs on fabric transfer paper and ironed away... I think they came out beautifully! 

Here is a photo of my beautiful sister and mommy... isn't she gorgeous? I hope I look that beautiful when I'm 8 months pregnant and running around after a 1 year old... wow, right!?

My super mom framed these prints for Raleigh's nursery and we decided to use them as decor at the party! I love how sweet and soft they are matted and framed in white. Anyone notice the baby animal prints? I have adored these for quite some time- you can buy your own prints at the Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.

Mister Fox... these colors couldn't have been more perfect for the nursery! We snagged this guy on Etsy from an amazing little shop called Berkley Illustration. You have never seen so many amazing animals dressed to the 9's. There is so much whimsy and charm packed into these clothed animals-- take a look at this shop, you won't regret it!

Here is the baby fox... how presh are these!?! 

And now on to the dessert table-- yum! We had the cake made at a local bakery called Edgars, they make one delicious cake! (they also made my wedding cake!) They did a great job with the art from the invitation- we were so happy with it! 


These may have been my favorite part of the entire shower... the cupcakes. I found this amazing store on Etsy called Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply- I am officially obsessed! These little toppers just MAKE the table- I also love the little gingham cupcake liners. 

 Here is another look at the cake. 

These gold twig stands are from Target-- I got them a few years ago and have used them so many times! The smores on a pretzel stick were definitely a crowd favorite... they were SO good. You dip a marshmellow in semi-sweet melted chocolate chips and then tip them into graham cracker crumbs. After they cool down I stabbed each one with a pretzel stick. The cupcakes again are just killing me. I got these toppers from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply as well and then spray painted them gold. 

This little guy is from World Market as well... The green and blue mushrooms are an 80% off steal from Hobby Lobby and they matched the theme perfectly. 

The sweet yellow owl cookies are precious- they were the perfect party treat and went so well with the theme! The host of the party supplied those cuties!

The paper straws are from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply too... love them. The gold antlers and tin are both spray painted Hobby Lobby finds as well! 

and here we are... I was so happy the way everything turned out and Nene loved it all! We cannot WAIT for baby Raleigh to arrive! 

More to come on baby Raleigh and his friends of the forest nursery! I cannot wait to share my progress!
Have a wonderful day abode lovers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

photoshoot with eric chapman

Hello abode lovers! I know, I know... it's been a WEEK since we have last connected. I have had a crazy week-- I have been driving all over the south and am so happy to be sitting in my sweet abode hugging on Lady, King and Mister Husband! 

As some of you may know, I was recently featured on Southern Flourish's fabulous online magazine, hooray! When I was contacted about this great opportunity I knew immediately who I wanted to come over to shoot my abode-- Eric Chapman. Here are a few out takes that didn't make the magazine but that I love!

Here is one of my favorite places in the abode.... the hallway. Read here for my tell-all about painting those damn stripes. I adore the combination of photos, paintings and little pieces I've found along the way. All of the paintings are mine- it's really nice to be able to create art for our home, and the fact that I can create it for myself makes it CHEAP!

These chair paintings were created just for this space... I handpicked the colors I wanted to bring to this gallery wall to liven it up a bit. The painting above it is from a series I did around dried petals and leaves. 

The little dog on the end is also my painting... and yes, that dog is wearing clothes. I like the whimsy it brings to this cluster! I love mixing gold and silver, it really brings a collected feeling and a rich look to this mix of objects. 

And here are Eric Chapman's photos of my kitchen. I repainted ALL of those cabinets myself-- whew, what a freaking project that was. We replaced the skank brown countertops with granite and Colonel Dad and I spent HOURS in this space ripping out the old backsplash and replacing them with these gorgeous moroccan shaped tiles that I snagged on Overstock!

Here is a detail shot of the island. The antique corbels are a semi-new addition that I still LOVE. I also am still obsessed with my ultra-deep farmhouse sink and faucet that I also snagged on the super cheap from Overstock. 

I love this photo... my tile is the star in this shot! This also makes me want a beautiful roman shade with amazing fabric.... hmmm...... 

Here is the mirror wall that we added to the dining nook.... I love how much natural light bounces off this wall. I also love how much bigger it makes this space feel. 

I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Tuesday-- I will fill you in on what I did last week as soon as possible! It's super fun. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's my birthday!

Hello and good morning abode lovers, it's me... the birthday girl! Yep, Im another year older today. I'm one of those emotional basketcases on my birthday-- I have been since about the 5th grade, so lets hope that this day is tear-free and full of fun! My birthday always makes me feel like time is passing way too rapidly-- much more so than the New Year or any other holiday. I am super sentimental and it makes for an interesting combination of emotions on my birthday-- ha! 

On a side note, do you know who else is celebrating a birthday today? That's right, the newlywed Prince William. When I was a teenager, I thought that somehow that made us star-crossed lovers.... nope, not the case. I hope Prince William will celebrate like I will tonight-- with margaritas, fajitas and chocolate cake with my Mister Husband and lovely family! (and when I say husband, I mean Kate of course in the  prince's situation...)

Thank you abode lovers for making my 25th year great- I started this blog a little over a year ago and it's been the BEST journey-- so thank you so much for being there for me with your sweet and silly comments and supporting me through Abode Love! I love you all and have a great day! (see.... I told ya'll I was likely to get a little sentimental!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

mingo mango monday

Good Morning and happy Monday abode lovers! I hope everyone had a great weekend... Mister Husband and I are knee-deep in wedding season so we spent the weekend in our finest attire having way too much fun with college friends. Needless to say, Monday morning seems a little more sluggish than usual! Anyway, I have been dreaming of flamingos recently -- weird I know, but I grew up with a "mingo" room thanks to my lovely and talented mother and I still feel like mingo's are my thing. Also, I have found that I am loving gold with everything lately-- and I am loving pink and coral hues with golden, mango tones. SO- here are a few gorgeous images that are making me swoon and are mango / mingo inspired...

I adore a good audubon print... and this mingo is killin' it wrapped in a slim gold frame. 

These photographs are so fun and playful. I love the movement and unexpected angles of this pretty in pink birdie. I think this foursome would fit in beautifully in any space!

This image is lovely- while I would prefer a little less actual flamingo images in one space, I really love the pink sofa. With a very pink sofa that big, I think the flamingo is implied... perhaps a few gold and creamy throw pillows to replace these teal mingo pillows? 

This fine mingo china owns me.

I love the use of gold and mango tones in this space against the perfectly pink walls.

I adore these duvets. The golden and pink tones make this room feel feminine, sweet yet sophisticated.

This image screams Mingo, Mango gloriousness... That chevron mango and cream chair is the perfect accent to all of the different tones of flamingo pink. I have always adored this space!

Here is more sweet flamingo pink- always perfect for a girlie space.

These gorgeous curtains from Anthropologie are the perfect combination of pinks and corals with a pleasing splash of mango and cream.... I am lusting over this playful pattern. 

Here is another pretty mingo pink option for drapes- this pink ombre drape with dotted trim is playful and is also from the great Anthropologie.
flamingo pink drapery hardware finials and a mango/mingo pink necklace both from Anthropologie.

The rich caramel wooden beams on the ceiling is the perfect tone to go with the coral walls in this amazing bathroom. I think this may be my favorite bathroom of all time. I am loving the tile- it's spectacular. Also- check out that gorgeous vanity. This would be a very do-able DIY with any great antique table. Just add a sink and a towel bar and you're good to go. I also LOVE the casual feel of the leaning mirror instead of hanging it on the wall. Goodness gracious, I die.

pretty pink chairs... flirty and feminine in a light and traditional living space...

Rich and luxurious flamingo pink and yellowy-mangoes. 

Etsy suzani love. Perfect color combination to add a little spunk to any space!

I am crazy, crazy about this wall treatment. I mean, the casual feel of the marks is so fun and full of life. I love the juxtaposition of the organic and free flowing lines and the ultra traditional fireplace and mantle.

close up.

I hope all of you enjoyed this mingo, mango Monday! Have a great one! For ALL sources on this post please refer to this Pinterest board.


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