Thursday, May 19, 2011

interior black door bliss

Hello abode lovers and happy Thursday! Is it just me or has this week FLOWN by!? Anyway, today I am going to discuss doors... remember this post about my front door overhaul? It went from sun damaged to sleek after a little help from Martha and her high gloss black paint! Here is a reminder of the before and after....



Well.... Martha is back. She helped me revamp my INTERIOR doors as well! This was QUITE a process but well worth it. I feel like my little abode looks so much more custom than it did before!

Anyone remember this image? See the super bland and skank hallway behind me? You can see the old light fixtures if you squint as well as the builder-beige walls... yuck, yuck, yuck.

Here was the hallway before I painted the doors black.... (I realize the doors are open, but use your imagination!)

here is my process... I left the doors on the hinges, taped paper to the floor and went for it! 

Here is how they looked after the first coat....

And now the reveal...Ta-da! What do you think? I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE it! I am so happy to have the contrast in the hallway and I really love that it makes the light fixtures stand out SO much more! There is more depth and interest in this hallway than ever before and I am SO happy with the results!

Here is the other side of the hallway... and there's sweet Lady, just galloping along...

I love the glossy sheen that these doors have... 

Here is a shot of the little nook between the kitchen/hallway and the master bedroom...

and again...

Here is the inspiration that I have collected over the years that helped me take on this large project... 

So- for all of you who are thinking of painting interior doors- I say DO IT. It's NOT a hard project to take on, it's simply time consuming. I did about 2-3 doors per night after work and got them knocked out in about a week. I left a few of my doors painted white (the side that is facing the inside of a few rooms... ) simply because I see the impact a door color can make and I am thinking of painting a few doors different colors.... 

I hope all of you have a great day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new foyer

Hello and good morning abode lovers! Remember this post around Christmas? Mister Husband got this great mirror for me (that I picked out..) and I have been waiting to hang it until I got a little table. I have also had these antique gold, crystal dripped sconces for almost a YEAR now... I have been patiently waiting to come across the right console table, and I finally found a solution that I liked! So here it is! (and yes... that is King peeking out of the guest bedroom in the mirror)

Here are the Aris Corbel shelves that I got from Restoration Hardware-- they were SO big that I could use them to create a small foyer table. I was able to pick them up at my local Restoration Hardware- and then Mr.Husband contacted our local glass guy to get the glass top at a MUCH cheaper price than RH's glass table top. Wahoo for my wallet! I thought about getting many different console options, but I knew that the piece needed to be so small that it was difficult finding something that didn't look too wimpy... after all, that mirror is HUGE! So- these hefty corbels fit the bill!

Here are the "before" pictures with Lady and King... and yes, that is Lady's winter coat. Doesn't she look like a wooly mammoth?!

Here are a few shots of the deets.... I love this photo of my little brother- I took it in my college photography class and have always wanted to use it somewhere special. I used a few martini glasses, a shaker and a silver tray to create a little bar area- I LOVE mini bars in homes... 

I LOVE the little rock votive holder, I snagged it for $6.99 at TJ Maxx... score! I got the metal "M" from Urban Outfitters-- and stacked a few pretty books topped with jars to finish up the table. 

Here it is again...

I hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

random and pretty

Hello abode lovers!
I just had some super pretty images that I wanted to share with all of you! They're random, I know- but fabulous none the less.... 

I love this kitchen... I mean, I think this may be my favorite kitchen of all time. I love the large marble backsplash tiles and the open shelving in combination with the cabinets. I am DYING over the stainless lower cabinetry with the modern and super sleek hardware. I love the contrast between the modern hardware and the traditional sink faucet. I think the kitchen table topped with stone is flawless... the rustic feel is gorgeous in this sleek space. This makes me ponder the many possibilities of taking an old farmhouse table and replacing the top with a great stone to work with any kitchen countertop. The bench seating at the head of the table is unexpected and so freaking amazing... charcoal velvet may not be the most forgiving fabric- but let's face it, it looks great. My one and only change of the entire space would be to hang an antique crystal chandelier over the table... I'm a girl who loves glamour and drama... what can I say!?!

I am really digging bathroom gallery walls... It's unexpected- I love it! I also love the tile and the front of this bathtub-- love, love.

Anyone else going crazy for these chandeliers? I am. Big time. 
 Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY feather chandelier complete!

Good Tuesday morning all of you abode lovers! I am especially in love with my abode today... it's clean, and my DIY feather chandelier is hung! What do you think?

Here is what Mister Husband and I had before... that's right, a big, skank-nasty brown wooden fan, sick. (Notice I also got rid of that purple-ish gray quilt and replaced it with a coral beauty from West Elm!)

(again before... I must have cropped out the fan out of pure disgust.)

Here is the inspiration from Jayson Home & Garden coming in at around $2,500! 

I spent around $100 on all of the materials to make this chandelier. I snagged the shade from World Market, the feathers online at Moodfabrics, the rope trim from Hobby Lobby 50% off as well as the gold foiled paper at Hobby Lobby. I added the crystals for a little extra glitter and glam (no surprise to anyone who knows me at all...) and I snagged them at Lowe's in the lighting department for around $1 per crystal. 

Here are a few images that inspired me to bring in a gold interior...

I really love what a gold interior can do for a shade. It creates such a warm glow when the light is on and it also adds such a nice and glamorous surprise without being too much.

Here are the detail shots of my DIY feather chandelier.... 

Here is another view... I know the lighting isn't great, sorry!

and this is before Mister Husband and I hopped in bed...

King and Lady were also getting ready for beddy-bye.
King loves the new feather chandelier, he told me so.

Have a wonderful day!


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