Wednesday, April 27, 2011

april is wedding month: will and kate

It's wedding month... and it's ROYAL WEDDING WEEK, which is amazing. I am adoring all of the coverage on this momentous occasion and I am so excited to wake up and watch these two become husband and wife.... Prince and Princess. (goosebumps!) Mister Husband and I caught a few minutes of wedding week coverage last night and he looked a bit sad while taking it all in... I asked him what was wrong and he said "I wish I was prince..." I told him I wished he were a prince as well... I guess girls aren't the only ones wishing they were royalty....

Here are some pretty amazing royal wedding finds... I think I want all of them.

I love how fun and full of personality all of the wording is... this is totally unexpected and not as sweet, but I am loving it!

This tea towel is precious... I can see framing this or making it into a pillow cover-- love the colors and the quirky look of the illustrations!

This is what I want, badly. So badly. I want this for my future daughter's nursery (my daughter that doesn't exist). It's just precious. I love, love the sweet color palette. The pop of red is so fresh and young... I just adore this. 

Isn't the red just fabulous?


Check out this sweet mug, I love the illustrations again and am really digging the silhouettes. 

The back is just as precious as the front... The little ribbon and fern illustrations are so sweet and delicate. I would so love to sip out of this mug the morning of the 29th...

Again, this would be a sweet little plate to hang in a little girls nursery... 

I am loving this print... It's super cute.

Again, a tea towel that is just precious. I love this quirky illustration!

Have a great Wednesday abode lovers!

Monday, April 25, 2011

april is wedding month: invitations

So, as some of you may know, I am a graphic designer by day. I love paper, ink colors, fonts and invitations more  than the average joe. Since it's wedding month, I thought I would share my save the dates and wedding invitations with all of you! (it's also our 2 year anniversary TODAY!) 

Also... if you are interested in any custom design feel free to contact me for pricing!

I made this crest and the Mc monogram to use on our save the dates as well as our invitations. I loved the classic, vintage feel that it gave to the piece. I wanted everyone receiving these save the dates to get a feeling of what the wedding would be like. I wanted a vintage feel with a simple color palette.

We had a ton of out of town guest and wanted to display options early on in the process so that our guest could plan accordingly. I used vintage woodcuts and etchings to play into the vintage feel of the wedding and I also think it makes it fun to look through the piece... the images make it so much more fun and interesting!

The inside of the save the date was simple... I wanted to keep it clean, crisp and modern in the interior. 

I chose a very dreamy photo taken by Stephen Devires for the interior... I loved the feeling that it gives the piece, it's romantic and warm among all of the gray, black and white. 

Here again is a shot of the cover of the save the date, and to the right is a series of invitations, save the date and rehearsal dinner envelopes. We used Frank Sinatra and Bette Davis stamps on all of the pieces to again play up the vintage style of the invites. My super mom did all of the calligraphy for ALL of the save the dates, wedding invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations... she's amazing.... We used black envelopes with white ink, a metallic graphite envelope for the wedding invitations and a black envelope with gold ink for the rehearsal dinner. 

Here is Mister Husband's inside envelope for the wedding invitation. 

This is what you see when you open it... I opted out of using standard tissue and ordered this gorgeous pearlized vellum with swirls made out of different sized dots. I loved this little touch...

Here is the entire set...

Here is the reception card... I used a vintage image again and tied it in with the laurel leaves...

Here is the reply card... there are a lot of scott-irish touches throughout my invitations (it IS the McWedding after all...) there is the use of four leaf clovers as well as this little bagpiper. And yes... there were bagpipes at the wedding... it was spectacular!

and here is the formal wedding invitation... 

I have designed custom wedding invitations for years, along with party invitations and baby announcements. Please let me know if you are interested in any custom design services! Contact me for pricing!

Happy 2 year Anniversary to us! Hope all of you abode lovers have a fantastic Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

feather pendant

Happy Thursday abode lovers! Today I am talking about the bride of light fixtures (since it's wedding month here at abode love)... this overpriced $2k feather pendant is making me feel the way my wedding gown did... in awe and speechless. I am in love with all of the texture that this baby has packed into one shallow drum shade. It's rich, unexpected and the proportions are to die for.... I could go on and on about this beautiful piece!

I am loving that the base of this fixture isn't a standard shade... it's chicken wire! I am digging the hard, hexagonal pattern against the light fluffy feathers. Anyone else just dying over this look?

The creamy rope at the top of the fixture is nice because it creates a clean line while adding even more texture and interest....

My wheels are really spinning with this beauty as my inspiration... Have a great Thursday! (Also, if anyone has a money tree they could hook me up with that would be great... I would like a few of these feather fixtures asap!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

april is wedding month: eric chapman wedding photography

In honor of wedding month, today I wanted to introduce you to a great Birmingham wedding photographer named Eric Chapman. Here is his website, and here is his blog....check him out! I work with Eric and he is a true renaissance man... he can do it all, literally, everything. He not only is an amazing photographer, but he is a composer, sound guy, a videographer, a whiz with lighting, a photoshop extraordinaire and probably has countless other talents that I am unaware of... 

Eric came to me, a graphic designer by day, to create a new identity for his website and brand. I created this logo for him almost a year ago! 

Last week I featured Katie Beth's big day-- and if you didn't get enough of KB, here is some more of her pretty face! Eric shot KB's bridal portraits and they are so glorious! Eric knows just how to handle light, pose his bride and give an editorial feel to each photograph. Check out this eye candy.

This is my all time favorite image. I love the milky white background and the selective focus on KB's pretty face. 

Eric and I are about to do a little photo project in the abode in the next month or so.... I am super pumped about it! Make sure to check out Eric's blog and website- you'll be amazed at this guy's talent!

Hope all of you abode lovers have a fabulous Wednesday!


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