Thursday, March 31, 2011

new merch alert: anthropologie

I think I'm in love this Thursday morning... not surprising considering Anthropologie just released some new merch....

I think this chair is GORGEOUS! It reminds me of the perfect pair of jeans that has personality- but still goes with everything. I am in love with this Ikat pattern- and the color combination is perfection. This would be awesome in my man mountain or master bedroom... don't worry Mr. Hubbs, I know we don't need these.... bummer. 
Don't you want these chairs too?

Another fabulous Ikat pattern in an unexpected palette. I love the mustartd-ish color paired with the Ruby, teal and blue... this combo is so interesting-- I think this would make a gorgeous palette for any space. 

I am a fan of mixed metals and finishes... so this little table is a home run. Silver, Gold and glass... this piece would work in ANY space.!

Good gosh... look at the sides of this sofa! Buckles and straps and wood OH MY! I think rich caramel leather sofa would look amazing in a sun room... it's definitely not a sofa that I would use for my primary lounging and tv vegging... but I would love to own this gorgeous piece none the less....


Ombre is awesome. It is so soft and feels misty and so, so yummy. I ADORE the confetti-like trim striping itself down these drapes every few inches. The texture that the trim creates is so lovely and frothy... these come in a few different color options, but this combo is by far my fave!
 oh my.... that trim... I love how the color changes on the trim as well....

I am absolutely in love with this color combination... The warm plum, caramel and mustard paired with the cool, teal and navy ombre drapes is simply slaying me... Anyone want to purchase this entire Anthro set so that I can live vicariously through your color palette? Just a thought.

Anyone else dying over this combination???? 
Anyway... back to other new and fun things....

These are great. I love the texture and the fresh colors. That super pale teal is just the perfect pop of bright fresh color to rank these drapes into a high level of cool-ness.
Isn't the stitching just awesome? 

Hello little work of art that happens to be in the form of a sofa. How are you? Are you enjoying your existence? I am.

 Don't tell my sofa... but I would totally cheat on him with this sofa... and I wouldn't even feel remorse. Look at the melon colored design on the side?! Get out. 

I hope that this new merch makes you feel as excited and happy as it has made me! Have a happy Thursday abode lovers!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tigers... it always goes back to tigers...

I ran across this artist/illustrator on Design Sponge and of course, since it's a pair of tigers "winning" (much like Mr. Hubbs and myself) I really want it! My birthday is this summer... I think I'm going to add this print to my short list of "birthday must-haves."

For those of you who don't know, Mister Husband and myself are proud Auburn Alumni... check out our Auburn Tiger themed Man Mountain here!

Thanks to Ping Zhu for creating such charming and fabulous artwork! You can snag a print of these tigers for $25. What a steal! I love the line quality, the colors and texture in these prints- I think these would be SO cute in a nursery as well!

Here are a few other works that I love...

Ping has other work that is just as fabulous and quirky-- so check it out!
Happy Wednesday abode lovers!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

front door fixation

I love my new front door... but here are a few images that are just as spectacular! Don't worry, I'll be moving on to a different subject in my next post.... But there's nothing like a fabulous front door to give a great first impression....

This door is amazing. I love the brick floor, the wood planked walls and the gorgeous mix of textures in this image. I wish I could walk through this space... I would sit a while.

Pretty blue hues.... check out the doorknob in the MIDDLE of these doors. What I wouldn't give to have that fabulous touch! I also love how accessorized these doors are... look at all of that hardware!

Pretty panels- love the door knocker.

The transom sporting the house number is precious- I just love that touch. I also adore the old school keys hanging on the backside of this door-- every time someone opened your door there would be a pleasant little jingling!

I love an open, glassy front door.

Imagine an Elaine-sized shove while I say, "GET OUT!" (sorry to all of those who don't enjoy Sienfeld) I mean, this door is my new favorite thing. I would have never thought that a plain, non-paneled door could be this fabulous. I guess the red super high gloss paint gives it just what it needs! I also DIE over the lion door knocker... and how about all of the gorgeous hydrangeas spilling out of the golden planter...

Sorry... I had to do that....

And now back to gorgeous doors... How's THAT for an entrance!? Love all of the sweet and doily-like wood cutouts. The high gloss pink is amazing-- again, I'm dying over the centered doorknob.

Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home not only has a GORGEOUS melon colored front door- but her foyer leaves me breathless. Seriously, I can't breathe now.

A kelly green front door... the "Mc" in my new last name makes me pine for this very Irish, very lucky front door. Don't you want to see what is on the other side of that fabulous statement?
What a soft and pretty pale yellow door. I love the coordinating yellow flowers and pots. I am also digging the door knocker. this door - the door knocker = not as cool.
Don't you just lobe all of the doors? I do! Hope all of you abode lovers have an amazing Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

knock, knock... knock out!

Remember this post titled, black door bliss...? Well.... I took the plunge on my FRONT DOOR. Thank you Martha Stewart for your high gloss black paint (and of course your infinite wisdom in general)- I don't know how I could have done it without you.

Our abode faces a major beating from the sun every afternoon- so our front door is just destined to look bad most of the time. I don't know anything about staining-- Colonel Dad gave me a not-so-brief run-down of what it would entail to "refinish" my door and I decided that I didn't care about our wood door that much. I also knew that I wanted something more dramatic than a simple, stained door. So what did I do? I sanded that sucker and painted it high gloss black, duh. I adore it.

Does this image remind anyone else of an old woman who has seen way too many days in the sun but still slathers on the baby oil and bakes for hours on end?? Like an old, cracked leather shoe, ugh. It does to me. My poor door needed some serious help.

Thanks again Martha, you're the bomb... and so is your paint.
Another before image of my haggard door from Christmas.
 bless it's heart.

On top of painting my super sad door, I was finally able to use a door knocker! Isn't my door knocker gorgeous!? This may be my favorite part of the entire exterior of our abode... Mr. Husband gave this to me 2 Christmases ago and I have been waiting to place this little guy on our front door. I LOVE him! Mr. Hubbs got this guy from At Home in Homewood, AL. (He DID have a little help from me on this purchase, but he totally agreed that it was presh. (no worries, those weren't his exact use of words...)

We have a pair of black rocking chairs on our front porch and now it all makes sense-- the look of our sweet, little abode is now high contrast- and it's SO much better. Pulling up to my house is now a proud "tail-thumping" moment for me instead of a "cowering-tail-between-the-legs-moment." HOORAY!

Have a fabulous Monday abode lovers!

Friday, March 25, 2011

my tile... it's BACK!

So- lately I have gotten a LOT of people asking me about my backsplash in my kitchen! Well, I have FABULOUS news.... is selling it again in WHITE! (they also have it in a terra cotta color)

Grab it while you can- it's been gone for months! Also- if you order it, make sure you get a lot of extras... we had a lot of broken pieces- but it's SO worth it- it's an AMAZING price!


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