Monday, February 28, 2011

ceramic lady

So, do you remember this post about the ceramic puppy planters? Well... I was beyond inspired by Jeff Koons puppy planters ($7500.00-- I know, right? too. freakin. expensive.) and wanted to show all of my abode lovers some great (and much cheaper) options via Etsy. I didn't include two pups that I loved and found on Etsy because I purchased them for myself! (thank you ETSY!) So... check out my fabulous ceramic pups... they look JUST like Lady, my cocker spaniel. They also came in just over $20... go me!

These new blooms are from my backyard... I'm pretty sure the yellow "flowers" are actually weeds.... but hey, it works! It's nice to be able to walk into the backyard for fresh flowers, they're free!
 Here is another view of this precious little ceramic cocker spaniel planter. I love the whimsy that this little girl brings to the table. 
And this is my second purchase. I know, I know... this isn't a planter, but it's amazing! I love the gold accents!
 Another view....
Hope all of the Abode Lovers out there had a fabulous weekend, happy Monday all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

gray cabinetry

So- I was sifting through some of my inspiration images for my kitchen and ran across these beauties! Before painting my cabinets I thought long and hard about the colors I would choose. I wanted to see as many gray painted cabinets as possible before painting my kitchen island gray!




 The paint used in this gorgeous kitchen featured on Cote de Texas is Benjamin Moore’s Fieldstone Gray.

Here is where my kitchen cabinets started... (I felt like I was living inside a kashi cereal box...)

So, after all these gorgeous images... and several dozen gray paint swatches... I ended up using Ralph Lauren's Boulder Gray with a light glaze of Ralph Lauren Crosby in the cracks and crevices to create more depth. (pictured with old hardware...)

And here is the end product! (after many, many months!) Click HERE for the entire makeover story!

here is a view of the other side of the kitchen...
It's fun to reminisce about past projects, especially one as big as a kitchen remodel! I must say, I kind of miss it. Am I crazy? I keep lurking around my abode looking for more BIG CHANGES to be made, but nothing is as big as a kitchen (at least for me!) Anyone else as crazy as I am? 

Hope all of the Abode Lovers out there have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

puppy planter...

Anyone heard of Jeff Koons? Well, I hadn't until a few days ago- and now, of course, I'm obsessed. Unfortunately. Jeff Koons is a modern artist who created a puppy vase that I can no longer live without. I thought that surely I would be able to find one of these- but they're just a tad out of my price range... There was a re-release of 3000 puppies at $7,500 per pup, so, once again.... it's a tad out of my price range.

Here are a few lovely spaces that made me fall in love with this white, ceramic pup!

I adore this image... I love how the pup stands out in front of the bright and beautiful blue paining. I also love the modern art mixed with such a beautiful, traditional console.
This breakfast nook is fabulous. I love all of the kid art-- this pup fits right in... whimsical yet somehow glamorous... just like this gallery of kids art!
Do you see that sweet pup holding all of those branches? What a good dog! I wonder if I could just spray paint Lady (my cocker spaniel) and force her to wear a backpack full of branches.... it would certainly be cheaper than one of these Jeff Koons pups!

And again... these pups work in every kind of setting... ugh, I'm jealous. 

So, what's a $7500 dog loving girl to do??? The answer: Etsy.

This is a Vintage Wales Poodle- I think it has just as much personality if not more than the Jeff Koons pup! and it's $12!!!

I love this little guy... he's a Terrier Dog Planter and he is pretty fabulous. He is also only $12 and he will hold your flowers like the Jeff Koons Pup! You could also spray paint this little guy white and it would work in every space!

Now- I know I mentioned spray painting my dog Lady, but this is the next best thing... it's a cocker spaniel planter! I love this little guy's position... He's in play mode for sure! (He's also only $13.99)

I realize that this pup isn't all white, nor is it a planter, but I couldn't help myself... I really love this one. The pattern is really fun- and I love how dainty it feels. Blue and White Andrea by Sadek Porcelain Dog Figurine. ($10!)

Check out William the Westie... what a cutie pants. He's only $10 and he does everything that the Jeff Koons pup does... He sits, and he's white, and he holds flowers. What a good boy.
White Ceramic Dog Bookends... these pups hold your books together. They may not hold flowers, but goodness they're cute! Also-- you get two for $14!

Speaking of TWO for the price of one... I love this little pair of Vintage Scottie Dogs... ($25)

Shut the front door... I want this blue Vintage Dog Planter SO bad... she's lovely! ($12.75)

Wow... I mean, these are definitely better than the $7500 pups... and this pretty Teal Dog Planter is $28.00. I LOOOVE the color...

And to finish it off... here is a super sweet Ceramic Terrier Dog Planter... it's got the perfect touch of pink- I love this little guy! He's $17.50 and fabulous!

So, take that Jeff Koons pup. I no longer need you desperately. Anyone else loving puppy planters all of the sudden? I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nene's friends from the forest nursery

Who is Nene you ask? Well, she is one of my 3 sisters. She is the oldest- and she lives in Atlanta with her one year old, Preston and her Hubbs, Peyton. And why am I telling all of you this? Well- because she is having ANOTHER baby boy! We are all so excited- and I got to designing a mood board immediately for her son, Raleigh that is due in August!

(1) Woods Wallpaper, Anthropologie
(2) Baby Animals Prints, The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
(3) Les Amis de la Foret, SpoonFlower-- this would be used for the bumper pads!
(4) Gingahm Panel, Green, Pottery Barn Kids
(5) Distressed European Wall Clock, Wisteria
(6) Fisherman Ceiling Lamp, Pottery Barn Kids
(7) Scallop Mesh Letters, Restoration Hardware Baby&Child
(8) Organic Mini Dot Sheeting, Green, Pottery Barn Kids
(9) Blue Bird Mobile, BlaBla Kids
(10) Trellis Rug, Green, Pottery Barn Kids
(11) Jameson Crib, Restoration Hardware Baby&Child
(12) 3 Bird Mobile, Baby Jives, Etsy
(13) Faux Bois- Gray, SpoonFlower -- This would be used as an accent fabric 

So- as you can see- we are going for a woodland creatures friends from the forest, rustic/french theme. Nene loved the idea of using deer in Raleigh's room- so I took it a few levels above the deer theme when I spotted the Les Amis de la Foret on SpoonFlower.... I mean, this print is precious! I I love the use of gray for a baby room- and the bright blue, teal and stark white are a fun addition to a standard lime green and brown baby room. I really wanted to mix things up a bit- and I believe this fabric was the answer to my prayers! My mom will create bumper pads for the sweet little rustic Restoration Hardware crib and I think it will be so precious!

There is still a lot to do, and nothing is set in stone, other pieces will be necessary for the nursery- but this is a start! Nene is still waiting a few months to start gathering everything necessary for Raleigh's nursery, but I will keep all of my Abode Lovers in the loop with Raleigh's friends from the forest french/rustic nursery progress!


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