Monday, January 31, 2011

fiddle leaf fig tree

Get in my abode! I have been admiring these trees from afar in many, many beautiful images of beautiful homes. I don't have a great idea of what the heck to do with any kind of plant... Has anyone noticed that I don't EVER talk about landscaping or my yard (gasp!) That's right... I'm one of those people who has NO clue what the heck to do with my landscaping most of the time. So-- until now I have shied away from anything green that would involve too much TLC in the abode- but things change. I can't go any longer without one of these fabulous trees in my life!

I love how most of these fiddle leaf fig trees are placed in baskets-- with a little lime green moss... so lovely and fresh!

Man, how the heck to you get a tree to grow like this INSIDE an abode? It's like a lovely little canopy! Does anyone else think that this look is simply dreamy?
There again, love that lime green moss... the pups aren't bad either!

This is Emily Henderson's fabulous final challenge in HGTV's show Design Star... This room is a-mazing. She added a fiddle leaf fig tree in her space and it's gorgeous! It is perfect with the sofa!

and here it is again...

Oh my... seriously, gotta get one of these... 

I'm going to have to do some major research on how to keep these babies upright and green... That kind of thing doesn't come naturally to me unfortunately. I'm also going to have to find one! Where-oh-where can I get one of these big-leafed babies? 

Hope all of you abode lovers out there have a great Monday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

chair & chaise arrival!

So, I know that I promised I would post about my NEW FURNITURE on Saturday- but I had to wait-- I had quite a weekend and just couldn't get it together to get photos taken! Anyhow, here they are... the long awaited Restoration Hardware upholstered items have arrived! I went to the grocery store last week and picked up a can of scotch guard, knowing that somewhere in the future, I would have a pretty little creamy, white chair sitting in my living room- but was expecting mid-February as my arrival time... so, I think that by purchasing the Scotch Guard, I willed my chairs to arrive... you know, "If you build it, they will come," right? And here they are!

Remember, this is what I had before...
the leather slipper chairs seem mighty heavy now in the space-- so glad that I got something a bit more "dainty"
And remember this? This was part of my post that was describing my new items and where they would be located- 
Can you say "Power Couple?"
From my earlier post: I feel like I should have a beautiful chair wedding at the abode. I mean, she's dressed in white, beautiful, petite and charming. And he stands large, masculine and in the perfect shade of gray- I think I will do that! So- Save the Date... the chair+chaise wedding will be the highlight of the abode's year that's for sure! Maybe I could wear one of my old bridesmaid dresses... why not? What else am I going to do with all of them?

So- I know you all want to know if I have been wearing a bridesmaid dress all weekend, and well... no, my 8 bridesmaid dresses have hung in my closet all weekend long. I did however, purchase a pair of sweater material "booties" from Target and I have not taken them off my feet the entire weekend... Does that count? 
I am loving my anthropologie lamp shade with my new chairs-- love, love, love!
Here is the groom of the abode.... He's much better for lounging and watching tv than the old chairs. I also really love the color- I remember the swatch being a bit darker, but I am pretty much in love with the color gray of this piece.
And here is the pretty little bride of the abode.... this chair is beyond comfortable, the cushions are SO wonderfully plush- 

So- I hope everyone had a great weekend... now, back to work, it's Monday abode lovers!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hello Abode Lovers- as some of you may know, I am a graphic designer by day! If you didn't know, you know now! I entered a design competition on Minted almost a year ago and they are now selling another one of my designs! Check it out! AND you can use code: LAUREL2011 to receive 10% off all my designs- hooray for you!

Here are my designs sold on Minted:

This is the newest design that has JUST been added!

You can purchase skinny-wrap labels & envelopes to match!

 Here is a detail shot...

And of course, there is a matching Thank You card!

Baptism or Christening Invitations / Announcements (also offered in pink)

This is an invitation to celebrate an "Uplifting Achievement!"

 Baptism or Christening Invitations / Announcements (also offered in pink & blue color scheme)
So, go get Minted Abode Lovers! And don't forget to get your 10% off!

color me friday

Happy Friday to all of you who LOVE your Abode! I hope you have had a fantastic week- lots of things are changing quickly at my abode and I am simply giddy about it-- someone should really pinch me to make sure I'm awake and not in some fabulous dream involving a stream of new furniture! That's right... I got something else besides the Restoration Hardware trunk this week! I will share all of the yummy details tomorrow! Usually, it takes MONTHS of saving, searching- and then finally making that purchase with my heart pounding (usually accompanied my sweaty hands, a little anxiety as well as a coupon code or two....) But this time, the stars all aligned and yours truly ran across some fabulous deals and a wee bit of luck...

At an attempt of sharing my delightful state of bliss, I am posting quite an array of images today that should get your creative juices flowing. Your eyes will be happy and surprised with punchy splashes of color... May your day be as sunny as mine!

I really love the colorful mix of artwork in this image... Also- that cart looks STACKED with little treasures and trinkets!
Peachy-orange mixed with purple... who'd a thunk it!? It's beautiful and completely unexpected! I am loving the stacks of books used as decor- lovely!
This image is one of my favorites... I love, love the pair of ottomans. The pink and orange combination is quirky and pretty fantastic. The tones are similar in richness so they blend beautifully together without looking ridiculous or clashing. I also love the lack of color in the chunky lucite table as well as the kelly green patterned pillow... this space reminds me of skittles... and skittles are pretty delicious!
I still love the "For Like Ever" prints... They are silly and add such a fun sarcasm to beautiful spaces like the one below... 
This is a gorgeous array of artwork and photos... what a gallery wall! I especially love all of the super-rich colors in this space... the green, gold and pale teal are AMAZING together!
I'm always a sucker for orange... and orange paired with teals and blues is probably my all time fave... which is exactly why I love this space so much!
 This space is sophisticated and so very lovely... the punches of hot pink and gold really "young-it-up"
 pink and green... sweet!
Okay-- does anyone know what kind of trees these are? I really want a few for my abode-- anyone? anyone?
Yum, yum, yum... Deep blue walls, hot pink drapes and a plethora of shiny, glamourous things! The gold chandelier mixed with the mirrors and silver objects on the table creates such a rich and luxurious feel to this dining room.
So- if anyone knows what kind of trees those are I would really LOVE to know... also, I can't WAIT to share what's NEW at the abode tomorrow! Have a great Friday!


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