Wednesday, December 14, 2011

antelope lust

Good Morning abode lovers and happy Thursday! I don't know about you guys, but I have been busier than ever lately. Christmas being right around the corner only adds to the "to-do" list, but it'll be well worth it come Christmas eve! I am looking forward to some quality time with the fam as well as a big 'ole BREAK from work!

Anyway, today I want to discuss the fabulousness of antelope print. I am pretty sure it's my new favorite thing and I keep spotting it all over the place! Here are a few images to inspire some antelope lust in you!

I love all of the rustic touches in this space, but I'm eyeing the antelope patterned pillow lounging on the sofa... LOVE it! It's more unexpected than cheetah or zebra print, but just as playful! 

I adore this office space. The floor to ceiling bookshelves complete with artwork hanging sporadically in between the display units is just gorgeous. I am also dying over the purple, glass lamp. I'm usually not a fan of the color purple in general, but I am loving it with all of the neutrals in this space. But here again, I'm focusing on that incredible antelope pattern flooding the floor. I feel like this pattern will work just about anywhere... I love the imperfect patterns as well as the undulating tans and browns fading from dark to light, lovely!

Perfection. Seriously, this is perfection. I am thinking when I build my dream nursery it will absolutely have wall-to-wall antelope print like this gorgeous space. I think it would work beautifully for a boy or girl and it would certainly hide any stains or dirt. Anyone else dying over this simple, chic nursery?!?

Again, antelope patterned rug that floods the space. In this image it just looks like an organic stripe that elongates the space. I am just in LOVE with this pattern. I also really love how the artwork compliments the stripes while adding an unexpected palette of purples, pinks and reds to the space.

Fabulous idea for a runner in a hallway. Again, it elongates the space and adds interest to the floor, and like I said before, I believe that this pattern can conceal a great amount of dirt and wear from traffic because of the organic lines throughout the busy pattern.

Here is a great example of how to use antelope pattern in your home. Look at what a statement is made with this pattern going up the stairs! This makes me want to rip out my skank carpet going up my stairs and replace it with some of this yummy antelope pattern...

And here is one more space that is simple and comfy that has used the antelope pattern wall to wall for a bit of fun and unexpected charm. 

So, anyone else lusting for antelope pattern to appear in their abode??? I think I'll be daydreaming about this pattern climbing my stairs for the remainder of the day... ah, how gorgeous would that be!?! Have an amazing Thursday abode lovers!


  1. OK, I had never seen an anteloope print anything but now I LOVE it! Thanks for introducing me to it. I LOVE animal prints so will be on the lookout for antelope now!!!!!!! I am thinking our bedroom.....wher better than a little LUST:):):) XO, pinky

  2. I love the antelope! It is subtle, but still adds a uniqueness to the space. I especially love it in the nursery.


  3. is antelope the next zebra trend? all of these rooms look amazing.

  4. I am in love with the antelope on the stairs (even hubby loved.....). I <3 the office space too......would love to have that space one day....a girl can dream!

  5. You are sooo right on with this pattern..I saw this elsewhere & wanted sooo bad to do it as a runner over the carpeting on my current stairs, but the cost way a bit much $$$'s GORGEOUS though!! Happy holidays!

  6. The antelope pattern is indeed a beautiful concept. It's obvious that the homeowner loves the concept that much. The prints are all over the place! The staircase carpet appealed to me the most though. It looks rustic, but gives elegance to the stairs at the same time. If I'm going to do this in my home, I'll have a zebra print carpeted floor instead. :D

    Lyda Tavorn



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