Monday, September 12, 2011

roomspiration linky party: entryway edition

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I am so excited to be a part of my first LINKY PARTY! Myself and 11 other amazing bloggers are coming together to share our homes and see what yours looks like! Today we are sharing entryways... For those of you who have seen my entryway, just play along and add yours below!

Here is my pretty entry/ main hallway... stripes were a must... this was my first project that I completed in my first home- and boy did I make a statement. I do not have a photo of the wall before... I know, I know... it's sad, I've already had a pitty-party about it... so, this is the best I could do. This is right after mister hubbs and I closed on the house, and I was giving a tour to my supermom... she didn't take a photo of the actual hall, because as I said before, hallways are generally lame.

Can you see the lame-ness? Barely? Well, its all I've got- so imagine a LOT of "builder beige" very granola... and I am not granola.  

First I painted the walls Ralph Lauren Veranda (cream). Then I spent an entire day measuring 5" stripes down both, long hallways... I used a level, a pencil, and a ruler... that's right, I did it old school. I tried to use the cheapest laser level thingamabob I could find.... it didn't work. I used about 6 rolls of tape, and then I was ready to paint!

I used Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic... it has a consistency slightly thicker than water, so I knew I was in trouble once I started rolling in between the lines. I knew that I would have a lot of touching up to do once the tape came up! Painting the stripes didn't take that long. Or maybe it was just really exciting to be painting instead of prepping for paint! I painted 3-4 coats of the metallic, the more you use, the better the texture becomes and the more metallic the paint looks.

Removing the tape should have been the best part of this project, instead, removing the tape stripped a lot of the base coat off in chunks and, I was right, the paint ran right through the tape in so many places.... So, after all of that work, I took the tape off while I cried and drank wine. It was pathetic. Thank goodness all of the tape I had used turned into a ball that was ENORMOUS... so enormous that I couldn't help but laugh a little.

So, I came home every night from work and touched up my precious walls for hours until it was time to go to sleep. This lasted for about 3 weeks, and then, it, was, DONE! I'm pretty sure I cried again, this time minus the wine, and the gigantic blue ball of tape.

After all of that work, it took a long time to mussy up the courage to hang anything on the walls, and by a long time, I mean about a year! I collected different pieces for the hallway over about a 2 year span- and finally came up with an organic arrangement that I love....

This is our entry/hallway now....what do you think?

The wall hangings are all monotoned in color- I stuck with cream, white, silver and gold. I even painted  three canvases to compliment the monotones in the rest of the arrangement. I think it's easier to make a grouping of wall hangings when you have a general idea about color scheme, shape or sizes as well as a variety of different kinds of pieces (like mirrors, artwork, photographs and objects)

I found the tiny convex mirror below at an antique place in pelham, alabama- love it! I painted the petal painting in the center of the collection as well as the two chair paintings on canvases. 

I adopted the small set of deer horns from my mother-in-law, I LOVE the creamy/rustic look that they bring to this collection. They're perfect for adding a little manliness to all the prettiness. The top frame with the writing on it is a lucky find from Hobby Lobby (not expected, I know!) The simple, cream frames are from Pottery Barn. I love having a place to frame our engagement and wedding photos! 

 The white and gold oval mirror was another lucky find that I ran across while shopping at TJMaxx. The cream frame with the linen mat holding our sweet pups is from Pottery Barn. The precious yellow wooden circle frame is from Anthropologie. I love the subtle touch of color that this piece brings to the wall and I really love that it's hanging from the yellow ribbon. I think this breaks up the look of all these hanging pieces. The small dog canvas is another piece painted by yours truly! There's nothing like hanging your own artwork.

Here's a quick shot of the actual entryway: the two paintings to the left are also painted by me! We replaced an awful "boob light" (sorry... I know that's crass, but lets be honest, it's true!) with this looker from Pottery Barn. I love the glass and the formality that this light fixture gives this space.

Here is a quick shot standing in the kitchen looking down my stripey-fab hallway. Mister Husband replaced all of the "boob lights" that were running down the hallway with these pendants from Pottery Barn. I LOVE the look of pendants in a hallway. I used edison bulbs in these fixtures to add even more interest. I LOVE a good edison bulb. 

So, do you want to see the other side of the entryway? Here it is... it's NOT complete yet. The walls need to be painted and I'm really wanting to use black, yum! Anyway, Mister Husband got this great mirror for me (that I picked out..) and I have been waiting to hang it until I got a little table. I have also had these antique gold, crystal dripped sconces for over a YEAR now... I have been patiently waiting to come across the right console table, and I finally found a solution that I liked! So here it is! (and yes... that is King peeking out of the guest bedroom in the mirror)

Here are the Aris Corbel shelves that I got from Restoration Hardware-- they were SO big that I could use them to create a small foyer table. I was able to pick them up at my local Restoration Hardware- and then Mr.Husband contacted our local glass guy to get the glass top at a MUCH cheaper price than RH's glass table top. Wahoo for my wallet! I thought about getting many different console options, but I knew that the piece needed to be so small that it was difficult finding something that didn't look too wimpy... after all, that mirror is HUGE! So- these hefty corbels fit the bill! 

Here are a few shots of the deets.... I love this photo of my little brother- I took it in my college photography class and have always wanted to use it somewhere special. I used a few martini glasses, a shaker and a silver tray to create a little bar area- I LOVE a good mini bars in any abode... 

I LOVE the little rock votive holder, I snagged it for $6.99 at TJ Maxx... score! I got the metal "M" from Urban Outfitters-- and stacked a few pretty books topped with jars to finish up the table. 

Here it is again... you can see the oval rug that Mister Hubbs got me for my birthday a few years ago from Anthropologie as well. I love it!

I must say, I really love our striped entryway and hallway. It was worth all of the work and frustration. I think you can see exactly what kind of people we are as soon as you walk through the door. I love packing a ton of personality into small spaces. The stripes such a huge statement when you open our front door. What I learned: when painting stripes, give the base coat MORE than 24 hours before putting painters tape on top. I would suggest a WEEK so that you may avoid the pitty party that I went through. Also, if you are using paint that does not require a special application (the metallic paint must be painted with a shag roller) paint by hand and forget the tape! If you do not have a steady hand, forget about it... but if you do, it's totally worth painting the stripes in by hand with a brush!

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  1. I love the stripes! All that hard work paid off and your entry looks great. Your gallery wall is so nicely done. I'm so excited to get these Roomspiration parties started!

  2. Love your entryway...especially the stripes. I gave you a shout out and a link over to your blog on my blog to start off Roomspiration. Let the fun begin.

  3. Your entryway is gorgeous! I long for the day when we get around to having a real front entryway...perhaps next year. So excited to 'cheat' just a little and participate then to drool at all of the entryway inspiration! So much fun!


  4. Wow! I LOOOOOOOOVE the stripes. It's so dramatic. Thanks for hosting. I haven't fixed up the entry way in our new house yet. I'm a new follower though!

  5. I love your entryway! I have that same mirror with the writing about love all over it. :)

  6. Oops, I meant picture frame, not mirror!

  7. I just painted my bathroom with striped and you were absolutely my inspiration. Before I started my endeavor though I was given an absolute invaluable piece of advice to stop the paint from running. After I taped the lines I covered the seam with a very thin layer of nail hole filler. I let it dry and then paintd away. This creates a barrier and seals it off. The filler dries pretty much clear and you only use it on the areas where you will be painting so you never see it. It worked wonderfully and literally not one areas "leaked" I hope this bit of info helps someone. I know it did me :-)

  8. Sorry for all the typos... not quite awake yet :-)

  9. Wow! What a knockout entryway. LOVING. IT. :) And I have so much sympathy for you touching up ALLLLL those stripes for days and days and days. We painted cream/metallic stripes in our powder room, so I know that's not easy!

    PS - I'm so impressed with your paintings! You're a talented lady!

    Okay, off to check out all these fabulous entryways!

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous hallway! I admire your patience with the stripes... they were worth it! Props to you for your incredible paintings... display worthy for sure!

  11. Laurel-Dawn! Well done, chica! Those stripes really do pack a wallop. I've tried stripes a couple of times and just ended up not liking them for the space that I chose...after spending a boatload of time on them already. Now, that's something to cry about! : \
    Oh, and I wanted to say that I have the clementine moorish tile rug from your Man Mountain in my living room and get questions about it constantly.
    Here's a link to the living room reveal:
    Thanks for hosting, girl!

    Abbie (Five days...5 ways)

  12. I love your entrance hall...but I'm a bit of a stripe addict! I'm thrilled to find your blog, too (via ala mode!)

  13. I got my autumn cottage magazine in the mail! Thanks again!
    I'm using your entryway as inspiration when I have a place of my own! I'm in love!

  14. You have a beautiful front your stripes! Thank you for hosting this very fun party this week. I just recently found your blog and have giggled about your green chair really looks stunning in your sister's nursery! worth the wait? I think so.


  15. Love your blog. Here via Ala Mode. This is a great party, thank you for hosting. Your entry is stunning. ~Sarah

  16. thank you for kicking off this phenomenal linky extravaganza! The entry to your home is lovely. I particularly like the photos of your dogs and the pendant lighting - that give me inspiration! And I was laughing so much when I read your last post about the chair adventure. The baby's room in your sister's home is so SO pretty :) take care, Diane

  17. Your stripes are fabulous! Your entry is just beautiful! I'll now never look at my "boob" lights the same way again. lol I'd never thought of them like that before, but you're totally right! Maybe I need to do some changing. :)

  18. Your entryway totally rocks! Swoon :) Hope you're enjoying the Roomspiration party, considering you're the first one to break the ice.

  19. 45 awesome link ups! So happy you agreed to do Roomspiration with us! You have amazing talent! I love your stripes and gallery walls! Can't wait to see what everyone else links up! :D Have a great day!

  20. I love your space, you're an amazing artist! I'll be nosing around a first time here, but not my last!
    War Eagle!

  21. Thanks so much for doing this link up! I love this idea! I just recently put up new foyer wallpaper, so I'm so excited to link up and check out other amazing foyers! :)

  22. I'm glad it went well for you with the links and the blog post! Great job Laurel-Dawn! Of course your entryway is fabulous and everyone loves it! I finally linked up, better late than never right? So glad you joined me in this adventure!

  23. Love the stripes, and the frames and colors you chose look just perfect with them. What a happy entryway to enter into. :)

  24. your entryway is uber impressive, I love it! The colors and stripes are gorgeous!

  25. Wowzas girl! The entryway is just as impressive as everything else I have seen in your gorgeous house! You are just amazing...I can't believe that we all have to post our rooms after yours! (c: Those stripes are killing me, love it!

  26. Wow, what a statement your entry makes! Just linked up a post from last month, great link party!

  27. I agree with Debra, what a statement your entry makes. I love the mirror with the carving overhead and your cute chair pics.

    Thanks for hosting!


  28. Girl, you've got talent oozing out of your pores! I love everything about your space. Thanks for hosting!

  29. Wow Laurel Dawn your entry is incredible. Way to kick off this party with a BANG!! Love the colors you used for the stripes and the color on the ceiling...and your gallery wall. It is all perfect.

  30. Hi! So glad I found your blog, I'm your newest follower! Your entryway is fab, love the stripes and all that you hung there especially ones that you painted! Love Pottery Barn too and your lights are fantastic!
    Thanks for hosting and I may join this party!

  31. Your entry is gorgeous and the stripes an obvious labor of love! 3 weeks!!!! I think my DIY-ADD would have prevented me from completing such a project. Your stick-to-it-ness paid off.

    Cathy @ Room Rx
    PS I was having trouble with the linky tool and somehow managed to post my entry twice...feel free to remove one

  32. I just found your blog and I'm in loveee!
    I can absolutely related to your style! And your home just has so much personality!
    I am your latest follower!

    Your stripe hall ways is amazing - I wish I had a hallway, I would join the party in a heart beat. The yellow wooden frame was the first things that caught my eye and go figure, it's from my fave store :)

  33. All I can say is WOW! It turned out beautifully! I love the grouping and choice of objects on the wall and I adore the colours you chose! Your story really made me smile, I think we can all relate to turning to wine after a DIY-gone-wrong incident! So glad I found your blog... now following along!

  34. Amazing entry! I love your striped gallery wall! Thanks for hosting. I'm a little late linking up. It's my first stop by your blog. You have great taste! I just joined as a follower. I'll hope you'll stop by and check out The Corson Cottage sometime:)

  35. I love your entryway!!! That is the next part of our house I want to tackle so I am looking for inspiration. I'm a new follower!

  36. Wow, your hallway is so inspiring! I was going to paint my laundry room with stripes like that but now I'm wanting to do my hallway! So beautiful. :)

  37. Gorgeous Entryway! Wanting to do this color in our lower level bathroom. What color of the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics is it? Golden Candlesticks, Summer Gold, Bronze Statue...? Thanks for the help!!

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  39. May I ask, what colors are your wall? I looks as though it's cream and gold? Can I get the names of the colored paint you used? Thank you :) I love it!!!!

  40. Shrub Dawn! Well done, chica! Those stripes truly pack a clobber. I've attempted stripes two or three times and simply wound up not loving them for the space that I chose...after investing a boatload of energy in them as of now. Presently, that is something to cry about! Gracious, and I needed to say that I have the clementine Moorish tile floor covering from your Man Mountain in my lounge room and get questions about it continually. A debt of gratitude is in order for facilitating, young lady!

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