Friday, August 5, 2011

nail it honey

Happy Friday abode lovers!
Yesterday I wrote about the oh-so-fabulous chatham beach house... the first image that I posted inspired me. It's a gorgeous headboard with nail heads outlining the interesting shape. It's amazing how much nail heads can do for a piece of furniture, or even walls! Check out these amazing images featuring nail heads...

This room is so fantastic. The ceiling is a gorgeous high gloss pumpkin and the walls have been brought to life with bright gold nail heads on top of a subtle wallpaper pattern. This is such a bold and interesting look. What a great way to add glamour to any space! 

Mister Hubbs would totally love this. I love these square, gold nail heads contrasting against the glossy black. This is pretty fantastic for a mens closet... 

There's nothing like a classic chair outlined in nail heads... what a great look. I also adore the fabric on the cushion, so fun!

I've had a crush on this little stool from Restoration Hardware, the nail heads MAKE this piece. See..?!?

Check out these upholstered walls with a wide diamond pattern... wowza. 

This beauty from Jayson Home and Garden has also been on my radar... Where oh where can this go in my abode? I adore the shape of the chair and the swirly arms-- the interesting shape is amplified by the nail heads. 

 Good gosh. Can I do this to my sofa? Isn't the bottom portion amaze-balls!? I went online to find this beauty and couldn't find it anywhere to purchase... poo-posh. Anyone know where I can find this guy? 

Serena & Lily headboard with nail head trim- This is a great shape to use on a headboard. Simple and classic. 

This is an IKEA console with nailhead trim added... oh the possibilities. Isn't this a great look? So custom.

Check out how lovely the brass nail heads look on the edge of this petite little console. You could truly add nail heads to anything.  

This is a great DIY- this screen is made super interesting with this pattern created with nail heads.

Another great piece made interesting with nail heads. Is it just me, or is everyone thinking of using nail heads on EVERYTHING!?!
 Nail heads used to finish off a beautifully custom kitchen... wow.

Check out these burlap upholstered walls finished with nail heads.... woah. 

Anyone else drooling?

Nail heads + green doors = fabulousness. What a great way to add richness and interest to plain, cheap doors. 
Love these orange leather barstools trimmed with nail heads.  

This is the image from yesterday's post that inspired me... look at the shape of this gorgeous bed! Don't the nail heads finish it off beautifully?

Beacon Fabric is a great place to get nail head trim. It looks like it could be an easy DIY to do on furniture or walls... my brain is churning away, I hope yours is too! Have a happy Friday!


  1. These are amazing examples! Love how they dress up plain doors and dressers.

  2. I think I need to find something to do this to. Obviously the possibilities are endless! Fun images you've shared!

  3. oh my gosh!!! that black love to make my guy's closet look like that. Im seriously wondering where i can get those square nail heads!!
    Loved this post, very inspired.

  4. I am in LOVE with the very first room - it is STUNNING!!!

  5. That first picture is insane, INSANE!!!!! I have never met anything with nails I didn't like.

  6. I tried these nail heads on a chair and had such a hard time getting them straight! Any suggestions?

  7. I love this look! Those couches are amazing! I am a new follower!

    xoxo Denise



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