Wednesday, July 6, 2011

white brick wednesday

Happy Wednesday abode lovers! 
I have been loving painted white brick for quite some time now and am deeply saddened that I don't have any brick to paint in my abode... maybe in our next home? Anyway- I thought I would share some gorgeous images where bricks have been painted white-- the texture is always so gorgeous and it really brings a lovely streamlined quality to the spaces in which it lives. Prepare yourself to drool....

I love the wood mantel in contrast to the stark white brick. It brings warmth and ties in the ceiling beams that live within the space. I also love that the wood really brings your eye to the focal point of the room- gorgeous!

The juxtaposition of white painted brick and the smooth carrera subway tile is rocking my world right now. 

The layers of milky white in this space are so pretty and light. I love the comfortable feel of this room and that the white painted brick fireplace brings texture to the space while setting the perfect backdrop to the antique white mantel.

Painted brick, painted beams, so stinking pretty. 

Again, you can see the texture that this painted brick wall brings to this space while still flowing in seamlessly to the white furniture and shelving. 

This space has always been one of my FAVORITE inspiration images. I love the warm and rich mango tones mixed with all of the white in the space. The contrast between the soft and perfectly shaped headboard and the rough, painted brick wall is to die for. I love how lush and inviting this space feels and I think that it's because of all of the different layers and textures of white.

Brick abodes painted white/cream simply own me. One day, I will have an abode that is dressed in white. I am really loving that this abode is also rocking some pretty gorgeous copper. I also love that they kept all of the brick around the house the warm copper color... 

Another inspiration favorite... Again, the contrast between the rustic, textured white wall and the pristine and plush headboard makes for one gorgeous space. I also completely adore the little antique chest at the foot of the bed... that shape is presh. 

Clean and modern cabinetry with the industrial feel of the white painted backsplash is a great combination. Love the contrast in texture... and love that they're the same color. 

Nothing like a huge white fireplace to bring a clean and modern feel to a space... I am also loving all of the white frames and accessories. What a great foyer!

I love this craftsman style living space. The enclosed cabinetry and windows flanking the white painted brick is such a classic look. The modern white furnishings makes this space so interesting. I love, love the large wooden ball sitting on the coffee table... I wonder where I can snag one of those beauties? I also really love that the crown molding is a deep chocolate brown, it really ties in beautifully with the warm toned floors and the animal hide rug.

Young House Love knows how to paint a fireplace white... they have done it THREE times now and I have loved the look EVERY TIME! 

This small space is packed with personality. The white painted brick opens up the space and is a nice contrast to the oversized modern clock. I love the shelf carrying multiple containers for utensils. 

Another big, beautiful abode painted in white. The copper drain pipes and gutters are such an interesting way to add color and detail to this abode's exterior. I also love the beige shutters and the black hold-backs. Lovely!

Oh goodness. Painted walls, unpainted ceiling. I die. 

All of the white in this space allows the collection of artwork to shine while still maintaining a degree of interest by the texture of the bricks. 

And again... another brick abode painted white. This home is so, so beautiful! I love the stark contrast between the white brick and the rich, black shutters and front door. I also really love the decorative terrace on the front of this home... such a lovely way to create a focal point in the middle of this home's facade. 

Don't you just LOVE brick painted white? It creates such a clean transformation... it gets me every time! I hope all of you have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. I love painted white brick. It really freshens up a space :)


  2. OoOoo, such pretty pics! That bathroom is gorgeous!! We painted our fireplace white... made such a huge difference!

  3. I am also a huge fan of painted brick. I love the combination of rustic with elegant in the images you chose! Great roundup! :)

  4. I wish I had a brick wall to paint! I love the photos, the brick walls really bring the rooms alive.

  5. You are making me feel so much better about the fireplace in our house that was painted when we bought it. I repainted it white for the time being and have been thinking about resurfacing it but apparently it's in vogue - I'm so glad I read this post!

  6. I love this post! I have to save a pic of the white brick house and copper in my inspiration folder, I am in love!

  7. I want to brick up a wall right now! So much texture.....great examples.



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