Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tipsy tables

So- I know that back in Mad Men times, this was the norm (having a little totty mid-day to make it through the work week- how did they ever get anything done??) But this is not about a stiff drink, or a mixed drink. This post is simply about how gorgeous a little butlers cart can be when stocked with beautiful glassware, and lots of multi-colored glass bottles. It's pretty fancy and fabulous if you asked me... 

This image is so lovely- I am loving all of the limes and lemons on display to add color to the image- and I am always loving the look of Pellegrino on display. The emerald green glass paired with the oh-so classic blue, white and red label just scream elegance and tradition- why not have your water sparkle? 
Here is a gorgeous rolling cart that is being used as a side table. I like that it is something different and really like that there's a light source in this corner.
Hello gorgeous. This unbelievable gold rolling cart displays a tea set... I love this elegant look.
You can turn any old bookshelf or tabletop into your personal cocktail bar by using a pretty tray and loading it full of your favorite glassware like in this image... I am LOVING those sweet little silver goblets.
This butlers table would look great in my abode... I love the criss-crossing lines and the look of containment of the items on the table.
These oval butler carts are killing me... softly. I LOVE the curves, and I love how packed in all of this glassware is. It feels so rich, so collected. 
Here is another example of making a mini-bar wherever you'd like. This little tray packed full of goodies is such a great look.
Another view of the same space. Pretty fabulous huh?
Good gosh- look at those awesome big back wheels... This little cart is precious. 
I love the stemware holder there on the wall... what a great idea! This little corner has become a precious little rustic wet bar.
Hello again oval bar... you are still lovely.
A natural looking tray table... love the texture of this piece.
Pretty. So pretty.
I love the mixture of textures and colors on this little cart- the blue, clear and green glass bring color and life to the table- and I love the ice bucket- the natural pattern brings depth and warmth to this vignette.
Another little tray packed with all different shapes, sizes and colors of bottles. 
This little bar is fantastic- love the surprise blue interior of this black piece!
This gold and mirrored cart is glamorous and elegant- I love the simple, modern lines. 
Leather strapped handles give this little tray some spunk. 
Gorgeous... look at all of that beautiful glassware... I bet this is every mommy's worst nightmare. I guess you can't have little kiddos to display glassware like this. 

Are you now DYING to get this look? Well- here are some fun options that I rounded up so that you, my abode lovers, could get your bar on.

I love this creamy white option- and the legs are glossy and pretty fabulous. Loving the mix of textures and materials in this piece.

West Elm offers LOTS of different finishes. Again, I'm loving the light, glossy look- but the natural texture is fun too. 

Here is one of those fabulous oval butler carts... this one is a tad expensive... who am I kidding? It's TOO darn expensive. BUT it's amazing.

I think this little guy is screaming to be purchased! At $200 I think he has great bones... lots of potential. I think a coat of white- or maybe yellow paint could make this baby sing... 

Under $200 and simply fabulous. This bookshelf would work perfectly for a mini bar. 
I like the gray option, I think it would work in any space- but this teal option is to die.

Another great piece that could work wonderfully as a butlers cart.

Here are some GREAT items to place ON your butlers tray....

Inlaid Bone Flower Tray in Blue, Green or White
If I could have any tray in the entire world- it would be this one. I have been in love with this beauty for a while.... I like the green one best, but they're all pretty amazing!

I would want LOTS of these to put on my cart.... I love the milky, iridescent look of these beauties. 

These would add a great pop of color to any little cocktail bar. I also really love the fact that these are monogrammed... I'm a sucker for anything I can personalize.

Here are two super affordable decanters that could be used to bring a little tradition and timelessness to your mini bar. I love the etched glass- and the toppers of these are so pretty. I love how they catch the light. I'm not a dark liquor kind of woman... maybe I could just fill mine with apple juice? I love the rich caramel color... inside the decanter.

I have this fabulous martini shaker... it's AMAZING. It has recipes galore and it's great when you have guest because it makes about 3 martinis. I also love that is streamlined and looks great on display.

I also have this Wine Cooler- it's gorgeous. I need to get my act together and create a cocktail bar for my abode!

These are just a few super pretty and fun things that you can put on your mini-bar. I love the idea of having all these beautiful shiny objects all clustered together on one small table. I'm a sucker for a sparkly collection! Anyone else love the cocktail look?


  1. Great collection of pics! I love the look of a butler's cart, used as a mini bar. I have a few decanters of liquor out on my sideboard, but the bottles are in the large bar area of our home. We hold card games where a full bar is a necessity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sigh... I've been looking for a butler cart for what seems like forever. The best option I found was at Amazon. Liking your Z Gallerie option as well though!

  3. WOW so much to love in this post - love the monogrammed orange coasters - think i will order some today! not sure if a bar cart would be safe in our house with toddlers/babies - BUT I want one just for the pretties!

  4. I've been on the hunt for a new side've just shown me what to look for! Thanks!

  5. great collection of bars! and you are right, while i would love a bar in our living room, i don't think our 2 year old would "look and not touch" :)

  6. So many pretty pictures in this post! I am blessed with a small wet bar in the living room! I also need to get my act together and make it look smashing!

  7. These are all fantastic! Love that you included your signature inlaid bone pieces. So fun. These pieces are functional and super stylish. Great finds.

  8. What a great collection of bar carts.

  9. What a great roundup! My favorite thing in our house is the bar cart. Adds so much personality and fun to style!

  10. I came over from "Made by Girl" after I saw your lovely home tour and your Auburn degrees on the wall! My husband and I are Auburn grads too (me-'05 Architecture) and we live in the same city as you. Such a small world! I love all the details in your home. LOVE the stripes! We just moved here from Charlotte in the fall and I need to find all the neat little places to shop here to find some things for our house. Any suggestions?

  11. Great pics. I remember my parents having a bar cart growing up and all of the bottles broke through the glass once because it got so heavy so my parents threw it away instead of fixing it :-( Darn, how I wish they wouldn't have thrown it away. It would have been perfect now...especially since I have more of an appreciation for design and vintage stuff...sigh!

  12. Yes! Carts seem to be popping up everywhere lately! Or maybe I'm just late... But I love the idea of them. They are really great for small spaces.

    Congratulations on your feature at Made By Girl! Exciting! I've always been a big fan of your home. Have a great day!

  13. I cannot begin to express the fabulousity of this post. I love it. I've been thinking about that cart from Urbn forever.

    Congrats on being featured on Made By Girl. Your blog totally deserves the attention.

    I'd love it if you wanna stop by to visit me too. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog here:

    Can't wait to rummage through all your old posts!

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  16. I am crazy about the bar tables from Z Gallerie.
    SO going there now to look a little further...

    By the way, I saw that MBG featured your place on her blog. Just beautiful... Can I move in?

  17. For the past couple of years I have had a cart in my bathroom. It was a rickety old thing, but I painted it black and it looks wonderful now. I placed a pretty ceramic toothbrush holder and soap dish on it, along with two picture frames. On the bottom rack there are towels. I love it!

  18. Great idea... love em!

    wood kitchen cart



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