Tuesday, March 29, 2011

front door fixation

I love my new front door... but here are a few images that are just as spectacular! Don't worry, I'll be moving on to a different subject in my next post.... But there's nothing like a fabulous front door to give a great first impression....

This door is amazing. I love the brick floor, the wood planked walls and the gorgeous mix of textures in this image. I wish I could walk through this space... I would sit a while.

Pretty blue hues.... check out the doorknob in the MIDDLE of these doors. What I wouldn't give to have that fabulous touch! I also love how accessorized these doors are... look at all of that hardware!

Pretty panels- love the door knocker.

The transom sporting the house number is precious- I just love that touch. I also adore the old school keys hanging on the backside of this door-- every time someone opened your door there would be a pleasant little jingling!

I love an open, glassy front door.

Imagine an Elaine-sized shove while I say, "GET OUT!" (sorry to all of those who don't enjoy Sienfeld) I mean, this door is my new favorite thing. I would have never thought that a plain, non-paneled door could be this fabulous. I guess the red super high gloss paint gives it just what it needs! I also DIE over the lion door knocker... and how about all of the gorgeous hydrangeas spilling out of the golden planter...

Sorry... I had to do that....

And now back to gorgeous doors... How's THAT for an entrance!? Love all of the sweet and doily-like wood cutouts. The high gloss pink is amazing-- again, I'm dying over the centered doorknob.

Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home not only has a GORGEOUS melon colored front door- but her foyer leaves me breathless. Seriously, I can't breathe now.

A kelly green front door... the "Mc" in my new last name makes me pine for this very Irish, very lucky front door. Don't you want to see what is on the other side of that fabulous statement?
What a soft and pretty pale yellow door. I love the coordinating yellow flowers and pots. I am also digging the door knocker. this door - the door knocker = not as cool.
Don't you just lobe all of the doors? I do! Hope all of you abode lovers have an amazing Tuesday!


  1. Such pretty doors ! Your knocker is so great, it's making me want an animal knocker.

  2. I love all these doors with mail slots! Why don't we have mail slots anymore? Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are all sooo fabulous. That pink door... whaaaa?! Wanted to thank you for stopping by Sadie and Stella today and leaving a comment about my chair! So nice of you.

  4. I love to see doors and entrys, so many great ideas. Yours is beautiful!

    I have a Giveaway from The Zhush I know you will love!

    Art by Karena

  5. When I finally get to but a house, the look of the front door will be SO important! I love these images, gets me dreaming...

  6. If you ever visit London, specifically the westminister area (like the buckhead of atlanta?) you will notice that most of the doors have centered door knobs! I just love it! I also found a lion cast iron door knocker in Opelika for $8!!!!! Of course I snatched it up, you can get one too when you visit auburn again! It's down near railroad ave a store by frou frou.

  7. I thoroughly enjoy your blog!! So I would like to award you with the stylish blogger award! You can check out my blog here, http://lesley-ward.blogspot.com/ for further information! Thanks for the great blogging!!

  8. I'm going to paint my front door this week and I'm still waffling on the color. This post helps me narrow my field. Thank you! XO

  9. Umm...love them all! #2 has a very Tiffany feel to it, with that blue-green color and all of the platinum hardware. Like jewelry for your house :) Gorgeous.

  10. I love the idea of making a statement with your front door. The double swinging one is my fav! In fact, when hubs and I were house shopping, the house we ended up buying gained extra points in my book because of its unique, stained glass door (it still makes me smile with joy when I see it! :))

  11. I love colorful front doors. Ours is a bright dark blue - similar to what's on the drawing by PVE on my blog. Love it too when there are interior doors painted black.

  12. ummmmm...the turquoise door. Need it. Now. I would be inclined to go and steal it from the house. Beautiful!


  13. Beautiful doors- great attention to detail. So happy to find your blog! :)

  14. I do love them all. I have a new client that I would like to suggest getting a new front door. It would make the foyer amazing.

  15. Seriously? The doorknob of that pink door is in the center? That leaves me with the question: “How about the lock?”, “How can I open that door?”, “Is it a sliding door or just the same pull-push door?”. It’s very catchy! Nice one!

    -Isaac Andre

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  17. Each are beautiful in their own way. Each has a distinctive feature that separates them from each other. If I were to choose one, my favorite would be the doors in blue! A door knob at the center of the door really fascinates me. Very tricky!

    -Willene Fagen



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