Tuesday, March 8, 2011

blast from the past

So- while checking my morning email I stumbled across a name I hadn't seen in YEARS! As a Air Force Brat, I moved around when I was young and made friends with lots of kids along the way-- one has found be through my blog! (My  mom shamelessly plugged Abode Love in her Christmas card...) So, my childhood friend, Abbey from California, sent me a lovely email with an image attached of what I gave her for her 8th birthday.

The concept was not mine... My mom created these precious pieces of art for her friends and family when I was little. I obviously wanted to copy her and make one myself for my friend's birthday. I am sure I had lots of help tracing the letters... but I'm pretty sure all the little drawings were all me...

My mom always included the daddy flying above the letters waving... in my little world, all Daddys wore a flight suit and flew airplanes.

My mom also cut the mats and framed my little piece of art. My mom can do anything and everything- she's that woman that takes on everything and can finish it all with grace and maybe a little touch of madness. (she would tell you otherwise of course, but she IS a modern-day superwoman)  
Anyway- I just wanted to share a little of my creative beginnings with all of those who love their abodes. It's really amazing to reconnect with people because of the blogging world, I love it. So thank you Abbey!


  1. I LOVE that and love that your friend still has it!

  2. That is precious! And so sweet that your friend kept it for so long! Now I want to figure out how to get my 5 year old to recreate something like that!

  3. Too cute! What a great memory to have & what a tallented 8 year old artist you were (Would love to see some of your mums work too).

  4. This is so adorable. blogging is amazing huh!



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