Thursday, December 23, 2010

a merry little christmas....

I hope that all of my abode lovers have a beautiful and blessed Christmas! I will be spending the next few days with family and could NOT be any happier! My car is packed to the tippy-top with gifts... so excited to see everyone and start celebrating the reason for the season!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, from my abode to yours!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

judging a book by it's cover...

I know, I know... Christmas is the season of GIVING! (no worries, my Christmas tree is packed with gifts for people OTHER than myself) BUT I have indulged in a few special items before the big day.... this is one of them:

I love Steve Martin, and I LOVED the movie ShopGirl... If I had known that is was based off of Steve Martin's book Shop Girl- I would have read it before seeing the movie- too bad! Anyhow- I love the way good ole Steve writes... I'm only about 50 pages in, but I a can tell this one's going to be good!

I am a graphic designer, so I can't really help it, but I totally judge books by their cover. (and I rarely buy paperbacks- I'm just a book snob- I can't help it!) This cover is the bomb. It was done by Darren Booth... he is super awesome and unbelievably talented. He is based out of Canada and is an illustrator/typographer-- Here is more of his work!

I would love to have this framed in my abode... so striking!
 again, I would love to have this... this would look GREAT in my living room!

 Love the rough edges of these next illustrations...

Have a great day! I will be reading An Object of Beauty as a gift to myself this Christmas and then PROUDLY displaying it in the abode... gotta love a great book with a beautiful cover!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

monkey see, monkey do: bone inlay!

So- since purchasing my faux bone inlay mirror from Wisteria... I have had bone inlay on the brain! Now- I NEED YOUR HELP! I just KNOW that a fabulous blogger has painted a mirror to look like an inlaid piece... can anyone help me with the link? I cannot believe that I have lost it! I am thinking of trying to paint a piece to mimic this look as well and would love the insight!

After searching for inlay pieces I have determined that I ADORE the look- but the look is way bigger than my purse... pocket... and piggy bank combined! I would really love a BIG piece in the abode to make a statement! This is why I need help tracking down that fabulous project!

Here is an image from my dining nook... love this mirror! It gave me inlay fever... 

Here are more options from Wisteria...
these have pearl inlay-- they were a little out of my budget, but they are gorgeous... I especially love the detail of the birds!

Check out these spaces- don't you think the bone inlay pieces are spectacular? They add such a rich and eclectic feel to every space!

I realize that this is a bit much... but the metallic lamp with the bone inlay is an awesome contrast!
black and white bone inlay on peachy-pink... fabulous!
I die over this chair... I want a bunch of them!
that's what I'm talking about! Big, bold, beautiful!
this is an oldie but a goodie from Anthropologie-- I wish they were still selling this beauty!
A pair of inlaid stools add so much interest to this sleek, modern space... 
there are those chairs again! YUMMMMM! So curvy and delicious!

this chest below is a great size... love all of the beautiful artwork in this space, the chest fits RIGHT in!
Again... really love the green... it's a nice twist on the traditional.

soft and pretty with a gray background...

Here are a pair of beauties from Serena and Lily- One grey, one cream... both gorgeous!

pink. fabulous.
another ghost chair... another inlaid beauty...
those little tables are inlaid... 
Inlaid in a kids room.... (I think make-belive baby abode needs an inlaid changing table too!)... love it!
The pink is just killing me softly.... where oh where can I find this!?!
So- if anyone knows the fabulous bloggin' lady that created the faux inlaid mirror I would greatly appreciate the link! Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hanging out around Abode Love!?!

I mean, knock me off my feet this morning why don't you!!! I feel like I'm a 6th grader in middle school and someone just passed me a note saying "so-and-so totally likes you, I heard him saying it in P.E.! P.S. I also heard that the 8th grade girls are going to invite us to their party this weekend at the skating rink!... ttyl, love ya" 

"why?" you ask? Well, because Abode Love got mentioned in Kirsten Krason's 6th Street Design School featuring an interview with Jen by Made By Girl.... (and yes, I realize that I'm a total dork for feeling like they're the popular girls of middle school... but this is just who I am... a silly woman who loves blogs and all of the super cool ladies that make the blog world what it is!) So.... thanks for making me feel like the this morning Jen!

Check out 6th Street's "What I Love About..." post and learn all about Jen of Made By Girl.. it's a great interview- and apparently, Jen has been hanging around Abode Love lately.... (woohoo!)

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

monkey see, monkey do: sheepskin!

(anyone have problems seeing my post about my mirror wall? Some friends have mentioned not seeing it-- CHECK IT OUT! it's my LAST edition to my kitchen remodel!)

BACK TO BUSINESS....Oh yes- I have once again jumped on the bandwagon.... drank the koolaid... bought a sheepskin rug/throw! I have always LOVED these in homes... but I ran across this little fuzzy wonder at TJMaxx... It was $12! Yes, please! Here it is in the Man Mountain sitting in my lovely ghost chair. 

Here are some gorgeous spaces that use sheepskin-

 hmmm.... this reminds me of my space! ghost chair + sheepskin= fabulousness!
 this image comes from Young House Love

actual sheep... gotta love it.
I have always loved this space....
Love, love, love sheepskin draped over a comfy chair by the fireplace...

another little sheep... 

love the sheepskin, and the dog is presh!

Hope you have a fabulous hump day!


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