Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mantel envy? fake it!

So- after posting many Christmas decor inspiration photos the other day, I had quite a few bummed out abode lovers who are lacking a fireplace this Christmas! Well.. with a little magic and a lot of design guts & gusto, you can create a faux fireplace. I love, love this look. I think only super decoristas do it... but it's awesome- and after looking over these photos, you will want to do it too!

If you love this look- the Christmas season is the PERFECT excuse to pull this into your abode.... after all, where are those gorgeous stockings going to hang?

stacked plywood stained different colors... the imperfections are lovely!

Here is a lovely before and after from Oodeedoh. 

I just love,  love, love this image... the all white faux fireplace with the contrasting antique chair with touches of bright teal is such a lovely contrast. 
 again, gorgeous and done SO well...
 wowwie. zowwie. I would love this faux baby in my abode...

Here is the great "how to" from Vintage Revivals. I love this mantle, the top rustic piece adds such a nice touch, also the fact that it is resting on a "crate" is fantastic, it adds height which makes it seem all the more realistic! If you can believe it, this faux fireplace is made from recycled cabinetry! Check it out!

 This is a great way to do a faux fireplace... mirrors fix all... also, this room feels much bigger and brighter thanks to this mirror!
So gorgeous... this is a great way to display resting art on the ground- what a lovely little space! 
Love this... glued wood slices, super smart.

And another from karapaslaydesigns

Have a super Tuesday abode lovers! As a side note... Mister Hubbs is officially Mister Superman today- HE FIXED THE WATER HEATER! Wooohoo! Thanks for all who had their fingers crossed!

Monday, November 29, 2010

grout, grout, grout!

So, as promised, here are the most recent images of the never ending kitchen remodel! Here are the before grout images:

Colonel Dad and I mixed up the grout... I got a nice shade of gray that would blend well with the island cabinets and dark brown wall color. I got a sandless grout so that my tiles wouldn't get scratched.
And then began the work... it's really not as easy as it looks on tv. You have to have much more arm strength than I had expected- but the concept is simple... push the grout into the spaces at every angle possible.... As I mentioned before, since this grout is sandless, it's much easier on your hands. "Why would you use your hands?" you ask. Well, because some of the crevices are too hard to get to.... fingers end up being your best tool. Colonel Dad raved about how much regular grout tears up your fingers... so, note to self, sandless is the way to go!
 Mister Hubbs is responsible for this blurry, back-side image of me in action...
 There I am again! Working that grout in!
 I was a little freaked out when it looked like this... I thought for sure that the grout was too dark and that the spaces in between the tiles was way too big. Colonel Dad assured me that once we started sponging off the access, that the line would become much thinner. Also- the color would dry lighter than it looked when wet... Colonel Dad was right, as usual!
We laid down cardboard so that the counter wouldn't get messy- also, we wanted to get a clean line where the backsplash and the granite meet... Colonel Dad plans on caulking the line with a color that matches the grout-- we will do that in the next week or so!

And then the sponging began.... we decided that the sponges worked pretty well to get the majority off of the top- but we used old rags to wipe most of the remaining grout off the tiles. We found it was much more successful!
 ta-da! See, the lines are MUCH thinner than they looked in the top photos. Also- the grout dried much lighter than the photos I have posted... it took a handful of hours to get to the correct color.

And then the lighting began... Colonel Dad got one of the lights up and functioning when the water heater needed some attention... so, hopefully we will be able to finish up the under cabinet lighting next week!

And this is the mess that was my kitchen for the day!
More later! Have a great day!

it's beginning to look a lot like....

Oh yes- it's here fellow abode lovers! Tis the season to be merry, and warm and happy--

Yesterday, Colonel Dad came over to help FINISH UP the kitchen! That's right, I said FINISH! However, nothing really ever goes as planned, so instead of FINISHING, Colonel Dad and Mr. Husband spent much of the afternoon dealing with our broken water heater... so much for being warm (at least in the shower) this holiday season! So, wouldn't you know, the bottom "element" (I'm learning all kinds of new water heater terminology) will NOT come out. We need to replace it, and we have tried everything to get that skank sucker out of there. No luck so far. Colonel Dad called around to see if he could find a big ole socket wrench (38mm to be exact) to get that corroded, dumb thing replaced and was successful this morning! If the wrench thing cannot remove the element, we're looking at purchasing a freaking $500 water heater this Christmas. Jealous? So, everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer that we can remove and replace the element!

Anyway- more on that saga later... Colonel Dad and I DID make major headway in the kitchen, there will be a post about that later this evening, hooray!

As for now, here is some Christmas cheer to get your week started off right! Enjoy!

I am in love with lime green for Christmas this year... I love the combination of the modern lime green with the rich dark green of the tree. Lovely!
 What a cute way to incorporate Christmas decor in a bedroom... stockings hung from the foot of the bed is a great idea... precious!
 Very traditional, but here again, I love the lime green that is seen in the apples... this keeps it traditional with a little kick of freshness!
 This is just lovely... that wreath is gorgeous. Red would have really clashed in this space- so I love that yellow is used instead...
 Here again, Christmas and NO red... I am diggin' it. This rich blue is still super festive-
 I have loved this image for a while... I adore that tree! I love the branches dripping in fake snow- it makes such a soft and frothy Christmas centerpiece... LOVE it!

 Again with the lime green! Here apples are added again, but Pears are also a great option to decorate with! Anyone else LOVE the birdhouse display? So sweet.
 Have yourself a Lucite Christmas... yes please! I love the branch hanging in the second image. I think that this branch idea could work year round. Instead of ornaments, you could hang crystals from fishing line... this would be GORGEOUS!
 My favorite part to decorate... the MANTLE! Even though there is an ENORMOUS tree in the room that is typically not there... in my opinion, the mantle is still the centerpiece of the room...
 An airy, Charlie Brown style Christmas tree done right.. Love the faux snow that the tree rests in...
 Another bed decorated for the holidays...
 More dainty, Charlie Brown style Christmas trees!
 Gold tree... Love it.
 More of my favorite color at Christmas... lime green.
 Why hang only ONE wreath when you could hang 3?? I die, I want this look on my front door! ( I also am LOVING the blue door)
 I am loving this mantle... The all white is gorgeous, and all of the little owl figurines are quirky- love this. Also, love all the stacked wood!
 Those stockings are precious. Love the tall, slender shape...
 White Christmas- I love the oversized ornament in the bookshelf, also the cone-shaped trees are fabulous.
Hope all of you abode lovers are decorating your homes lovingly... I know I am! Photos to come- Have a wonderful Monday AND keep your fingers crossed that Mr.Hubbs and I won't have to buy ourselves a new hot water heater for Christmas this year!


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