Thursday, September 30, 2010

peter frank via house beautiful

again... House Beautiful is featuring another beautiful abode that I must blog about. This is the home of Peter Frank, a stylist... and boy, is he stylish! Peter has done work for Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren, and Garnet Hill. Check it out Abode Lovers....
 "Why the two front doors?" you ask...
Here's why: "This is a big house — the original was a two-family house, with two distinct sides. I basically live on one side of the house, and there's another side that's the "company" side of the house, with a formal living room that I never go into unless I have guests." -Peter Frank
I mean, I would like to have to houses "smooshed" together... one fancy side... one hang out and get messy side... why not!?

I am adoring the symmetry of this wall hangings in the foyer... how lovely... 
Check out the carpet leading up the stairs... awesome, right!? Also... I really love the idea of the ledge here with all of the hooks for coats and hats. The ledge is perfect for displaying ever-changing artwork and photographs... perfect for a stylist!
blue grasscloth... perfect... where oh where can I copy this???
 I like to call this.... the ram chair
that clock is sitting on top of a mini faux fireplace- love it. I also love the chair pairing, they're very sweet sitting side-by-side...
This is a beautiful gray- soft, and warm without being too muddy. 
the pitchers in a line are too sweet- I love the variation in color... just right.
 the contrast in this kitchen is lovely! Check out the painted floors... pretty.
I love a big sink... love all of the natural light pouring into this space... what a dream!
I love that these painted walls mimic the painted floors in the kitchen and dining area... it creates a cohesive feel throughout the abode.
 The mix of patterns is fabulous- also.. check out how many area rugs are in this ONE room! I count 4! 
great art- Peter mentions in the article that he buys art from his artist friends- I love that.  
 some of the stylists' pretty things...
 and here's the brilliant man behind this abode that we love!
Here are some tips straight from Peter's fabulous mouth, "I find rules and guidelines are for the faint-of-heart and basically worthless. When I read lists of "Always do this" and "Never do that," they never make much sense to me. A very good decorator told me that all four legs of a piece of furniture must always sit within an area rug. That's absolutely right, except when it's absolutely wrong. I have both situations in my house, and both are correct."

Great tips... decor rules are for losers. 
Happy Thursday readers!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

romantic victorian home in new orleans

Thank you House Beautiful for introducing me to designer, Melissa Rufty! Check out her GORGEOUS home inspired by the vivacious city where she dwells... New Orleans! Melissa's home is full of flirty style and a bit of quirk and soul... lovely, simply lovely!

Also, check out Melissa's website, MMR Interiors... you will recognize TONS of images from her portfolio... what a talent she is!

My favorite thing about this charming breakfast nook, are the orange tapers. They give this traditional space full of antiques life and spunk!
The mirror... the ceiling... the chandelier... the sconce... complete and utter glam. 
the lady in this painting adjusting her shoe is a pink pleated party dress is so fun-- I believe the man behind her is making eyes in her direction... I mean, I would adore this painting. So much life, such amazing use of color. 

 Such a light and bright space... lovely light streaming in from the windows... love the use of golden patterns in this living room.
another lovely sitting room... notice how the artwork is hung under the sconces... I like that. Also.. the golden walls tie in nicely with the room above. 

 This is my favorite image from the entire abode... "why" you ask? Well... because that painting paired with the floral wallpaper is awesome. Also... I want to find a floor lamp JUST like's like a little chandelier.
Blue, tufted, rimmed with nailhead designs banquette seating underneath the stairway? yes. I also love the sconces- what a wonderful reading nook!
 tortoise shell on the wall... why didn't I think of that?
I love the slick, white parsons desk paired with such lovely and traditional canopies. Also... I would love to have little closets that open with double doors... because it's fabulous!
and this is the lady with all of the great style! I would like to be her bestie. I'm just sayin'...
Have a great Tuesday night!

perfect & pretty painted floors

So- after my post yesterday- I decided that I would research more painted floors. I really love the look that was created on Young House Love- so here are a few other amazing painted floors!

 check out the blog for the "how-to"
Here is another great blog "how to" from High Heeled Foot in the Door I love, love how the kitchen hardware matches the floor... it's such a nice, sweet touch! Also... this painted floor makeover only cost $50! Can you believe it?!
Here are more pretty, painted floors! I love this creamy gray tone on the floors in this space.... so soft and beautiful!
 so fun!

 again... really love solid, painted floors...
 I am loving this checked pattern! The overlapping lines create a lot of different depths of color... nice!
 the cool, glossy floors in this bathroom are pretty fantastic... The wallpaper may be a bit competitive and a little too matchy-matchy for my taste... but the floor is amazing!
 Elle Decor + painted floors= pretty!
 I'm pretty sure that THIS is my favorite painted floor thus far... I mean, hello graphic, and hello aged and beautiful! This floor is to die for... 
 lacy painted floor... pretty and soft. Love the pale gray cement background. 
 black floor drama... such a nice contrast to the pale blue walls...
 zig zag bathroom floor? yes, please!
 this hallway is gorgeous... so rich, so traditional. This will not go out of style!
 another beautiful black floor...
 this is such a sweet and feminine space... the pink drapes are so, so glamorous.... I want them! I think that these soft, diamond painted wood floors are just right in this room!
 more diamonds... more traditional style... lovely, timeless!
 and even more traditional diamonds...
 this is quite playful- what a fun pattern for the floor! I really think the color combination is great in this space... it's neutral and would go with anything... I do think a small area rug would be nice- it would create a bit of contrast... maybe something solid?
Man, if I had a floor to paint, I would do it! Anyone thinking of tackling this kind of project?


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