Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Design Secrets from Emily Henderson

Hello blog world.... so, I've been MIA, I know. I have been in Atlanta, visiting my sister and her sweet baby. But I am back now- and ready to talk some seriously awesome design.

Anyone watch Secrets Of A Stylist Sunday night on HGTV? If you didn't, you truly missed out. Emily is adorable, smart and an amazing designer/stylist. I mean, she is my new favorite thing! I can't wait until she has an entire season of this brilliance! Here is what you missed...

Here is Emily with her friend, Ian Brennan who is the creator of Glee!
This is the guy who is getting a home makeover!
this is the outside of Ian's 1924 L.A. Bungalow
 here is the living space before...
Emily decided through a series of "quizzes" that Ian's style incorporates 3 distinct styles.... they are historical traditional, 60's mod, and world traveler. See how Emily layers the styles to create Ian's personal style throughout his entire abode!

Now- another thing I love about Emily... while filming, and gushing about these light fixtures... Emily witnessed her carpenter shatter the matching sconce. She freaked for one second, and then said, "it'll be fins, it's a sconce, not a baby!" loved that moment.
Here is an odd room that Emily infused with Ian's new personal style...

I love that this room is slightly more feminine, which is great for a guest room. 
I would love, love to stay cooped up in this little bed... seems so precious and cozy!

and here is Ian's master bedroom
I love how Emily uses these "goose-neck" vintage office lamps as sconces... they don't even match- which is, of course, the brilliance of it!

and his new office turned entertainment space...
Here are those makeshift sconces again- they were less alike then she wanted, so she sprayed them black to create a more cohesive look.
more cowhide!
I pretty much adore the style of this abode... it's got Ian's style infused from floor to ceiling. It's also a lot of fun to learn more about how to professionally style your space. I would encourage everyone to follow this one... Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

design star!

I'm not sure if anyone else has been following the fabulous show Design Star on HGTV- but I have definitely been obsessed! and I know, I know... this is old news to some people... but, Most of the time, the top 3 of the competition are just okay- but man, this season, nobody disappointed! The top two came down to Emily and Michael, who I have love, loved from day one- so I was happy to see these two as the last ones standing!

So- for those of you who don't know who won... it was Emily! She has great style- and I have really enjoyed seeing her create beautiful spaces. Emily's new show is called Secrets of a Stylist.... so check it out!
Here are images of Emily's work... I would feel totally comfortable letting her create whatever she wanted in my abode! How about you? What do you think of Emily and her style?

this glass box challenge is what landed Emily in the top 2-- I mean, LOVE it! She mimicked this space after her personal clothing style... such a great way to design!
and this is the space she designed for a fellow contestant... she based it off of his style, and trust me, it's dead on... this was the room that won her the Design Star title and tv show!
Here are more images from Emily's portfolio.... get ready for eclectic prettiness!
I am loving this space... the campaign style bedside table is so lovely- the artwork is light and airy- but there is quite a lot of style packed in these small prints... they bring a lot of "quirky-ness" to the space... 
I would now like a shiny, gold coffee cup.
again, I really love the attention to beautiful and lively artwork-

do I have to keep pointing out the artwork? I mean, Emily is an artist's dream... she appreciates what an impact art can have on a space...
love cowhide.
and more artwork in a collage- lovely.
really lovely- I love this chair!

How lovely is this little nook!? I adore all of the green and white- it's so fresh and young!
the gold finishes in this little nook are so lovely-- that little lamp and side table want to come home with me! Also, notice that Emily uses another BRIGHT colored rug- it really livens up the space...

campaign style side tables again... nice.
must. find. gold. piglet.

I am really loving the chaise below the window... it has such a soft and pleasing metallic sheen...
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday night prettiness.

yes, I realize that blogging on saturday night doesn't make me the most hip or cool... but I ran across this image and it just made me melt. The ultra traditional chandelier, mirror and wall sconces look so beautifully quirky and unexpected paired with the modern lines of the table and chairs. I love the juxtaposition of new and old- it makes the space feel rich, warm and lived in. Also, notice the creamy, layered cowhide rug against the dark chocolate floors- lovely contrast!
and that's it! enjoy the beautiful image, and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

feature friday: holy headboard!

happy friday to all of my Abode Love readers! today, I am focusing on headboards... they are the fireplace of a bedroom... you know, THE focal point (in most cases). Check out these lovely spaces where the headboard is center stage.... ahhh.

The shape of this headboard is to die for. The room looks SO grand because of the scale of the headboard, as well as it being framed by flanking windows and matching lamps. The creamy tones used in this space are so perfect for a bedroom. They're soothing and create a restful space. Also, check out the large basket trunk at the foot of the bed... so lovely.
Here is another unique headboard shape... the stark black creates such a strong focal point in the sweet and soft bedroom. I love, love the embroidery on the headboard- it feels custom and rich.
Want to add color and pattern to your space? Check out this upholstered headboard- it creates such a strong sense of style in this white room... so whimsical and fresh! A great way to switch up the style of your bedroom would be to purchase an upholstered bed that can be easily slipcovered. That way, you could switch up the style of the space easily on the cheap!
This room is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the deep grey walls against the creamy tufted bed. The bed not only has a stunning headboard, but the tufted rolling footboard really "glams" up the space. Also-- this space is the perfect combination of modern and traditional style- the mixed finishes, the reflective mirror and the chandelier are traditional pieces- but the artwork is modern. What a lovely marriage of styles.
Here is another tufted headboard done very differently. The contrasting black cording and buttons add a fun and quirky feel to the bed- I love how tailored it feels! I also LOVE the contrasting bedskirt that matches the bolster on the bed. Quite fun, quite unexpected.
Wow... this is a statement! I love the random patterns and color selections of this space... I'm not sure if I have ever seen a headboard like this!?
This mirror is being used as a headboard- and I love it. It is definitely the focal point of the space- and reflects so much natural light in so many different directions. It's a nice change to the standard headboard.
What I love about this bedroom is that the artwork ties into the headboard so nicely in size and color. It extends your eye right up to draw attention to the high ceilings. Again... creating a beautiful focal point in the space.
I am dying over this space... the contrast is to die for, the verticality of this headboard is show-stopping, and the nail heads lining the headboard create a finished look.
rustic gate used for headboard=genius.
I realize this is styled for Christmas... but, come on, an actual mantle for a headboard? awesome!
This headboard is so, so lovely- I love how it mimics a chair or sofa... the "arms" that begin to wrap around the bed frame the pillows so nicely. Also, it makes the bed look so cozy!
Hope you have enjoyed the eye candy... if you are a frequent Abode Love reader, then make it official! Follow me! I love seeing you is reading! Have a great weekend!


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