Thursday, July 29, 2010

monkey see, monkey do: round, mirror light

I love seeing trends out in the design world that I have in my own humble abode. Since purchasing these little beauties from Pottery Barn a few months ago... I have been seeing them EVERYWHERE! Check out my faceted, round, mirror lights-
Here they are in my abode... 
Why these work in my space: I wanted more light in the outside perimeter of my living room, so I knew I needed to find lighting that would work well in the space. I already have two lampshades in the room, so I felt that I needed to avoid another lamp shade at all costs. SO... I ran across these beautiful lamps on PB and decided they were perfect. They have dimmers that create a wide range of lighting options... and they sparkle.... which I love.
here is a close up...
More? No problem... now, check out this same idea in lots of different spaces!
these round sconces use clear glass... they still have a reflection, but it's more subtle. I think these are perfect for this little, rustic nook. Gorgeous.

Soft and pretty sconce- love the rustic grey tone in the wood surround. 

look hard... the little round, mirror sconce is in the corner. How about that butterfly installation!?
and here is another sconce in the same room...
Lonny mag featured this... I about died when I saw the sconce... I felt like the coolest kid in school knowing that I had two of these beauties in my home too!

This image comes from House Beautiful- the mirrored sconce adds such a pop of glamour into this space-
another more subtle approach...

I see two pretty little mirrored sconces leading into another space.... Pretty chair covers as well!
Have a wonderful weekend! I am off to the beach for a mini-vacation... be back Tuesday!

barry dixon knows his stuff...

Check out this guy's work... His name is Barry Dixon- and he's the man. This home was featured in Traditional Home Magazine, it's the Charity Works Green House Show Home. 

Have an amazing day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

kitchen demo!

Not only did I complete my daunting drapes & valances last weekend... but we demo'd the kitchen backsplash! Thanks to Colonel Dad, Mister Husband and a little help from me- we got this DONE!

Colonel Dad said from the beginning, based on the tile that I chose, that we needed to replace the sheetrock and start with a fresh, smooth surface to lay the new tile. If we were going with something that didn't have to be smooth and completely even, we could have stuck with what we had- and patched where necessary. BUT new sheetrock is definitely the best option in this situation, especially when the Colonel is a master craftsman... no worries here!

chipping away at the tile to see if we could salvage the sheetrock...
Mister Hubbs digging in...
and this is after they decided that the sheetrock must go...

Colonel Dad also mentioned that I would need a trim to finish off the edges of my backsplash.... why didn't I think of that? I was so excited to check out my options... here are my favorites from Lowes.
The first is a beveled marble, the second has a beaded detail, and the third is flat & plain. 
Originally, I thought flat & plain was the way to go... but I wasn't sure once I compared it to my tile...
I asked Mister Hubbs what he thought, he usually says, "whatever you think" like a good husband- but this time he said, "the middle one, for sure." I couldn't have been happier... the middle one is definitely the perfect choice for our kitchen, and Mister Husband made that very clear. 

So... we are well on our way to a beautiful, new kitchen! I will keep updating our progress!

Monday, July 26, 2010

diy drapes & valances

So, I am finally done with my top secret big "a" project.... DRAPES & VALANCES for the living room! I never thought this day would come... seriously, it took forever to complete this project!

So, I copied my drop cloth curtains from an earlier project... check out the basics of how to make drop-cloth curtains here. I did add a lot of fancy-shmancy additions to this version though....

I added valances, as well as a few different fabrics to use horizontally through the drapes. The horizontal lines draw your eye from my horizontal striped foyer & hallway (see here)... which I love.

Here are a few sketches that I did pre-project...
this map of measurements made shopping for fabric & drop cloths much easier...

Since I already gave a brief run-through of how to make the drapes... I am fast-forwarding to the valances...

Here are a few shots of the process of how I hung the valances.... I purchased 2x4's and had them cut to the necessary length for each window. I used small "L" brackets to hang the 2x4's.
here is the 2x4 resting on the "L" brackets. Another thing... notice the lovely rod... it was THE cheapest option at Bed Bath & Beyond... so they came home with me... after all, they will be covered! I also considered PVC pipe as a cheap option...
So, then I did this... I took the rectangle shape for the valance and gave it a 1 1/5" hem... and then I did something very fancy & upscale... I glue-gunned the drop cloth directly to the 2x4 while it hung... (yes, I know this was very dangerous of me, and slightly odd, but it adhered beautifully...)  I THEN decided to "trim as I went"... so, the edges are rough, but with a hit of the glue gun, nobody would ever know.
Here it is before I trimmed the excess fabric... 
Here is a reminder of how the living room looked pre-draperies...
and again..
and now... here is an image to show the great silk patterned fabric that I found, and the solid yellow is a soft linen.
and... ta-da!
ta-da again!
look at how the pattern from the drapes ties in so beautifully to my rug!

Whew! I never thought they would be complete! Hope you all have a great monday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

feature friday: wallpapered ceilings

happy friday! I know I deserve a little treat for making it through the week... so I am sure that you deserve a treat as well! What is this treat? WALLPAPERED CEILINGS... I started investigating after this post a little while ago... check out the awesomeness that I have found & enjoy!

What better place for a little whimsy than a nursery? 
so sweet! also love the scalloped valance... 
so sweet and warm!
I really like this wood print wallpaper... since it's a natural pattern, it is a more subtle statement... gorgeous! and again... another pretty valance!
I am still dying over this space.. the freaking trees go up and over the molding to hover in a canopy of leaves overhead... and check out the driftwood chandelier- I am in lust, big time with this dining room.
can you see the little hint of wallpaper on this ceiling?
oh yes... I would like this wallpaper on my ceiling- such a classic and simple pattern! Look how much it warms up this very cool-toned space... white walls, tones of purple, and black... is all of the sudden warm thanks to this ceiling. genius.

I love, love the continuation of pattern right on to the ceiling... gutsy, and I like it!
another great space with a "star-like" pattern...
have a super-fab weekend everyone! AND check me out on twitter! thanks to an awesome and super knowledgeable reader of mine, Cara, I am finally "tweeting"-- more about this later once I figure how to twit & tweet like a pro! 


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