Monday, June 28, 2010

college work revisited

Good evening all, and happy Monday! I had a fabulous girls weekend at the beach- so I am back, and ready to blog!

I wanted to revisit some old work today- college work! I loved college, becausee I loved school, and I loved, loved my fine art and design classes. Here are some mixed media pieces that I used for my final graphic design project at Auburn University. I had way too much fun creating these- I used everything I could think of, paint, chalk & oil pastels, stamps, ink, pencil... and cut from Vogue and Elle magazines for hours to create these illustrations.

These all happen to be hanging in the room with the drop cloth curtains that I blogged about a few weeks ago. I am sure you all saw little bits of them, but here they are in a grid on the wall- and a few of my favorites up close...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i partied like it was my birthday... in my own way

so, i've officially had an excellent birthday! But now its time for a re-cap of my weekend drapery project as well as some of the fun things I got for my birthday!

But, first things first... I have realized over the past weekend that our yellow lab likes the limelight... I feel like I spent my whole weekend "shewing!" our pup out of the photo... so,  I feel like I should introduce the big fella... His name is King. Lots of people have compared him to Marley, of Marley& Me... but Mr. Husband demands that he is much more behaved than that... (maybe just around Mr.Hubbs though...)

so, here is the cake that Mr. Hubbs got me for my birthday :) 

... and here is King, trying to make this photo all about him....
and this is me giving him what he wants... his moment in the limelight... aka, the refrigerator light... 

and while I am on the subject of pups, I must introduce my little cocker spaniel, Lady... this is how she prefers to spend her time-- 

Now... back on subject... DRAPES! I thoroughly enjoyed creating drop cloth curtains with my new sewing machine over the weekend! I got the idea from one of my sweet friends who also blogs- check here out here

So here is what I did... I purchased the biggest drop cloths that I could find from Lowe's, and some fun trim from Jo-Ann fabrics- 

and again, proof of the camera hog... 

So, drop cloth drapes are super-duper easy... it was a great first sewing project- the drop cloths were so huge, so I cut them down to the correct size... 

then I folded over a 3" pocket for the drapery rod-
once I pinned down the entire panel, I ironed the fold...
time to sew!
it looks like I was sewing in the dark... because I was! why not? it was hot, and my brotha' has a little light... NOW, it was time for the fun... I decided on the pink trim- love it. I used a glue gun for this... it was so quick and easy!
NEXT, it was time to hang the rod... all by myself. Usually Mister Husband tackles this portion of the project... not this time! I was drilling my holes when I realized that I had lost our hammer... so I had to make a special trip to the store- that wasn't annoying or anything... 
look at that... anchors, screws... done!
Here is the guest room before... notice that the queen size bed is not centered on the window... this makes me crazy- but I really needed the space- so, my plan was to conceal this fudge... 
here is the room from another angle before...
and here it is after!
I also spray painted the frames on the right side... much better!
here are my pink pom-poms up close- they create whimsy!
So- that's that! I really love my drapes! They were cheap, and so easy to make! I think I will be using drop cloths again in my decorating! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

happy, happy, happy birthday to me!

yes- it's my birthday! I am spending the day with my mom, shopping. I took the day off work, and SO glad that I did... because, I got this in the mail... 

it's my love, anthropologie, wishing me a super-fab birthday... AND 15% off my entire purchase... looks like someone is after my heart....
i mean, how stinking cute can this get! the candle is actually a necklace- and the typography is so delicate and perfect... thank you anthro, even though i've got a ring on it... I'm lusting for you often, especially when you surprise me with such grace...

as I mentioned before, I am not working today, and while blogging does not feel like it's work... I am holding off on posting my weekend before and after, oh brother, project... you will have to stop by tomorrow to sneak a peak at my new drapes!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

the wall-of-frame...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Especially mine, he's the very, very best brand of *dad*-
I will be spending this evening with my Dad- mom is making lemon, breaded chicken with capers... yum- and fingers crossed a fabulously fattening dessert!

As for today's inspiration... check it out. THE WALL-OF-FRAMES This trend is awesome- it makes a HUGE statement in any room... I have used this trend more than once in my home- it's always what people comment on in my lovely abode. My post about my stripey-fab hallway contains an organic wall cluster that I love... but here are a few other ways to go about your wall-of-frames!

This is organic, and completely mix-and-matched- different frame finishes, artwork, photos and mirrors... it stretches across the room and adds a lot of interest and color to the space.

This is the exact opposite of what you just saw... Here, the cluster is gridded out, all the same white frame, with a white mat surrounding a black and white photo. I do love how the sizes are different, while staying in a rectangle on the wall. Such a great way to display family photos of all kinds!

Here again is a strict grid, all the same size frames, and white mat surrounding the art. Such a beautiful and simple statement that draws your eye upward- creates drama-- and LOVE the pup basking in the sun... sweet.

All black frames with white mats, love the display of precious photos....

I love, love this little nook... it's a beautiful way to display art and bring interest to a small space in a home.

Gorgeous... love this kind of frame! They expose the wall color behind the art... Also, love these botanical prints- they are different- but work so well as one, large art piece. Notice also how the frames go behind the headboard and lamps... it creates a natural, carefree look.

What a statement!

wow.. I would have hated to hang all of these! But I think this is amazing..

These figure drawings are perfect for a bathroom, they create such a beautiful and elegant area of interest. I have a ton of figure drawing studies from school, and this cluster is inspiring me!

So, you love this, I know... but you are afraid to hammer that many nails into your wall. I get it, but here is a great way to systematically hang every piece that you want perfectly! Cut out pieces of paper that are the exact size of your frames, tape them on the wall using painters tape... and once you have it perfect, hang those suckers!

Again, Happy Father's Day! and enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

oh brother...

It's officially on. I feel like I am in a pressure cooker-- why do you ask? Well, because I ordered a stinking sewing machine. Why am I already calling it a stinking sewing machine? Because it was a great idea in theory- but now that UPS says it's due to arrive at my house today- I will actually have to sew. And since I am blogging about it, I will really have to sew.

Here is what I ordered... oh brother.

It was on a great sale through amazon- check it out! Also, it got lots of gold stars, which I like.

Don't get me wrong- I know how to use a sewing machine, but this one looks pretty fancy... look at all of the different stitch options on the right panel! I am hoping that I will learn how to use this sewing machine fast! Because I have a project to complete THIS weekend! 

I generally go about something new like a man (blanket statement, I know)... I hate reading directions. Ugh- it makes me crazy to think about reading the whole book to figure out how to thread a needle... hopefully it won't be too complex.

What am I sewing? Curtains! And no, I am not telling you any of the details- you will just have to follow me, and see what I have to show you next week!

But, here is your daily dose of eye candy... it's been a long week, and I think we all deserve it! 

I love these shades paired with simple, cream drapes! This is what I am thinking of doing for Landon and Kelli's Living Room!

ceiling draperies=maximum drama- love the bold color against the light, creamy space & furniture
wall to wall, floor to ceiling drapes... a-ma-zing.

pretty pattern, adds youth to this space

gorgeous- the periwinkle silk drapes are so perfect for this glamorous space

splash of fresh, airy blue 

shades+drapes again=loveliness

love, love the wall of drapes behind the bed... so dramatic, so fabulous!

happy friday!


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