Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kitchen cabinet redo

Almost a year and half ago I took the plunge and painted my cheap-o kitchen cabinets. I have the kind of cabinets that feel a little bit like cardboard in the center... yuck.

I wanted to do something that looked more expensive, custom & light.

Before I painted my cabinets, I compared my kitchen to a granola bar with red berries...
I don't like granola.
Mister Hubbs and I painted the kitchen crosby by Ralph Lauren. I wanted something that was dramatic, that would be a great contrast to the light cabinets that I had in mind.

I went to Home Depot and had a long talk with the paint guys about a way to avoid sanding... I found out the hard way that you cannot avoid that dusty step! I had primed all 35 cabinets when the first 2 coats of primer started to peel off.

After many tears of frustration, another trip to Home Depot, and some furious sanding... I was ready to prime, again.

When I finally got ready to put the actual COLOR on the cabinets, you would have thought it was Christmas, I was so excited! I used a small, sponge roller for the inset portion of the cabinet door to avoid visible brush strokes, but I did use a brush for the hard to reach grooves.

I wanted to use a creamy-ivory Ralph Lauren Architectural Cream for the outer cabinets with a grey glaze to soften the edges and create depth within the cabinet face. I used the glaze sparingly, I didn't want the cabinets to look dirty, or too stylized. 

I used Ralph Lauren Boulder Grey on the island to mix it up, and to add a little more interest to the kitchen. The grey island also creates a custom look in the kitchen. 

Months later I painted the ceiling of the kitchen to warm up the space- I chose a color from the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics collection called champagne toast

The metallics are beautiful and add so much interest and glamour to a space, but let me warn you... the consistency of the paint is like water! And the roller you use to create the correct texture looks like a shag rug... so, what I am saying is that it's a terrible idea for a ceiling! I really love that it's a one-step process- and once you get used to handling it, it's not that bad- but it takes MANY coats- and LOTS of patience.

I also replaced the modern & casual light fixture from the previous owners with this beauty from Pottery Barn. I added even more crystals to the chandelier for a little more "ooh-la-la!"

I really love the progress my kitchen has made with a few gallons of paint! I feel like my cabinets look brand new, super fancy & custom. After all that work, I have to give myself a little pat on the back!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my "green-ish" thumb

I spent my Sunday on a mission... The mission was to make my front porch lovely. I started out with a few rocking chairs that Mister Husband and I had purchased a little over a year ago. We also had a pair of cute pillows given to us as a wedding gift, and a lantern that was used at our wedding, but has since fallen apart completely.
Why did I even leave it on the porch?
No idea.

So, here is the before

So, I went out to Homegoods love it and purchased a few pots. I wanted to stay with white and blue-ish green colors that would work well with the color palette from my previously owned pretty pillows. I also wanted something that would complement pink flowers...I gravitate toward a feminine palette, thank goodness, Mister Husband obliges me.   

The MiracleGro potting mix is supposed to be idiot proof... we'll see!

I also picked up a great little side table from World Market- I wanted something that would compliment the rocking chairs- and work as a simple backdrop to my pretty pots.

The Lady of the castle, my little cocker, decided to join the planting porch party. 
And now, the finished product!
I was most excited about a twisty little dried branch I found at Homegoods- I had 3 people stop me in the store to ask where they were located. I felt like I had a little pile of gold in my buggy! I also loved the jar covered in wire via World Market. 

Some of my favorite plants are the dusty miller and the hosta fire and ice. I think these little guys were the perfect contrast to my pink and white petunias! I am honestly not sure what the yellow guys are... the tag only said annuals, but I gravitated toward the texture and shape. Anyone know what I can call them?  
I really love all of the bright colors, and I am so happy that I created a little outdoor living space to enjoy. Of course, the facade of my little castle could still use a little fixing up here and there, but for now, it's lovely!  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hello blog world! can you hear me?

So, I am officially a blogger. I am so proud I can hardly speak. I just spoke with my husband, who happens to be on a business trip, and told him I was making a life change.... I was officially becoming a blogger. To this he said, "okay, hmmm. Let me call you later."

Oh yes, I am sure he will be the first to "oooh" and "ahhh" over my every word!

Why did I start blogging? Well, because I love blogs. They make every day a little bit better. Beautiful photos, funny stories, and inspiration out the whazoo...

I am a graphic designer living in the south, loving artwork, design of all kinds- and most of all my abode, or shall I say, Castle?

Welcome to my daily ramblings, I hope you enjoy!


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