Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween & welcome to my office

So- in honor of it being Halloween, I would like to introduce all of my abode lovers to my office. "Why?" you ask... well, because it's orange and black. Yes. Orange and Black. Check it out....

The walls are a high gloss super light gray. The ceiling is a high gloss gray two shades darker. I wanted this room to be fresh and light- It's the smallest room in our abode- so sticking with lighter colors was something I felt would make the room feel larger. There are two pops of color... (orange and black) but I used them sparingly....

I haven't put that much into this room... there are a TON of things I would like to do with this room- at the same time, I know one day it will be a nursery- so I am on the fence about spending any more money on furniture for this space.

Mr. Husband and I LOVE this double desk.... we got a GREAT deal on it at the Alabama Furniture Market in Calera. They have really beautiful furniture, and if you can haul it away, you don't have to pay tax! Love it.
The chairs are from isn't everything in my abode from there? Originally, I had a sweet pair of ghost chairs (also from Overstock)... and then Mr. Hubbs broke one... Now the one ghost chair we have left is in the Man Mountain room. I like these... I call them our Jetsons chairs. The pillows are from Target... they're Christmas pillows from last year- but I think they work every day! 
These are our lovely diplomas War Eagle! that my mom framed for us last Christmas. They are fancy-shmancy! I was a nerd in school, one of those students who was obsessed with grades, papers and design projects. A perfectionist would be an understatement... So I get great joy looking up at my diploma... especially where is reads Summa Cum Laude (toot! toot!) yes.. this is me, tooting my own horn... I told you I was a nerd!!!
 This is Mr.Husband's work space... that's him in the frame swimming with Lady at Lake Martin :) The "M" of course stands for "Mr.Hubbs" and that little drawer piece was a recent purchase from Target! I got it on clearance for around $15. Thank you Target! I love old mason jars... my dear friend over at The Good Stuff turned me onto them- and now I love keeping supplies in them! Right now this jar holds business cards.
And this is my side... another old mason jar-- this time full of post-its.. (my favorite office supply by far). And yes.... that book on the bottom is titled "Lady, My Life as a Bitch" the funniest thing is that I purchased that book prior to owning my sweet cocker spaniel, Lady. The lamps on either side of the desk were $14 at Hobby Lobby on clearance... too good to pass up. I got the lamp shades from a little shop in Birmingham.... can't remember the name!
and here is your Halloween decor!!! The office system is from Pottery Barn... I would like to tell you that we couldn't function without it... but if you look closely, the date on the calendar is June. It's pathetic! I really thought we would use those... not so much. I love the little settee though- it's from Pottery Barn as well and fits our little nook perfectly! The wall to the right is chalkboard wall... people love to come over and draw on this... my siblings mostly. I decorate it from time to time... but for now it is decorated by my little brother.
Mister Husband grew up on Lake Martin in Alexander City- so when he saw this piece in a Birmingham shop- we HAD to buy it. I really like it- the orange canoe works great with our decor. I painted the top piece of art... I wanted something small with a lot of blue to contrast the orange. I like this sweet, little painting. The curtains you see are a clearance buy from Pottery Barn... Silk, pale gray- love them! I tied them up with a blue velvet tie back borrowed from the drapes in our master bedroom

 And yes, since there are two Auburn diplomas sitting side-by-side in this space... there is a small "theme" running through this room. This pull from the fan was left here from the previous owners.... but since we are fans of Aubie... he stayed.
Last weekend when Auburn played LSU my little brother came over with my dad while we worked on the kitchen tile backsplash project- and this is what my kid brother (10 years old) did during commercial breaks... gotta love his enthusiasm. He just LOVES our chalkboard wall....

"we will win 100%" is my favorite statement.
 Happy Halloween Abode Lovers!


  1. i love it. not only is it beautiful but it is functional!

  2. I'm so loving that pumpkin color on the wall. I've been wanting to use that color for sometime. Its giving me ideas.

    Love Lisa xx

  3. looks lovely, especially all the Auburn love.

  4. Love your chairs, and the orange wall. Very nice.

  5. Very lovely office! I really like what you did with the seating area. A great cozy nook! Pop of orange is fantastic and must get the creativity flowing! Have a great day!

  6. Love your office and those chairs are fabulous!!! I have got to get better about checking Overstock!!

  7. The orange and black theme of your office is perfect for the Halloween. And I agree with Lesapea, the pumpkin color of the wall has a unique appeal. But what I really love about your office is the chalkboard. I always liked writing on it more than whiteboards. And I can also let my niece use it with her friends when they're playing "teacher and students."

    Faye Acklin



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