Sunday, September 5, 2010

man mountain makeover...

So- fall is in the air... the high yesterday was 83° with a low of 62°! When you live in the south, that is classified as feeling crisp! I took a little jaunt to Target and enjoyed seeing all of the fun and festive wreaths that have been put out lately- I also purchased a little Halloween candy that was being displayed so temptingly... and then I came home and watched college football (and worked on a few home projects) with Mr. Hubbs, Colonel Dad, and my little sisters. (More on what we got accomplished later....)

In honor of it being the start of college football, I want to introduce you to Mister Husband's "Man Cave" now, it's not really a cave... it's upstairs... so, maybe it should be called a "Man Mountain?" Anyway, Mister Hubbs and I love Auburn Football-- we are both proud Auburn University Alum, and I promised Mr. Hubbs that he could have a little shrine in our abode... but I still got to design the room... for the most part. Here is a photo of Mister Hubbs and I in our prime, we were students in college, and when Britney Spears was on top of the world.... ah, the glory days... this is the first football game we attended together.
Since Auburn's colors are orange and blue- there were a lot of different ways that I thought that we could pull the colors into the space without looking tacky. Mister Husband really wanted to paint a huge "AU" on the wall...ugh.... and that was the last time I asked him what he wanted.

So- where did we end up? Mister Hubbs and I are about half-way complete with this space... there are still a lot of things that I would like to do- but this is definitely a step in the right direction!

Here is how the space started: dark and skank.

And here it is now! I painted the ceiling a pale blue to really lighten up the space and offset all of the orange in the room. I painted the walls in large, horizontal cream and white stripes to again, lighten the space- the stripes make the room feel so much larger and much more open. The rug is from Pottery Barn- the pattern is fun, graphic and vibrant-- I love this!
I created a wall to display all of Michael's artwork that he has collected over the years, thanks to his wife being an artist... as well as some of our favorite "game day" photos at Auburn. I love bringing in the M wherever I can- I think Mr. Hubbs is getting sick of it- but I love the personal touch that letters and monograms can bring into a space.
The drapes are from World Market- they sell 96" drapes now, and they're cheap! I liked the idea of bringing in another warm color to the space to balance out the orange rug- so these golden, velvet curtains were perfect! I then went to Calico Corners and purchased a few yards of an orange, green, pink and gold paisley that I could use to give the drapes a more custom look. They also add more color options to the palette of the room. I love the way the drapes tie into the horizontal stripes.
The wall that the tv is on still needs some work... the rockband stuff will eventually find it's way to the closets... and a beautiful chair will sit in that corner. Also, Mister Husband and I really want to mount the tv on the wall soon-
I love this little nook- I have had that desk since I was in college- and it's just fine for now. I replaced the hardware on the desk with some fun pulls from Anthropologie.

I love these pillows- the far left is a Euro sham from Anthropologie, the middle paisley is from the Pottery Barn Outlet- and the furry pillow to the far right is from Target last year.
I really love, love this tiger pillow from Anthropologie. It was a fun way to tie in Auburn's mascot in a cute way. I like the addition of the black Pottery Barn floral pillows- I like the added and unexpected color that it brings to the space. 
I also added fun Anthropologie knobs to our tv stand-
I painted this huge canvas for Michael last year just for this space...
This is a vintage trunk that I found at an antique store here in Birmingham, and the circle canvas with the vintage Aubie mascot was something that we bid on at a local VSA benefit- check out the link!
Mister Husband got this old wooden crate from his mom- she is great at finding fun things for us! The small gold table is something that I got from Pier 1 about a year ago. The lamp shades are from Anthropologie- and I love that they are colorful, graphic, and contain Auburn's colors- as well as a few others!
I must say- I really hate our ottoman/coffee table. It's so dark in the space. I am saving to replace it with something much larger, lighter, and lower to the ground- like the sofa. But for now, this will do.
I  purchased the large tray from Target this weekend on my Saturday jaunt- It's a copper-finished Smith & Hawken piece that is meant to be used as an outdoor tray for shoes and other gardening items... but I like it like this! 
And to finish up the tour... THIS is what Mister Husband picked out for the room... (it can be hidden in the oversized closets with double doors... thank goodness) This is for playing his x-box, seriously.
I mean, you should have seen his face when it arrived in the mail... it was like Christmas. I wonder what this room would have looked like had it been up to him? Who knows!? thank goodness!
Hope you have had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I love the ghost chair with the vintage desk! philippe starck is my hero.

  2. OMG look at your belly shirt! That is cracking me up! BUT, what is even more funny is Micael's game chair - that thing is huge, good thing it fits in that closest! Love it!

  3. What a BRILLIANT job you did with this space! Wow..I love it.. you two must enjoy it so much! It's so nice to meet you, I'm now following! xx

  4. girl, you did so good on this! Has HGTV called yet?

  5. Just saw this room and love it! You are so talented- wish you had your own show! I would love to know what colors you used for these stripes. I have a room in my house that needs a face-lift and stripes like these could definitely do the trick! I'll share before and after pics with you once it's done (I'll shoot for mid-November). : )

  6. Hey Keri- I should have mentioned the specific colors in my post! I will have to add it asap! For now... here are the paint colors used:
    They're all Valspar Signature colors... the stripes are in Cafe Cream (matte) and Pale Ivory (matte). These swatches will look surprisingly close in color- but as you can see from the photos of my stripes, they end up being a beautiful and soft contrast. The ceiling is painted in Spruce Frost. (I love the ceiling!)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Wow! Looks fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I absolutely love what you did in that room!!!! You have a great design eye. But I had to laugh because, sadly, I think my husband would love that x-box chair!!

  9. I am absolutely obsessed with this space. I can totally relate to having a gamer in the house. So, so funny. The Restoration chair is absolutey to die for, and a great compromise. Love your blog!

  10. Just came across your blog after seeing your home tour on Made by Girl. I was so excited seeing all the Auburn details in your home.

    So glad I came across your blog!! Looking forward to now reading it daily.

    War Eagle!


  11. Love your desk, those pulls with the ghost chair are to die for. I wish I had a little nook like that somewhere in my house!

    Found you via made by girl...

  12. I know this post was from a couple of months back, but I had to comment to say Wow!

    Your painting is amazing. You are really talented! I love the vibrant colors in the room. Everything works perfectly, and that blue ceiling is just the perfect touch.

    You really did a beautiful job. Hubby must be thrilled with his man cave! Did you by any chance put a close up of the paisley stripe of the curtain somewhere on your blog?

  13. P.S. I just double clicked the office nook and the photo enlarged so I got a great look at the paisley print on the curtain. Perfect! It ties in perfectly with your color scheme. Bravo on a well designed space.

  14. This is so awesome. Love it ALL. My husband and now my son goes to UF...can't imagine decorating with alligators...but I DO use orange...and my son has a vintage UF sign in his new bathroom.

    You are such a darling couple! And you are a great artist.

  15. I love how you painted the ceiling pale blue. It really brings more life into the room. I'm in love with the rug. The orange in it is beautiful. I also love the painting of the football players. Your home is very pretty.

    -Zane of ontario honey



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