Thursday, September 2, 2010

baby fever? nope. nursery fever? yes!

So- I was looking through some of the amazing art on Etsy today- and it hit me. I found the artist that will deck the walls of baby abode's room. Is baby abode coming soon? heck no. not even close. (Don't worry Mister Hubbs!) BUT- you can't help when you get inspired for a room- and today, I was truly inspired by an Etsy artist named Matte Stephens to design a nursery. His work is so beautiful and filled with quirky imagination- so many of his pieces are perfect for a children/baby room! He also has a ton of work that would work beautifully in any space- more mature, but still quirky with unexpected and exciting color palettes. Check him out, you will NOT regret it!

So- Check out all of these fun things that I have found for my imaginary nursery: My color palette is at the top... it's unisex- and very current! Love the robins egg paired with the leafy green... also, I love peach in a baby room. I really love the idea of using timeless adult pieces paired with sweet details like the wallpaper, bedding and wall art. 

The glider is amazing- because it doesn't look like a glider! and I really love the chest from Wisteria- that can double as a changing table until baby abode is ready for an adult dresser. The drum side table has so much personality and adds a rustic and more masculine feel to the space, while the chandelier and sweet ribbon mirror tie in just enough femininity to make the room feel balanced regardless of the sex of baby abode

Again, let me emphasize, this baby abode is imaginary!

Click to make bigger, you don't want to miss these sweet details!

Here is where you can find it all!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I am not having a baby until you do, so that I can steal all of your ideas haha. But seriously, you have amazing taste!

  2. Wonderful inspiration board and what a darling nursery it will be!! LLove your palette.

    Art by Karena

  3. LOVING the artwork by Etsy artist Matte Stephens. I am about to order some things now! I think the NYC and New Orleans prints... since those are two of my favorite places to visit.

  4. I know, right!? He is really talented- I think I will order the mermaid with the diver (the green image I featured in my post)-- I just adore it! I think it could be really fun in my master bedroom. I will be following you to see those prints hanging in your home!



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