Wednesday, July 7, 2010

strolling down memory lane

After my last post, I really feel as if I should share with you where this living room began... 

Mister Husband and I bought our house prior to getting hitched... he lived at our new house, and I was living with my parents. When we moved everything into the house, we were a bit shocked to see how much we would need to fill our home. 

We had a mattress on the floor.... one dresser, one big screen tv, and a table without chairs. We literally had nothing in our living room... not a single, freaking thing. So I had a clean slate and a whole lot of saving to do for furniture! 

Here we are getting ready to paint the space, out with the granola
The coffee table to the right is a Hooker piece that we found on sale for around $300... it was quite a steal based on the regular price! check out those shutters..... ugh.
Here it is after paint color #1... the custom shutters are gone... and now the hole for our old school tv is in plain sight. I believe that this view was better than the shutters... I also found these leather slipper chairs cheap-- I don't love them, but they function just fine for now. Notice the beautiful fan? It creates the exact opposite of ambience.
After painting the entire room, Mister Husband told me he liked our blue walls... I wanted to cry- I argued with him over it for a couple of months- I swore the walls were grey...and then I decided that I hated the color I had chosen... Mister Hubbs was right, the room was blue, boo. So, I repainted the entire room myself. I love it now... it's much darker and has a hint of brown in the color. It really warms up the space....Here is another before... 

I then ran across this beautiful rug from Pottery Barn... it couldn't have been more perfect for my vision!

Here is the space after we got the rug and our beautiful sofa via pottery barn-- the skank tv is still there... but we did get the ceiling fan replaced with a lucky find via overstock- it's a Murray Feiss fixture, and I purchased it for just under $200! Not to mention, the shipping was only $1! (the room is still shade of grey/blue #1)
And now.... look how far I have come! I will blog later about how we (Colonel Dad, Mister Hubbs and myself) filled in the hole for the tv mount, as well as other room details and furniture finds... but that's all from memory lane for now!

Have a great evening!


  1. I do quite enjoy reading your blog, Laurel-Dawn! Thanks! Are you willing to share some of your expertise?...Like the paint color you have in your living room now? I do quite enjoy it! LBray

  2. Thanks Lauren!
    The color is from the Valspar Signature Line. It's a matte finish, and it's called Beige Shadow. So glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog!

  3. Oh yay! Thanks! I have a hard time picturing colors from the swatches in a large room. This will totally help me when looking at similar colors. I'd love to do something like this in our kitchen, living room or master bed/bath.It may be a while...I'm a slow mover. :-)

  4. Hi Lauren! I am in the Market for a new sofa and have not been able to decide on one. What is the name of your Pottery Barn sofa and color?

  5. Hello Joy!
    The sofa is called the McCallister, but unfortunately Pottery Barn no longer sells this sofa :( The color is everyday suede in stone- which is offered on most of the sofa options and it's SUPER durable. EVERYTHING has come out with water-- amazing! I'm sorry they no longer sell my sofa :( But I definitely recommend the fabric that I have!



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